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While campaigning with Senator John McCain today in Meza, Arizona, Sarah Palin was interrupted by a heckler, but he was quickly overwhelmed by the roar of the crowd and eventually escorted from the rally.

According to the local ABC station , the protestor was punched by some of Palin-McCain supporters before the police arrive to take the man out of the auditorium. In fact, a supporter pushed his head to the sidewalk as officers tried to separate the two. And also, according to some witnesses, another protestor was also punched by someone in the crowd. But of course, it always not their fault :

Meantime, McCain supporters called some of the protestors rude and wondered why they would attend a rally for McCain if they don't agree with him.

Alex said the group of detractors went to the rally with the intent of disrupting Saturday's event.

Yes, Sarah Palin, this is just pure invention out of the MSM's imagination. Nothing to see here, would say Sarah Palin.

Caught on Camera : Teabaggers attacking a protestor

Funny how Teabaggers are running around screaming that "OBAMA, PELOSI AND REID are taking away" their freedom or whatever they call it, but they can't stand having different views than them expressing his "freedom of speech".

Look like the protestor is a J.D. Hayworth supporter, McCain's challenger in the GOP Primary. He appeared to say that he doesn't like Obama nor McCain. Does Palin know that she just made another fellow teabagger one of her multiple enemies? LOL

Originally posted to LaurenMonica on Sat Mar 27, 2010 at 01:26 PM PDT.

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