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And this is only the first page:

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Now just look at the rest of it. Have you ever seen such a wordy, densely packed clusterfuck in your life?

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And such intrusive questions. Here's just a sampling of what it asks:

Race (Hello, this is a post-racial society! Didn't you get the memo?)

Age and Year of Birth (kinda redundant if you ask me!)

Marital Status (WTF!?)

Is this person of Spanish/Hispanic origin? (Why even ask that?!)

What is the value of this property: that is, how much do you think this house and lot or condominium would sell for if it were for sale? (Excuse me, what the hell do I look like, a real estate appraiser?)

What are the yearly cost of utilities and fuels for this house or apartment? If you have lived here less than one year, estimate the yearly cost. (Great, now I get to do story problems!)

And that isn't even scratching the surface. Page after page of the most personal, intrusive bullshit I've ever had to wade through in my life. Race, ethnicity, how big's your home, how old's your house, how much is it worth, how many cars, how many trucks, what are they worth. On and on and on.

Just who do these people think they are?

Oh wait. My bad. This isn't this year's form at all. It's the 1990 Census form--the last time a Census was conducted during a Republican administration.

Funny, I'm trying to remember all the rightwing outrage about that particular Census, or elected officials saying they wouldn't participate in it, or network pundits threatening to shoot Census workers over it. But I'm just not remembering anything like that happening, are you?

I just figure something must be different about this year's Census. Maybe it's the President. Something about him must have unhinged a lot of people.

Nahhhh! That's just too crazy to even consider.

Originally posted to MeMeMeMeMe on Fri Apr 02, 2010 at 03:33 PM PDT.

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