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If someone made the statement, "well he sure doesn't seem like a Democrat!" it would be a generalization that would immediately be met with admonishment.  That person would have to answer interrogatives like "Oh really?!  Tell me, exactly how DOES a Democrat seem" and "Obviously YOU don't understand the intricacies of governing in highly conservative districts!"

But what if a person calling himself a Democrat was so viciously against the settled law known as Roe V Wade that he was willing to kill the single most important legislation of the Democratic party's past 30 years in history?

Oh, so that's not enough to question whether or not that person "seems like a Democrat"?  Ok, what if that alleged Democrat kept a room on C-Street, the place where christian right zealot republicans go to hide out from the scandals they've brought down on themselves, and who even mentored other members coming to C Street, and then lied about even knowing anything about it?

"For example," Maddow noted on Thursday, "Bart Stupak famously was one of the conservative politicians who lived at C Street -- a $1.8 million town house on Capitol Hill that featured in the Mark Sanford sex scandal and the John Ensign sex scandal and the Chip Pickering sex scandal. The house is home to a number of members of Congress. It has been reported to be run by the secretive religious group known as the Family."


And what if that so-called Democrat tried to cover up his involvement with "The Family", the secret religious zealot hate group that has permeated C Street, and has recently been made infamous as the religious group from the US that has a dark and evil brand of "Missionary Work" - in that they go into countries like Uganda and help them to set up death penalties for gays laws.

Unfortunately for Bart Stupak, the man who has vowed to pull a Jim Bunning and sit on Health Care Reform until it suffocates, he's already been outed as a member in good standing.

Stupak has insisted, "There is no such thing as 'the Family.' ... I rent a room, that's really about it. ... There is no theocracy that I'm a part of." He has also declined to comment on author Jeff Sharlet's claim that he is "very involved" in the religious aspect of the Family and has mentored other members.

"But here's the rub," Maddow explained. "Everyone who has been living at C Street, including Bart Stupak, has been getting a sweetheart deal. ... These are rooms in this really swanky town house that come with meals, they come with maid service ... How much do you think that's worth on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., just blocks away from the Capitol building? How about $600 a month?"

Oh yes, our good friend Rachel Maddown has been right out in front and center with these developments.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  RhodaA has some timely update information from an even more recent RM Video.  Unfortunately its MSNBC video and I don't know how to embed it.  Rhoda also has some new info from Raw Story.  Check it out.

So now let me ask YOU!  What exactly does a republican trying to stay employed in a largely Blue State but whose religious zealot tendencies puts him on a mission to give voice to the marginalized kook fringe look like?

And the answer is obvious.  The first thing he would do is put a "D" next to his name.

And the second thing he would do is lie.

It's time for Congress to start making some threats to put the fear of god into this Drepublican.  Back down ... or get primaried into next decade ... and start losing every earmark your precious little Jesus hotzone ever asked for.


Originally posted to Detroit Mark on Sat Mar 06, 2010 at 05:39 AM PST.

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