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Originally posted on the Benrik website:

Nate is READING: The Tragicall Historie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke

LISTENING TO: Scotland the Brave

WATCHING: Into the Wild

The Book:

As per usual, I'm going to start off the blog entry by pimping my serialized online novella, Ghost Dance, which is the story of a boy, a girl, two swords, two pagan gods, and one very old and very powerful undead spirit that's very, very pissed off.
I finally posted Chapter 6, which is the chapter where Frank and Linda finally have sex.
You can read the most recent chapter here:
If you haven't been following or if you're just joining us, it starts here: http://authorofghostdance.wordpress....

Chapter Seven has been seriously delayed due to illness. Expect it up . . . soon. In the meantime, mayhap you can re-read some of the other chapters! Maybe?

And as before, I've got a MySpace page up and running.
Essentially, the MySpace page is the same as the Benrik blog, except alot more ergonomic.

Sooo . . . yeah.

I hate, dislike, object to, with great passion DISPISE the term "cissexual." I fit the definition to a T (a person comfortable with their Gawd-given gender), but I still don't like it. Why? Because, friend, it's dehumanizing. In organic chemistry, the prefixes "trans" and "cis" refer to different isomers of double-bonded compunds; ergo, the term "cissexual" is dehumanizing, and its use necessitates that "transsexual" is also dehumanizing. The trans in transsexual means trans as in "transition," not trans as in "it makes that Z shape." By God I'm a human friggin' being, not an isomer!

Had a neat discussion with about the connotations of the word "whore." Personally, I don't think it's a bad word; it's honest, not the least bit euphamistic. Bugger all, I forgot to bust out the Ed Abbey quotes!

"And this most important of all: That 'whore' become a laudable, respectable, honorific term, equivalent to courtesan, geisha, mistress, artist. It will be understood that the whore sells her self, not even her body, but only ber professional services, and can no more be regarded as debasing herself than the M.D. who sells his special knowledge, the professor who sells his brain to the university, or any other artist, artisan or technician. The whores' high incomes will reinforce this elevated social status. (A whore even now is more honest than the model, pin-up, actress, etc. who offers nothing worth the price.)"

By God, I wonder how things would've gone if I'd remembered! But I didn't, and as per usual I had a hard time explaining myself in terms that most people will readily understand. I still don't think that "whore" is such a terrible word, but as I'm not one I can't really say; let us call people what they wish to be called. I don't think I'll ever be able to make myself approve of "sex worker"; sounds like someone who works in a goddamned condom factory.

The Rabble have called me a racist because of my views on the Haitian situation. I stand by what I've said; the place is a Bottomless Void that's been going steadily downhill since roundabouts 1492. You automatically assume that I'm a racist because I said the above about a place with a large black population? Bah! Sir, it is YOU who is the racist, not I!
Haiti: The only place on Earth where there's been a completely successful slave revolt. One can't help but hope that things would've gone alot better had Spartacus managed to attain Sicily.


I was supposed to apply for knighthood. Couldn't; I was ill with flu all week. I'm not even sure I CAN be knighted, seeing as how I'm an American.

Finally watched that Patton film. Amazing! Incredible! God's bones, I loved it! George Smith Patton, Jr.: A great general, a great poet, and as human beings go not too shabby. Bloody interesting fellow, anyway. I approve of his views on race: "I don't give a damn what color you are as long as you go out there and you kill those Germans!"

Was then supposed to walk barefoot on grass. Sick; didn't have the energy even to get out of bed.

Here's a thought: Macbeth is not a tragedy, it's a COMEDY! A scheming, lying, back-stabbing, murdering, ambitious tyrant is killed horribly; I don't see any tragedy in that.

For today's Task according to the U.S. version of the Book, I'm supposed to write a proper journal account of my day ala Winston Churchill (who kept up a regular diary even during the Blitz). Here goes nuthin'!

Woke up around nine o'clock central standard time, feeling completely well and rejuvinated save for a lingering sore throat. EVERYTHING outside was covered in a blanket of snow, about five inches deep; quite the novelty for this part of the country. I spent most of the day walking around the yard, the surrounding woods, and the neighborhood, listening to the DruidCast ( on my iPod, and revelling in the new-ness of it all.
Speaking of Druidcast, here's something interesting I learned: In all Medeival depictions of Satan, he's seen as a lizard-like creature with a flat face, ox-like horns, and clawed feet. It isn't until the Pagan revival in the late 1700s that depictions of Satan as having a long face, cloven hooves, and goat-like horns became widespread. As if in retaliation, depictions of many male Pagan deities started to get clumped together under the umbrella of the Green Man, who is kinda like tree-hugger-Jesus.
Had a family get-together after the sun went down. Hung out, talked about this and that, everybody went home, and here I am. One of the Relatives finally returned my DVD of Into the Wild, God be praised!

The end.

Originally posted to nate1798 on Fri Feb 12, 2010 at 11:09 PM PST.

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