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I'm going to read the site and that'll be it. I am only posting this because some people here read my stuff and I feel like I should let people know. I'm too lazy to email.

I've been reading the site since early 2004 and I signed up in 2005. I didn't post diaries for awhile because of anxiety. I won't say this place has "changed" or anything silly like that. It hasn't really changed drastically since I started reading. People aren't meaner or anything.

There has just been a new influx of people I can't deal with here anymore. Today I finally had enough. I supported Obama in the primaries and in the general election.

My best friend lives in Illinois so I've heard about the guy for many years and when he decided to run it was pretty much predetermined I'd vote for him. Then he was the most outspoken candidate we had on gay rights. So I really liked that. Despite everything I still believe he was the most pro-gay viable candidate in the 2008 election.

I live in Alabama and I'm a 25 year old white guy. It is not the best place to be such a strong supporter of this president, honestly, because he's black. That's incredibly stupid to me and I fight back openly at every opportunity, even against my family. It's stressful supporting him here. I've been kicked out of so many family get togethers, you have no idea.

But the thing is, I am an activist. I care about people and I want to do things for people and to make this country a better place. I want to fight and be heard and I want to make politicians do good things.

That is what I care about.

Frankly, I don't care that much about the specific guy Barack Obama.

He seems cool and if I were his friend I think it'd be awesome, but I'm just some handicapped and gay guy who fought for him to win the election and gave him nearly $400 bucks, which is way too much for me.

But I am not going to try not to offend him and I'm not going to worry about if his feelings are really hurt or if he might be ticked off that I dare to say liberal things.

He works for us. He made promises and as an activist I am going to make him keep those promises, no matter how many people say I'm a racist or I hate him or I want a pony.

I'm a gay guy in a wheelchair in Alabama. I want a lot of things and none of them are ponies. And I want everyone's life to be better. When someone stands in my way I AM going to complain.

When a President is talking about starting a plan that will actively make everyone's life worse, when a President is talking about cutting spending in a recession and when a President is not thinking about how cutting spending will kill jobs and productivity in an already awful recession and REALLY make REAL PEOPLE'S lives so much worse for so much longer, I AM going to complain.

And I guess I just realized that too many people here are extremely heartless. Too many people don't care about other people. Too many people are making excuses for this bad, awful idea that will probably hurt millions of real people, because it's President Obama.

I have to say I won't go there with you. I will never go that far. I will never put all my love and trust into a leader, so much that when something this potentially horrible in the long term happens, I actually defend it. I won't hurt people this way.

If people want to defend this, go ahead, but I'm not going to be a part of it.


Originally posted to indiemcemopants on Mon Jan 25, 2010 at 09:08 PM PST.

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