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The House is debating and voting today on the Senate bill and the Reconciliation bill.

John Boehner looks like he's going to explode.

This is baloney.

I'm in favor of starting a pool on what the Republicans will offer up as a Motion to Recommit.

My bet is trying to do Stupak's dirty work for him.

Links and discussion below the fold:

View Roll Call Votes as they are published here.

I've been notified that I should remind everyone to be commenting on the shuttlepod diaries, and not the mothership.  

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I'm going to call these runabouts from now on.  
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CSPAN Live Debate Links:
Flash Player
Windows Media Player

Text of the Amendment to the Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute
Text of the Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute
Text of the Senate Amendments to H.R. 3590 (Senate health bill)
Text of the bill as reported (reported by the Budget Committee)

CSPAN Video Library of the Rules Committee Meetings last night:
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

There was a boatload of baloney in these meetings.  I just watched the last session, which was all of the votes to grant waivers on bogus Republican Amendments  You can read them all here.  I wish someone could have invoked the language of Robert Byrd:

I make the point that when the Senate is operating under cloture the Chair is required to take the initiative under rule XXII to rule out of order all amendments which are dilatory or which on their face are out of order.

The elephants and the morans are kicking it into overdrive this weekend.  Here are just a few examples that I know of that have been diaried about:

NDGOP Chair Gives Out Congressman's Personal Cell Phone Number on TV  by me

TeaBaggers Go Overboard, Threaten Gun Violence Over HCR by GreyHawk

Now They're Spitting on a Congressman! UPDATED with Statement by DanK Is Back

The Bachmann Agenda on Health Care: Heartless by Tarryl Clark --That's Future Congresswoman Tarryl Clark!

Is Boehner now threatening violence? (with update #3) by NewDealer

Urgent! I'm being threatened to oppose HCR! (updated) by hatecloudsyourthoughts

Brick thrown at one of Louise Slaughter's congressional offices by Christian Dem in NC

I will provide other links as they are recommended.

Here is President Obama's speech to the Democratic Caucus too, via the new CSPAN video library:

Originally posted to Adam Blomeke on Sun Mar 21, 2010 at 08:47 AM PDT.

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