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The American people are disgusted by their government.

They are disgusted by The Republicans and they are disgusted by the Democrats.

But mostly they are disgusted at watching everything they are working SO hard for ...just slip away... as the people who are supposed to protect them and help them DO NOTHING.

Yes the Republicans are to blame.

They have essentially shut down the government ....again. They are selfish, slimy despicable, mean and incredibly destructive. They are cowardly, lying bullies. The American people hate them.

And there is only one thing the American People hate more than cowardly lying bullies.

People who lie down and roll over to cowardly lying bullies and let them take their lunch money.


If you had a choice between either voting for cowardly lying bullies or voting for someone who lets a cowardly lying bully beat them up every goddam day and never fight back.....who would you vote for?

That is the choice the American voter faces in November.

That is the ONLY reason any swing election will be close this year.

The Republicans have a tiny base, a horrible record, no money, no ideas, no solutions....nothing. And the voters KNOW this. Yet they have no real choice. Vote for the bully, or vote for the victim of the bully who gets rolled every frikking time. When they aren't busy running from the fight or hiding under their desks, that is.

Their is only one thing the Democrats have to do to change that, to BREAK the hold of the bully and get our government working for the American People again.


Call them out for what they are and stand up to the cowardly lying bullies. And start fighting for the American People. Fighting for the little guys.

Like they USED TO.

Originally posted to buhdydharma on Wed Feb 24, 2010 at 11:38 AM PST.

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