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Yes, they damn well are.

During the rise of the birthers whose motivation was racist at its core, since they could not accept that an African American could be American let alone President.

What did Republican leaders do?

At best shrug and at worst encourage the lies.

During the initial months of the health care debate, what did they do?

Encourage the cries of socialism and fascism.

Coin the phrase 'Death Panels'

Scream that we want to kill Grandma.

Are these the actions of responsible leaders?

Only if  tearing the country apart is your aim.

What have they done since then?

Obstruct, lie and manipulate.

Its pathetic, the are not leaders and their actions show they have no love of democracy.

If they do not change their tactics then I say that they are the enemy within.


The President and Democratic Party leaders have held out the olive branch of reconciliation and bipartisanship many times, only to be spat at.

Hell they even invited you on prime time TV to have your say.

Which I might add you thoroughly abused with lies and fearmongering.

When crowds were outside congress calling our representatives:

Baby killers, -iggers and *aggots

What did the Republican leadership do?

Shrug and make pathetic excuses for this behaviour and blame the Democratic Party totalitarian tactics for this wave of hate.

The most obnoxious of them actually encouraged this behaviour.

This was meant to have ended after the McCarthy witch hunts and the civil rights movement.

We have the new McCarthyism which is even uglier than the old since it is blended with the faux religious bigoted zeal of the Ku Klux Klan.


Stop it

Grow the fuck up.

When you spread lies and unmitigated hate as tools to power you have no love of our founding principles.

This is the result of your childish need to have power, it corrupted you during the Bush years when you called us



Terrorist sympathisers.

You challenged our very rights to our heritage.

What is the result?

Our President is menaced like no other before.

Our representatives are asking for more protection.

I blame the republican leadership for not speaking out and trying to use this hate for their own pathetic needs.

If they had calmed the situation rather than at every opportunity exacerbating it with further scaremongering.

With this in mind

They have no right to lead.

They are to blame.

They are cowards and I want no part of them.

Until they grow up and stop hiding behind their smirks of self righteousness, I will regard them as the worms they are.

The bricks through the window of Democratic Party offices is merely a start.

Its time for the Republican leadership to stand up and be American.

With the finagling of religion into secular education by the Texas board of Education and the republicans unwillingness to stand up for our constitution shows:

That the only conclusion possible must be that they have no love of our Republic.

So yes I blame the leadership of the GOP for not leading.

Yes I say if they are not the enemy within then they are doing their best to encourage those who are.

Its time this ended.

Its time Republican leaders stood up and were counted.


America has no place for racists, sexists, bigots and liars.


This may be a rant but I mean every damn word and every accusation, and there is enough proof out there to sink you for good, all that is needed is the will to do so.


Originally posted to LaFeminista on Wed Mar 24, 2010 at 11:12 PM PDT.

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