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I've got more good health news to share - this time about yours truly. Last week when I had my physical, in addition to the regular blood work they do for me for cholesterol & all that stuff, I had them run an HIV test, too; the place where I normally get tested doesn't have the greatest hours, and it's not in a very convenient location.

My doctor called this morning with my lab results, and I'm fine & still HIV negative! YAHOO! This is always such a load off our minds.

On this date in 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy, during a speech in Wheeling, WV, charged that the State Department was riddled with Communists. The Wisconsin Republican never provided any evidence to substantiate his claims.

On this date in 1964, the Beatles made their first live American TV appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show {insert high - pitched screaming here}. And, as cold as David Letterman keeps the building for the show each day, 'ol Ed's probably still on ice - HA! ;D

And, happy birthday to another favorite actor of mine - Joe Pesci! He's 67 today. I wish someone had gone a little "Joe Pesci" on Joe McCarthy a little sooner! Those of you who object to "language" might not want to watch this, but, damn, it's good!

Let's Countdown - sans the Alaskan Palm Pilot - HA! ;D

#5 "Q & O" AKA "Grand Obstructionist Party" - A FAUX News employee took Rep. Toady Cantor’s little list of demands pre – Feb. 25 HCR meeting to task for not being the "b word"? DAMN! What’s THIS world coming to? The GOPers at the White House today are still insisting that everything up to this point be scrapped, and a new HCR bill needs to come to the table. President Obama came to the White House daily briefing today. Oh President Obama, I think you’re still giving the GOP too much credit; I think he still believes the current crop of GOP Congress critters can be reasoned with. He apparently expects some "give" on the part of the GOP; he still doesn’t get it. The GOP is out to personally & politically embarrass President Obama. I don’t think that’s sunk in yet. The GOP will continue to just say "no."
My dream & what might – just MIGHT – convince President Obama that the GOP in Congress cannot be reasoned with would be for not a single sparkin’ one of them to show up at the meeting on the 25th. Senator Richard Shelby lifted some of his holds but not all of them; it’s time for this White House to show some more "audacity" & get in the recess appointment game. Bill Kristol wants the GOP to go to the meeting. NO!! Toady Cantor is now saying they’ll show up. Robert Gibbs brought an Alaskan Palm Pilot with him to today’s briefing! ;D Lawrence O’Donnell is in da’ house. He had some "glowing" remarks about the little GOP list of demands. Some GOPer came out with a "shadow budget" today without Social Security or Medicare. Did Senator McCentury approve that?! He was Medicare’s biggest defender during the Senate HCR debate with all those damn motions to recommit & such!

"Special Comment Quickie" A gentleman has cancer, but an experimental treatment might save his life. His health insurance won’t pay for it even though they paid for previous experimental treatments in the past. Ugh...damn insurance companies. They’re also trying to shove my Mom out the hospital door even after all the problems she’s been having over the last days. The gentleman’s – the little boy’s – hospital will give him the treatment. As Keith said, "There is your death panel."

#4 "Iraq Inquiry" AKA "War Inquiry" - Great Britain wants GWB & his ilk to come to their Iraq War inquiry?! HA! Good luck with that. No specific former officials have been named yet. Here’s Jonathan Turley. Can HE question GWB & his peeps about this? Yep, Great Britain is going to at least try to do what our country seems quite unwilling to do. We should be absolutely ashamed. Even if they don’t get them to go, at least they’re trying. Professor Turley thinks the truth will eventually come out; I wish I was that confident. Professor Turley thinks Congress needs to get back into the war declaration business – not succumbing to the war wishes of the CIC. Yea, when you fully have to explain why you’re sending our blood & treasure to die, it’s much more difficult to do.


** Hey! Keith stole my "this day in history" item – THIEF!! ;D Look at the panda guy! AAAaaaaWWWWwwww! Gary Coleman reassured us from Utah that there are no nude photos of him. Well, I was losing sleep over that. How ‘bout y’all? **

#3 "Voice of (T)Reason" - Meghan McCentury called Tom Tancredo’s tea bagger speech racist. Well, good for her! Joseph Farah got into Mr. Tancredo’s action, too, by bringing up the whole birth certificate. Where’s a Margaret Chase – Smith when we need one?! Eugene Robinson called Mr. Tancredo’s speech a new low; I concur absolutely. Yea! Eugene made a great point! What has Michael Steele said about that ilk from the other night?

"Special Comment Quickie II" Fans in South Dakota are being asked to bring shoes for Native Americans in the area. And, there’s a way we can help! Go to Countdown’s website! OK gang, let’s do what we can! I know times are tough, but truly, every little bit helps.

WPITW – Rep. Blackburn wants young Americans to be able to privatize their Social Security. Uh, NO SPARKIN’ THANKS! The Inhofe family made a big igloo & called it Al Gore’s new home. Well, ain’t they cute? David Steiner has invalidated an exit exam for a NY high school student; she missed the regular test because she had to go to some meeting so they wouldn’t lose their home.

#1 "The Late Shift" AKA "A New Hope" - There might be "peace in our time" between Jay & Dave? Meh... Dave’s still funnier & one of the few reasons I can claim some "Hoosier pride!" OK, Jay’s little marriage joke was not funny – at all. Dave didn’t go anywhere near there. Jay got all touchy – feely. Did he apologize for that marriage joke? Bill Carter wrote The Late Shift. All this lovey – dovey stuff will go away once the 2 of them go head – to – head again. Jay Leno deserves all the animosity he’s getting; he tanked his show, the affiliates cried foul, Conan O’Brien lost his job, etc. I concur with Keith’s opinion about The Late Shift; it is GOOD! If you haven’t read it, you must.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Feb 09, 2010 at 06:37 PM PST.

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