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Press Release 21March 2010

John Russell, 2006-08 Democratic Nominee U.S. House Dist. 5, Fl.

So How Does "THIS" Benefit ME?

I have no inside knowledge as to just how this Health INSURANCE Reform NOT Health Care Reform Bill will turn out in the House tomorrow.   One thing that I DO know about however is that this bill, should it become law, offers little in the way of benefit to ordinary folks relatively speaking...  in comparison to WHAT is gained by the true winners in this well orchestrated faux debate.... BIG INSURANCE!

"Medicare For ALL"
Fiscal and Qualitative Optimality Ignored..

Who will gain 30 MILLION plus customers whose premiums will be paid w/ TAXPAYER DOLLARS!   PRIVATE INSURANCE POLICY MANDATES?  How is this so called means to an end more efficient, cost effective or ethically appropriate in fulfilling the public's need for ACCESS to HEALTH  CARE in this country, than a MEDICARE for ALL legislative initiative?    WHY has a head to head cost comparison of the current plan never been debated with the fiscal benefits of a Medicare for ALL Plan?

Such a Health Care Access Reform Bill whereby citizens are provided equal access to COMPREHENSIVE health care services no matter their socio-economic circumstance is the kind of true reform that Middle America wants.   A plan where citizens are provided the OPTION of choosing such a program whereby premiums did not determine the quality of care and were priced according to one's ability to pay.

Such a plan where people contributed to the program according to their ability to pay with a cap on the maximum contribution/premium would be both ethically and financially sound.


Medicare's fiscal concerns would soon be history when healthy people chose this PUBLIC OPTION as a means of assuring their Health AND Economic Security.


Medicare beneficiaries would enjoy broader access to medical services as more physicians participated in the program related to the higher reimbursements that such a more balanced cohort of Medicare beneficiaries would provide from a fiscal perspective.

Such a Plan which I have promoted since 2004, whereby YOUNGER, HEALTHY people who use very little in the way of health services would be allowed to join the program, would dramatically enhance the fiscal outlook of Medicare going forward.    A modification of this sort would serve to markedly decrease the risk/cost of the overall program when compared to the older and sicker cohort that comprise the current Medicare population.  

I have recommended since 2004 that citizens of ANY age be permitted ACCESS... to the program, thus maximizing participation.  Citizens would flock to such a plan which is precisely what the INSURANCE Industry has been fighting in a variety of sophisticated ways throughout what has been literally a faux debate... ushered into the living rooms of America through "Instant" organizations from BOTH the political Left and Right!

It is NOT Socialism!  It IS...Corporatism!

The plan as proposed, has been inaccurately characterized as a "Socialist" plan by those on the political right.   In my conversations with those who shout such false references, I would ask them to define the term socialism... and received no answer because they knew not about that which they spoke.   The current "Washington" INSURANCE Industry authored plan as proposed, is in fact a Corporatist Plan as the government works on behalf of BIG Business to ENRICH and PROMOTE the interests of BIG Business!  WHERE IS THE CHANGE Mr. President?

How Did  We Get THIS?

YET to be defined... is just WHAT constitutes "BASIC" HEALTH CARE... as proposed.  As a Health Professional who has predominantly worked in critical care environments for close to two decades, I can with great authority state that "BASIC" Health Care becomes "COMPREHENSIVE" Health Care often in mere minutes...  So "HOW" is this going to work?   The problem I cite has YET to be EXPLAINED!  I suspect a loophole whereby the patient will end up "HOLDING  THE BAG" as it were!

There are some snippets of positive benefit in this bill, however these aspects must be weighed not only against the financial cost of this bill, but as well, in their relation to the bill in its totality of context.   What entity is most rewarded by THIS Bill?  

IF this Bill were WHAT the public really wants as various polls have revealed time and again, President Obama would be somewhere closer to Dennis  Kucinich in what he was encouraging his legislative leaders to construct.


The essential desire of the general public is for "Washington" to pass a law whereby some form of publicly administered health care finance option is available.


Every survey that I have seen has about 60% of the public supporting LEGITIMATE Health Reform such as this.  

So... WHY is President Obama not advocating such a path?  Like those who came before him, quite simply President Obama is OWNED by BIG Business... in much the same way as most of the Congress, Senate, State Rep's, County Commissioners, or City Councilman... who for the most part, are similarly "beholden" across this country.


President Obama in this respect, differs little from his predecessors irregardless of political party or ideology.   Them that writes the Check$... Writes the LAWS!


As White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel, who holds dual citizenship as BOTH an Israeli citizen and an American as Chair of the DCCC screamed at a friend of mine running for Congress in 2006...  "MONEY is the ONLY thing THAT MATTERS!  ISSUES DON"T MATTER!"  

Until we change this paradigm, we will NEVER as citizens, have ANY control over matters of government either Local or National.  There is a massive deficit of character and integrity to principle among the cohort that make up our elected officials at every level.

Having run for office, I have great disdain for the manner in which our political system operates whereby puppets of "Industry and Power" hold sway over the great decisions of our time thus ensuring that for the people... sub-optimal is ALWAYS the best bet...

"Our" representatives being slaves to those who write the BIG Check$ that keep these charlatans in control... on behalf of their string pullers.  "Our" representatives fulfilling their primary role as placators of the general public... selling US poisonous snake oil that we are supposed to believe is beneficial to US mere mortals and our families.   Such is the case with this INSURANCE Industry authored "Health INSURANCE Reform" Bill.    

Little known is the information provided below... Please take a look because this IS  THE LAW and THE LAW IS NOT BEING FOLLOWED!

WE must encourage "The Establishment" to adhere to its own rules for the benefit of ALL and not continue to act selectively when it comes to the rules of the game.


My good friend Mark Adams who like myself has been known to ruffle a few feathers of those who play on the side of "The Establishment" offers up the valuable information below.  Have an open mind and ask yourself why we the people do not take a more active and participatory role in our government.  If we did, WE might just end up with BETTER GOVERNMENT!

I am NOT a candidate this election cycle!
John Russell, MS/ARNP, BC Acute Care, MBA Health Systems Management

If you really want to stop the health insurance profit promotion bill, then let Congress know that we will use our most powerful right to hold government accountable. This is our right to present evidence indicating the commission of a crime to a grand jury and ask for an investigation and an indictment.

Check out Do You Want to Stop the Health Insurance Mandate? at to learn more and to send your messages to your members of Congress!

Take action and spread the news before another industry entices Congress to pass another law to make us buy their products or services.

Carpe diem,

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

Originally posted to Sabre11 on Sun Mar 21, 2010 at 02:19 PM PDT.


IF... Health INSURANCE Reform Passes, Who Will Benefit Most?

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