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For two weeks I have been away from Massachusetts, my home, visiting my parents in Denver, CO (the place I grew up)

When I left MA I hadn't heard much from the Coakley campaign. Granted I was paying attention to other things and I also wanted to make sure my husband and sons in MA weren't impacted too much, but I also didn't think them realizing how much Mom does for them would be a bad thing.

So very early Tuesday morning Jan 5, in the dark I boarded the commuter rail, my husband placing my bags at my seat.  I hugged and kissed him good-bye and headed toward Boston and Logan Airport.

I arrived in Denver.  On Wednesday I began to get all the things I wanted to get done, done.  (get parents to begin to sort out boxes, get parents Advance Directives done, spend time with daughter and sister and friends, etc.)

Then Thursday came and I began having pain when I ate.  That pain would last the whole day and well into the night as I tried to sleep.  Then the diarrhea came and I was miserable.  I tried to put on a brave face, going out to dinner with family and friends.  But it kept getting worse.

By Monday I was ready to go to the ER and we went.  I got a full work up, CAT scan and everything (fully mindful that my uninsured 25yo daughter who lives here could not get this care) and they found I contracted a swelling of a membrane that is so rare they don't even know what really causes it.

Great, this is so me.  /snark

I also turned out to be very allergic to one of the medications they put me on and from the time my lips swelled, and voice went, to the 4 blocks to the hospital I almost died.  Fun Monday night/Tuesday morning ... not.

Anyway for most of this visit I have been on heavy medications to counter all allergic reactions and pain until the medication fully exits my system. (So I have spent an inordinate amount of time vegging in front of this computer screen, not being able to focus or do much else.  Hulu's nice.)

This has been a rather wasted visit for me but last night I got a call from my middle son (the 17yo).  He wanted to go to the Coakley/Obama rally and wanted my approval before talking to Dad.  He had it, but I told him to read everything here on Dailykos so he'd know what to expect. Dad gave him permission to go.

I spoke to him about an hour ago.

He first told me about the crowds and how he actually didn't get into the the Coakley/Obama event.  He was in the huge group that was turned away. He was miffed at the decision to hold the rally in such a small venue.

Soon however he was telling me about how he and his friends were getting into it with Brown supporters.  

One told my son that he must be on welfare because he goes to a public school.  If his parents worked he'd go to a private school. (No, I don't work (outside the home) but I'd wager that my husband makes more than this bozo, even sight unseen).

Then he told my son that public education is not in the Constitution and therefore he has no right to it.  My 17yo isn't a slouch, in fact we have long said he would do well purusing a law degree.  He responded that the "pursuit of happiness" IS in the Declaration of Independence and without an education he would not be able to pursue that "unalienable right."

(Proud Liberal Progressive mother's eyes welling up here)

Then the Brown supporter said that Obama was ruining the Constitution.  My son challenged him as to where. The person challenged "Have you read it?" Well yes, my son has - and again my son challenged him to tell him where.  Brown supporter could not tell him where just acted as if it should be "self evident."  

read:" I have no freaking clue, I just heard it from someone."

Not being able to rattle my son the Brown supporter told him he should go suck his friend's dick.  gawd so classy -- but really when you think of Brown berating 17yos at King Philip High School because they dared say unkind things about his daughter when she was an American Idol contestant, in public at a high school assembly, I guess it's not surprising that another Brown supporter (an alleged adult) would tell a teenager to do a sexual act to his friend as his only comeback.

More hilarity ensued comments about my son's intelligence and about his parents.  FOR the record my son got his acceptance letter to Ohio Wesleyan University on Friday and had an interview for Brown University yesterday, and already has his first year of college behind him with all the AP classes he's taken.

What the Brown supporting tea baggers were totally unaware of or found out later is how totally out matched they were and that my son and his friends are very well educated and very intelligent.

(and yes I am beaming)

Later  my son was interviewed by some TV station or maybe even GOTV he doesn't remember.  But when asked to say something "outrageous" my son asked if they wanted real outrage or fake.  If they wanted real outrage then all Americans should have real, affordable health care and that abortion should be kept safe and legal.

For fake he said something about Brown should never go to Washington.

Afterward on their way home he met Senator Kerry and spoke with him and Martha Coakley's staff for a while.

I will not see the interview he had.  But if you do, especially if you are in MA PLEASE tell me! You'll know him,  he is very articulate young man and his first name is not a typical "american" name and he declined to give his last name.


After an overall horrid 2 weeks for me I am very happy and very proud. Now I'll go beam with his grandparents!
(I'll be back in MA on Tuesday in time to cast my vote for Coakley)

Originally posted to Clytemnestra on Sun Jan 17, 2010 at 08:05 PM PST.

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