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I had an Obama sticker on my car when it was Edwards, Clinton, and Obama.  I did what I could during the election although in my state it's so blue that it was never a battle here at the presidential level.

President Obama has done a lot of very good things as President and I salute him.


  1.  He should have led on health care from the beginning and he should have taken a firm stand on the public option as non negotiable from day one.  You suck up to these Maine Moderates and they ___ you anyway.

(And yes, I know he spoke in favor of a public option, but he never drew a line and said this is a minimum.  That's leadership.)

What is the worst that could have happened?  We might have lost the fight for real reform?  That's looking pretty lame right now, with respect.  We are losing now anyway and we don't have the self respect for having taken a real stand.  Yes, it would be better to lose a fight for the public option and lose than to eat the stuff we are going to eat now.

I mean, what does HCR mean?  Forcing people to buy insurance with no cap on the cost and no mechanism to contain it?

And now I read he wants to compromise with the Party that's running around with signs of him as a monkey and can't even spell the "N" word?  

You can't compromise with Republicans on HCR.  Why is anyone, let alone Obama, thinking that will work?  

What will we get?  "Tort "reform"", meaning, of course, increasing profits for insurance companies.  

"Portability?" so Insurance companies can register in Samoa and screw us more?

I'm officially off the bus.  _______k Health Care Reform.  Our President did not even draw line in the sand and say Public Option or nothing, and now we are getting nothing.  Maybe what is coming will be worse than the status quo.  Worse than nothing.

  1.  But wait, there is more.  

I'm a teacher.  Arne Duncan is a _____head.

I'll spare you the whole rant, but this "race to the top" is now forcing cash strapped states to buy into this crap.  Our Democratic legislature is now passing a law which will allow the clowns who run my school district and the rest of the state to evaluate my colleagues based on these tests that are good for nothing but, well, you can't even use them effectively in the restroom for anything.

Merit Pay my ___sss.

2/3's of teachers don't teach a class that is being tested now or even can be tested.  

How do you "merit pay" a teacher of:

Kindergarten (Ok Johnny, try to pee in the center of the target)
Auto Shop
P.E.  (Run you little bastards I need a raise)

______ Arne Duncan and the "Race to the top."  It's nothing but hashed over 1983 "A Nation at Risk" nonsense that was designed to destroy public education.

Nope, "Race to the Top" is "No Child Left Behind" after it's rotted for 8 years and is now being served in a blue bowl.  I'll pass, thanks.

Invite the Republicans in and get some kind of "compromise" on Health Care.  You will do it without my support.

Yes, I'm pissed.  Enough already.

This is what happens when you lose your base.  I'm gone.  No more money, no more precinct walks, I'm going fishing or something. You can't screw with my profession and expect me to work for you.  

_____ this.

Originally posted to 7November on Fri Jan 22, 2010 at 06:37 AM PST.

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