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I have listened to all of the moaners and whiners on "Morning Joe" complain about how President Obama went to far in commenting on the recent SCOTUS decision to turn over a hundred years of precedents or what was it Chief Justice Roberts called it "stare decisis"  settled law? (thank you TrueBlueMajority) spelling is not one of my great claims to fame  I was an infantryman that got hit in the head to many times.....

They took campaign finance and turned it upside down. They claim they only allowed American corporations to infuse all the money they want, into political issues, not foreign corporations. Can anyone tell me the difference these days. I think the last time I looked Citibank is largely owned by a Saudi Prince, with all of the mergers and buyouts does anyone really know what companies are American and or multi national? How can they tell the difference, is it the members of the board?  Who controls the spending? As we have seen on Wall Street banks that are losing money are paying bonuses to employees that are greater than the companies entire income, who approved that? The share holders, or were they even asked?

I don't think share holders know who makes the decisions on how the money is spent that comes in the front doors, and how it goes out the other doors and windows.

There is an old saying that has been around for ages,  "you can't fight City Hall".  With the decision handed down, on Thursday, by the Supreme Court of The United States (SCOTUS) not only can you fight City Hall; but you can buy it and everyone that works for it.

the above quote is the first paragraph from this editorial by the Providence Liberal Examiner

Senator Orrin Hatch criticizes President Obama last night to his home town paper

Washington » Sen. Orrin Hatch said Wednesday that President Barack Obama was out of line to use his State of the Union speech to criticize the Supreme Court while six of its members sat nearby.

"Taking on the Supreme Court like he did, I thought it was kind of rude," said Hatch, a Utah Republican and former chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "It's one thing to say that he differed with the court but another thing to demagogue the issue while the court is sitting there out of respect for his position."

Obama called on Congress to "correct" the court's decision last week that reversed a ban on the ability of corporations to spend money to oppose or support political candidates.

Senator Hatch  here is what I think of your remarks

testvet:  1/28/2010 5:17:00 AM  +3      

Orrin go write a song about it....the Supreme's were being "activist justice's" when the ignored a hundred years of set law, or as Chief Justice Roberts called it precedent and "starie decisis" which the 5 more conservative's ignored, if this had been a liberal opinion there would be people on Faux news calling for pitchforks and rope, yet when the President calls them out for the obvious sell out to corporations which in 2010 any and all people own, they are not "American owned" or even "foreign owned" Citibank is largely owned by a Saudi Prince and the US government, who decides how they spend their advertising political dollars? The Supremes deserve everything and more based on this ill thought out decision, we truly now have a court system for sale to the highest bidder, can we put sponsor ads on the Federal Buildings now? Dubai World wants to one next to the ten Commandments in the Supreme Court.....

It appears the people in Salt Lake City approve of my remarks also.

Yes, laws need to be passed that protect us the individuals against the power of corporations, our dollars versus their dollars, you get the best government you can buy, and obviously the corporations can buy more than we can.

If anyone has any ideas on how to sell ad space on the federal buildings to these same corporations  contact me, maybe we can sell the seats on the Supreme Court   the Cheif Justice chair would be endowed by Exxon, and the rest by Shell,  the Speaker of the House by haliburton, and  Senate Majority Leader sponsored by Xe,  etc, there must be a way to make a profit off of it like the Tea party convention people and sister Sarah, lets turn it all into a profit making operation and to hell with the people, it's all for the corporations now baby.........drill, baby drill....

Originally posted to testvet6778 on Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 05:58 AM PST.


was Scotus wrong?

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