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Yes; Rep. Weiner kicked us off with the liveblogging this morning, but as he has a real job, he is not here to update the diary with links to all the subsequent shuttle pod diaries.  So please unrec his and rec this one so we can keep things going all day.  I guess we've decided to run with both, since Weiner is updating his diary, but it's too unwieldy for many users.

Kimoconnor took it upon herself to bring us the first shuttle pod.  

Please unrec the other diary so we are not hogging the rec list.  Kimoconnor had to leave, so this will be the new mothership to keep us all on track.  

The action is currently at:

Jahiz shuttle pod #8

N in Seattle shuttle pod #7

jnhobbs shuttle pod #6

Kestrel9000 shuttle pod #5

eXtina shuttle pod #4

Tchrlady shuttle pod #3

Next up:


They expect to be done by 4:15 Eastern

If you would like to do a shuttle pod diary, please leave a comment with "I volunteer" in the subject. Timing on these is crazy unpredictable, so please keep in mind there's no "schedule" proper.  A brief summary of the system, courtesy of Donnamarie:

Mothership Guidelines

 1.   Recommend only the Mothership so it's the only diary on the Rec List about the summit.  This will prevent clogging of the Rec List with Liveblog diaries.

 2.  Post new Shuttle Pod diary when current Shuttle Pod diary reaches 250-300 comments.

 3. Provide links to the Mothership in Shuttle Pod diaries.

 4.  The Mothership should contain links to all the Shuttle Pod diaries.

With that, you can view the summit on CSPAN and at the White House's website.  So jump on in!

pee ess:  NO PICTURES!

From the summit:

Obama:  Look, John, we're not campaigning anymore.  The electin's over.

McCain:  I'm reminded of that every day.

For the downtimes/GOP speakers, there's all manner of fun reading.  There's this spiffy comparison of the plans as we know them.  And here's a groovy little widget that lets you calculate how Obama's proposal would impact you.

There's also some not so fun reading.  Medicare is facing disastrous cuts, and very soon; the fixes are in the bill and we must get it passed!

pee ess, pee ess:  listen to casperr and call, call, call!

super duper pee ess:  draft Bill Halter!  send Blanche Lincoln home.

Originally posted to Cedwyn on Thu Feb 25, 2010 at 08:34 AM PST.

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