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I want to watch a Sunday morning show that has one elected official talking about what the stimulus did for the people who voted for them-instead of making excuses so no one throws a tea bag at them.  I shouldn't have to explain to my niece that her rent wouldn't be paid if it wasn't for the tax cuts people are getting to insulate. Somebody should have mentioned that the credits for people like me this year are going to make a big difference in my life.

I've done my own taxes since my parents ran away from home and joined a commune when I was 16, 30 or so years.  I have two kids now,  one finished one in school, my daughter (the youngest) has a couple of friends who I've been helping with their taxes for the last couple of years- I don't charge them anything - i put the charges to e-file on my credit card if they go that route,  they pay me back...

This year  I was expecting less money than last-my son had finished school and my daughter is in a trade school- I only pay attention to taxes when I'm filling out my 1040, and as far as that goes I'm no expert, I read the papers, blogs, watch MSNBC, and listen to Rachel and Keith on my way to work via podcasts. It hasn't been a good year, my son moved out and being young was not as prepared as he should have been, I've had to help my daughter with car repairs and such. It's been rough, no overtime in the summer for my husband, unemployment for him longer this winter-catching up on a alergic reaction that put me in ICCU for a day- (not on this tax year). He hasn't had health insurance at work for the last couple of years- any raises we've gotten don't cover the premium increases every year.

Last week I had almost hit bottom.  I had given my son my car (which he was driving anyway) to take to Florida when he moved- he had gotten a job, but didn't have the money to transfer the title and registration, insure and as long as it was still my car, I owed my insurance - which in New Jersey with two drivers under 25  ...I lent him the money, but 2 days too late, I still had a 1000 + payment due. My daughter was hit by another car who's insurance company is trying to avoid paying on a accident which had on the police report that she was not to blame.  I didn't have the energy write the letters to the insurance ombustman and had no hope that it would make a difference either way- Bills were due and all i wanted to do was to hide under my bed.

Then I did my taxes- did you know that the first 2500 of unemployment benifits aren't taxable this year? That there are more credits for education and there is some other tax credit I never heard of ?  George Bush sent me a couple of checks and thats all I heard about- didn't matter that the price of my health insurance at work went up by more that that- I talked to another woman at work who does taxes on the side, and she's telling me that all the people she's doing taxes for are getting great big checks - I finished up my daughters ex boyfriends taxes and he getting back more and my niece should be getting her biggest refund ever this week.  She goes in and makes sure there aren't any arrow heads and stuff before they build anything- she was laid off but is back to work thanks to stimulus funds.  My other nieces boyfriend is working in insulation- more stimulus funds- Republicans would have had every bullshit artist they have on every show talking about how their capital gains tax cut had saved the day for me and my family- and I would be paying 100 dollar a day surcharge for not making my insurance payment and late fee's up the ass for my credit card payment being late. It's still going to be rough, but at least I'm out from under the bed-  

For the last year all I've heard about is what Obama isn't doing - (not so much here but everywhere else)- I see Republicans taking credit for everything they voted against and elected Democrats jumping over themselves to distance them selfs from the president.  

I want to watch a Sunday morning show that has one elected official talking about what the stimulus did for the people who voted for them-instead of making excuses so no one throws a tea bag at them. I shouldn't have to explain to my niece that her rent wouldn't be paid if it wasn't for the tax cuts people are getting to insulate. Somebody should have mentioned that the credits for people like me this year are going to make a big difference in my life.  

thank for listening- this is my first diary- sorry if it's not up to snuff

Originally posted to kplatv on Sat Feb 06, 2010 at 07:42 AM PST.

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