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Jane Hamsher - who sided with the Republicans, the Tea Parties and the Insurance companies has doubled down: did you hear the one that says Republicans would've played nice if ONLY Obama had left Mandates off the table:

Of course, [Republicans fighting the mandate in court] would have been obviated if the White House had opted for their Plan B three weeks ago, which had no mandate...But with the health care bill looking to pass with all the raw material the GOP could want to fuel its GOTV efforts in the fall, the Democratic party could be walking into a 2010 buzzsaw.

Sorry Jane - if the Bill had mandated Jesus on every Corner, Republicans would've fought it and voted against it - and then tried to overturn it in the courts!

Never mind that Democratic legislation should not be modeled on Winger Rhetoric or objection, but to prove her point, Jane claims the Mandate Hate will have the same kind of emotional reverb as the Anti-Gay ballots that have been continuing winners for the right wing - even in Blue states like California.

Anyone buying this garbage? Anti-gay legislation is fueled by religious hatred and insanity - the tea party movement has been largely juiced by ignorance, racism and fear. No amount of rational conversation will chill the hidden hard-on of the Homo-hating hillbilly - but here's what happens in the FIRST year after enacting the new legislation:


*Insurance companies will be barred from dropping people from coverage when they get sick. Lifetime coverage limits will be eliminated and annual limits are to be restricted.

*Insurers will be barred from excluding children for coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

*Young adults will be able to stay on their parents' health plans until the age of 26. Many health plans currently drop dependents from coverage when they turn 19 or finish college.

*Uninsured adults with a pre-existing conditions will be able to obtain health coverage through a new program that will expire once new insurance exchanges begin operating in 2014.

*A temporary reinsurance program is created to help companies maintain health coverage for early retirees between the ages of 55 and 64. This also expires in 2014.

*Medicare drug beneficiaries who fall into the "doughnut hole" coverage gap will get a $250 rebate. The bill eventually closes that gap which currently begins after $2,700 is spent on drugs. Coverage starts again after $6,154 is spent.

*A tax credit becomes available for some small businesses to help provide coverage for workers.

Hey Jane - you think there will be a real belly for stretching depleted state budgets to fight THIS legislation? Oh, and that mandate: It doesn't kick in for 4 years!

Regardless, if states want to fight the mandate - and if it's found unconstitutional, then it should go. It's certainly not my favorite part of this legislation, and who wants to see mandated profits for evil insurance companies - I don't! But Jane is off her nut when she says:

There are already twenty state constitutional amendments moving through legislatures that could wind up on the ballot in 2010 or 2012.

here's a partial list supplied by Jane:

On March 10, Virginia was the first state to pass a national healthcare nullification law -- through Democratic controlled legislature and Senate.

On March 11, the Oklahoma House of Representatives passed their constitutional amendment, 77-10. It now heads to the Senate.

On March, 16, the Missouri legislature approved their constitutional amendment, 109-46. It now heads to the Senate.

On March 17, Idaho governor Butch Otter signed into law a measure requiring the state attorney general to file suit if the health care bill includes a mandate.

Next Wednesday the Tennessee House will vote on their constitutional amendment, which has already passed the Senate, 21-1-5. The "5" were Democrats who chose to vote "present." Republican gubernatorial candidates Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp are both backing it.

Democratic legislators have also joined with Republicans to move the measure along in Iowa and West Virginia.

In Alabama, Governor Reilly urged the Alabama delegation to vote "no" on the health care bill. All of the gubernatorial candidates are beings pressed about their positions.

California's amendment also prohibits the creation of "a single-payer health care system, unless the program is approved by the electorate by ballot measure."

A citizen-led effort for an amendment to the Colorado state constitution is now gathering signatures

At the request of Richard Luger, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller prepared a report and concluded that the bill would likely be found unconstitutional.

The attorney generals of Florida, Virginia and South Carolina have said they will file suit arguing that the mandate is unconstitutional

Oklahoma? Alabama? Indiana? South Carolina? West Va., Tennessee and Missouri? Arizona? IOW, Red States are acting like bat-shit crazy Red States! If they could, they'd lynch Obama and declare it a national holiday - ain't Jane been paying attention? And some of this is pure speculation - such as a citizen led effort for repeal in Colorado. What does THAT mean? That some loon is out gathering signatures. Hey Jane - there's a guy on my subway who rails against a planetary invasion - how does that PLAY politically?

Look, Jane may be correct that Republicans in red states will gain traction off the ignorance of their populace - never underestimate a Republican rube to vote against his/her best interests. But to think this will carry the hatred quotent that Anti-gay legislation inspires is fear mongering worthy of John Boehner! And even so, since when do we coastal elites look to states like Alabama and South Carolina for guidance or political wisdom. Cut the fucking concern trolling Jane and just spell it out: you lost because you not only sided with the bad guys, but pissed on those who disagreed with you: if not you personally, certainly the FDLers who've treated Obama like the second coming of Reagan... You played your hand and came up empty. Your heart was in the right place, but you believed that you carried far more weight than you actually do - and once your head was filled with Jane Hamsher, you thought you could change history. But you couldn't.

I forgot to mention that my wife - YESTERDAY - was diagnosed with a nonmalignant brain tumor. While we'd probably not reach the insurance benefit ceiling, it's nice to know we don't have to worry about it. And while I could never be certain, is it possible that my insurance company would've treated that tumor as a pre-existing condition? Now I don't have to worry. Thank you President Obama. And Hamsher: had you said you wanted to pass the legislation and then fix it, I'd have carried your water. You wanted to KILL the BILL like those raving fucking lunatics up on the Hill. I'm glad you lost...

Originally posted to Jabelson on Tue Mar 23, 2010 at 06:34 AM PDT.

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