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It looks like what those crowds of misspelling, spittin-when-they-scream teabaggers a'feared the most is coming to pass.

The GOP is co-opting their movement and turning it into a republican money machine


Just days after the first widespread tea party demonstrators hit the streets a year ago Thursday, Joe Wierzbicki, a Republican political consultant with the Sacramento firm Russo Marsh + Rogers, made a proposal to his colleagues that he said could "give a boost to our PAC and position us as a growing-force/leading-force as the 2010 elections come into focus."

Oh, you thought this "Tea Party Express" going across the country was put on by the actual teabaggers?!  LOL!  Erm ... no.

Its fund-raising success has made the PAC – which formally filed with the FEC in October to change its name to "Our Country Deserves Better PAC–" – a power player in the tea party and beyond,
And that fundraising success has also meant a brisk business for Russo March, which essentially runs the PAC. In that capacity, Russo Marsh and a sister firm called King Media Group have received $1.9 million of the $4.1 million in payments made by the committee...

And you thought that teabaggers were pissed at America?!  Hooah!  Wait until they start realizing they've been blotted up like a Pagen Holiday by the Christian Church and copied over as a flat out arm of the republican party.  No big deal, you might say - aren't they republicans anyway?  Well yes.  But the whole point of the teabagger movement was to give those who subsrcribe to the Reaganite Table Scrap economic ideology that drove the country into the poor house over the eight year preceding this administration cover from having to own the damage.  They could now duck into the Teabag Tent and say, "Sure those republicans broke it! We're not republicans.  We're INDEPENDANT!"  (Independant: for some, just a fancy way of saying 'I've Never Voted For A Failed Party That Damaged the Country ... I Was Just Left Here By An Alien Craft Last January')

And believe you me, the little teabaggers ... you know ... the REAL teabaggers are peeeee-ISSED!

We’ve worked hard to distance ourselves from the Tea Party Express because of their close affiliation with the Republican Party, (...)" said Debbie Dooley, a national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots, a national umbrella group of local activists. The Patriots have supported a strict non-partisan posture, but also have struggled to raise money, and Dooley contends that’s partly because of Tea Party Express.

"When people donate to Tea Party Express, they think that they are donating to a tea party, because they don’t read the fine print at the bottom of their emails that says it is a PAC," she said. "And that hurts the local grassroots tea party organizers, since a lot of that is actually taking some money away from them."

Well ain't that precious.  Teabaggers want despeerately to be heard ... and when their party, the republican party, shows up with painted buses, loud speakers and millions for electing the same old republican candidates and the same old republican failed policies THAT WE JUST VOTED OUT ... they suddenly pretend like they want nothing to do with it.

So just incase it's convoluted for you ... the Tea Party Express ... is NOT ... repeat NOT ... the Tea Party 'movement' ... even though the Tea Party Express will put all the money that the Tea Party 'movement' is losing to the Tea Party Express to the same candidates that the Tea Party 'movement' is going to vote for anyway.  But it leaves them fragmented, their messages of socialist tyrrany and racial inconvenience lost in the sheer volume of the Republican Party, and a very effective marketing agency who is stealing their thunder and leaving them out in the rain.


I suspect next we'll be seeing Teabaggers protesting the Tea Party Express.  And wouldn't that just be the hot-damned funniest thing ye ever seen?

Originally posted to Detroit Mark on Wed Apr 14, 2010 at 05:26 AM PDT.

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