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Do you have a few minutes to spare today? An hour? A few hours? Martha Coakley needs your help and all the tools you need to help are right here! We are at all hands on deck status!! We have a very limited amount of time and we need to win and we need your help to do that!!

Call Five, Keep Hope Alive

Use the OFA online tool to call five MA voters at time for Coakley and help Get Out the Vote.  You will be reaching voters who are likely to vote for us, but need that call to make sure they turn out. Every single voter you reach and remind to vote, and tell them when and where to vote, is another vote in the Coakley column. We know how much that could make the difference.

Call five voters for Coakley right now at this link:

And when you have done your five, click to get 5 more.    

Then tell all your friends, family members and anyone you can about the calling tool and send them the link.  Post it far and wide, share it on Facebook, email it to your fellow bloggers and volunteers. This is a quick and easy way to help GOTV. Leave us a comment and let us know how your calls are going!

Boots on the Ground

Are you able to get to MA today? We need your boots on the ground, so if you're close (and we know many kossacks are close!), please consider making a day trip today!

Volunteer at a phonebank or canvass in Massachusetts:

Use this Link to find Coakley Canvasses in MA. Grab your walking shoes (or boots), some hand warmers, and knock on some doors!

Would you prefer a phonebank? Here's a Link to find Coakley Phonebanks in MA. Find one near you and go go go!! I promise it will be fun to hang out with fellow Democrats all day long and make calls together!

In addition to volunteering from home from far away, in many places outside Massachusetts, OFA volunteers are holding phonebanks for Coakley. Check the MyBO events page to see if there is one in your area. If not, you can still use the calling tool to help with GOTV (Here it is again, in case you need it:

MyBO Events Search Page  

Are you in NY? CA? or TX? There are phonebanks!!

NY Phonebanks

GRAMERCY on Monday the 18th:

please RSVP at:

QUEENS on Monday the 18th:

please RSVP at:

MIDTOWN EAST (OFA HQ) on Tuesday the 19th:

please RSVP at:

CA Phonebanks

27 Phonebanks across the state of California Monday and Tuesday - find one and RSVP here Link to find CA Phonebanks for Coakley

TX Phonebanks

Diary with complete list of all TX phonebanks(h/t v2aggie2)

More Cool Stuff

Chat about online phonebanking on the OFA blog at

People are using the #pplpwr tag on their tweets about volunteering for Coakley, along with MA-Sen.

You can see the whole feed right here: #pplpwr.  If you have a Twitter account and you are calling for Coakley, or at a canvass, or helping out with the campaign, tweet about it and tag it with #pplpwr. Tweet and tell everyone what you're experiencing on the phones, or knocking doors!

Here are some important links to previous diaries by a fabulous crew of activists:

Major hat tip to Femlaw, who brought us the epic Volunteer Bomb Day 1 (and all of the links here in this diary!!): People Power for Coakley (Volunteer Bomb MA Sen)

Femlaw also brought us the epic Volunteer Bomb Day 2: People Power Day 2 Volunteer Bomb for Coakley

Over 250 people committed to making calls or knocking doors for Coakley from those two diaries. Let's try to match that today!!

populista brought us stories of the day: Leave it all on the field for Coakley

mindoca brought us some great tweets in her diary last night, Let's Have Some Fun: Calling Creative Kossacks for Coakley

Kath25 had an awesome diary about traveling to MA for a day! We're running out of days!! Give One Day for Teddy's Seat (Out of State Travel)

Update (Help Russ if you can!!!): Russ emailed Kath to say he needs help with bus fare from NYC to Springfield. He is an experienced campaigner happy to knock doors!

If you are coming from New York or a big city and need financial support to take a bus to Boston, please reply in the comments. Kossacks are responsible for coordinating their own fare sharing offline. If you can help, email Kath!

At this point, I probably don't need to tell you how important it is that we win this Senate seat. Please take some time today to help in the best way you can. Tell us about your calls or canvassing here in the comments! Post photos if you've got them! Let's take advantage of our last full day and use our time wisely!! Call five voters for Coakley right now at this link:

Update 2: The Neighbor 2 Neighbor tool is up and running as well, folks! So if you want to call more than 5,  here's your N2N link to get started!!

Update #3 (from Jeremy Bird):
This weekend alone, OFA volunteers have made over 245,000 calls to Massachusetts voters to help get out the vote for Martha Coakley. But polls open in less than 24 hours, so we've got to finish strong.

Martha Coakley's opponent has pledged to do everything he can to kill health reform. And if he wins, he just might succeed.

Please join me in calling as many voters as we can today, so we can finish this with a win.

Originally posted to Elise on Mon Jan 18, 2010 at 06:49 AM PST.


Can you commit to helping GOTV for Coakley?

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