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Earlier this afternoon I was in my trigonometry class and I made a mistake not once, not twice, but THREE times in three different places. I’m not sure which is worse –- the fact that I made the mistake in the first place, or the fact that I caught the mistake only after making it three times. What was the mistake you ask? One was in this trig equation:

sin2x = 2sinx kosx

Instead of putting “cos” (cosine, a function in trigonometry), I put “kos.”

Sheesh. Am I addicted or what?

So, in typical college-student-after-lunch fashion, my mind started wandering off and I came up with this amazing diary: You know you’re addicted to DailyKos when...

Follow me over the fold to see if you’re an addict!

You know you’re addicted to DailyKos when…

…you search for the HR button on the remote when you see Glenn Beck on TV.

…you scream in excitement if Meteor Blades comments on/recs one of your comments.

…not being hydrated is a GOOD thing.

…you need a drink if you hear the name Jane Hamsher one more time.

…BREAKING! means nothing to you anymore

…you know that messing with the pootie people evokes a sense of rage not otherwise seen by the currently living.

…you actually know what pootie, woozle and #sekritarmy mean.

…not using nt/eom in the subject of an empty comment pisses you off more than Dick Cheney.

…you know what nt and eom mean.

…you’ve GBCWed four times already yet you’re reading this.

…you know you’re reading a good diary if at least two people have said “PLEASE DELETE KTHX.”

…you know that the best recipes are posted in troll diaries.

…you know who BiPM and CSM are.

…losing TU status is worse than the thought of President Sarah Palin.

…you know exactly where you were and what you were doing when you first saw “Dear Socialist Fuckstick.”

…the signs that teabaggers use at their protests is now a source of entertainment for you.

…you completely forget that "teabagging" means something else, too.

…you know that getting a diary on the rec list requires an “UPDATE: THANK YOU!!” speech longer than the phonebook.

…you're guilty of commenting on the tip jar for pure visibility/rec-mongering.

…you know that the first 150-200 comments in a diary are usually attached to the tip jar (half of which only posted there for visibility or rec-mongering).

…you know that it won’t end well when you see A DIARY WHOSE TITLE IS IN ALL CAPS.

DELETE MY FUCKING ACCOUNT, KOS,  Dear Socialist Fuckstick, and Beaner Faggot are some of the most beautiful works of literature you’ve ever read.

…you read and comment on Cheers & Jeers before you do anything else in the morning.

…being called an Obamabot is one of the worst insults EVER.

…to you, pie isn’t just a tasty desert -- it’s a choice.

So tell me, are you an addict? Have anything else to add to the list? Vote in the poll, comment below, and let us know!


Wow! My first rec list diary! I'd like to thank my mother, my father, my aunt, my uncle, my other aunts and uncles, my brothers, my internet love interests, Markos, God, the devil, my dog, the 499 million other sperm I beat out getting to the egg, Tiger Woods, Glenn Beck, the demon sheep that blue aardvark posted in the comments, and all the tubes that made this Interweb thing possible for me. Thank you thank you thank you! :P


ariseatex points out how I so rudely forgot something:
"You like me! You really like me!" *sobs

Go vote in the kOscars. eom.

Originally posted to El Blogo de Weatherdudeo on Tue Feb 23, 2010 at 02:46 PM PST.


Are you addicted to DailyKos?

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