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In what can only be described as a stunning repudiation of the teabagging movement and a massive vote of confidence for the Democratic supermajority, Oregonians today passed two tax increases overwhelmingly.

FWIW I was expecting maybe 51-52% yes, not this high.

UPDATE: The Oregonian, KGW and KATU (Portland TV) have called BOTH measures for the yes campaign.  

SECOND UPDATE: Yes campaign claims victory, calling this a "Great day for Oregon's most vulnerable."

I will not be updating the vote totals anymore since its clearly over.  Time to celebrate!

My first Rec diary over, sweet.

The last time, before tonight, that Oregon Voters passed tax measures was 1930 when they passed (after earlier repealing) a state income tax.  Tonight they have passed measures increasing taxes for the rich and corporations (corporate taxes had NOT been increased since 1929) by a far wider margin than projected.

Here is a brief summary of both:

66-Raises tax on household income at and above $250,000 (and $125,000 for individual filers). Reduces income taxes on unemployment benefits in 2009. Provides funds currently budgeted for education, health care, public safety, other services

67-Raises $10 corporate minimum tax, business minimum tax, corporate profits tax. Provides funds currently budgeted for education, health care, public safety, other services

Keep in mind that we ware expecting about 1.1 million total votes, maybe 1.2 million.

Current Results (from the site above):

80% of estimated votes counted

Measure 66 (Personal taxes)

   Votes    Percent  
_______________ _______________
Yes Votes 568,243=54.40%
No Votes 476,238 =45.60%
_______________ _______________
Totals: 1,044,481=100%

Measure 67 (Corporate taxes)
   Votes    Percent  
_______________ _______________
Yes Votes 562,267=53.95%
No Votes 480,002=46.05%
_______________ _______________
Totals: 1,042,269=100%

Counties voting yes on M's 66, 67: Benton, Clatsop, Columbia, Hood River, Lane, Lincoln, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Tillamook and Washington

Track results at

Sorry for the short diary but WE DID IT!

Originally posted to skywaker9 on Tue Jan 26, 2010 at 08:11 PM PST.

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