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It's National Nip Sniffing Day! At 4:20 in each timezone, all pooties will sniff the nip and know they won't be sniffing alone. It is up to us, as parents, to warn our pooties about the dangers of The Nip. Nip goes by many other names. It's your job to keep up with the slang. Be very careful if you hear any of these terms: geezer, good butt, kibbles and bits, cat-juice, pony, Bay City Black, flea powder, dirt grass, mewster, thumb, Loki In The Sky With Diamonds, gravy, tea party, foo foo, plate-likker, tuna bake, cattabis, catviar, snackies, kitty flipping, cat crack and lid nipping.
At 4:20 today, will YOU know what your Pootie is doing?  ::shutters::


It starts very early in their innocent lives.
Peer pressure

It's available everywhere they go.
Psst kid

Smoking in the boys room

You might even have helped along their addiction.
Find the flour

Slowly, things will begin to change.
Violence up

And before you know it.
It's all cool


Munchies are other warning signs to look for.


and distortions in their viewpoints


You need to do something NOW. Before it's too late.
Deal went bad

It's the fuzz
Don't let this happen to your Pootie!
I lost everything

Many thanks to, source of many of the LOLpics.

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Originally posted to khloemi on Tue Apr 20, 2010 at 12:07 PM PDT.

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