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Another Earth Day has come and gone. On Daily Kos, yesterday was marked by a surge in environmental diaries. Out of a desire to organize diarists (see: cat herding) and provide more visibility for their work, the Earth Day @ DKos Blogathon was born.

Overall, I'd say that it was a pretty big success. Even though the Mothership diary did not have a lengthy stay on the Rec List - perhaps a few seconds - we still had a substantial amount of traffic.

With apologies to jotter, here are the totals for all Earth Day @ DKos diaries:

Diaries: 31
Comments: 1,072
Recommends: 1,786
Impact: 16.1
Rec-listed: 3
Rescued: 5

Join me beneath the fold for the final Earth Day Diary Table™, gratuitous wildflower photos, and more!

solilokweeposted"Remembering Stewart Udall ~ Earth Day 2010"
A Siegelposted"A day like any other..."
WarrenSposted"Four Months of Climate Letters: Greatest Hits Edition"
patrickzposted"Earth Day @ DKos Blogathon Mothership"
veritas curatposted"Justice and Population Biology"
Earthfireposted"Earth Day 1970: that was then, this is now.  A photo montage & notes of hope and despair."
cskendrickposted"How We Ended"
rservenposted"Earth Day Enlightenment"
BorderJumpersposted"“Re-Greening” the Sahel Through Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration"
Bruce Nillesposted"Earth Day: Profiling Coal's Eco Heroes"
eugeneposted"He Has a Confession To Make"
Patric Juilletposted"Tales from the Larder: Seafood Diaries, part 4"
mark louisposted"Alternative Energy Round-Up"
Valatiusposted"Earth Day at one small toxic dump"
Nhaveyposted"5 Earth Day Actions You Can Take In 10 Minutes Flat"
alpoliticsposted"Photo Diary:Earth Day Celebration and Parade (AL-07)"
PaulLoebposted"Jesus And Climate Change -- The Journey Of Evangelical Leader Rich Cizik"
Winter Rabbitposted"Back to the Artificial Environment & Back Again"
PrometheusUnboundposted"Sextillions of Infidels! Earth Day 2010"
FishOutofWaterposted"E Antarctic Ice Unstable, 200ft Sea Level Rise Possible - DK Greenroots"
RLMillerposted"A Bedtime Story About Peat and Rooty."
Eric Zenceyposted"The Other Road to Serfdom"
Ellinorianneposted"DK Greenroots: Spring comes Early"
newusernameposted"Earth Day. Where the action is."
worldforallpeopleorgposted"They are sisters, both dancers, learning ballet"
rb137posted"Earthday: Be safe, leave no trace."
Eddie Cposted"Earth Day Sunrise and Sunset"
rosslposted"No fracking way!"
Lefty Coasterposted"I jumped off the carbon intensive hamster wheel today"
Unenergyposted"Those Fish Belong to ME"
boatsieposted"EarthDay blogathon: Two Minute Warning"

Also, don't forget to check out these eco-series:

(All times Eastern!)

EcoJusticeMondays @ 10PM
ECSTASYSundays @ 1PM Wednesdays @ 10PM
Foraging Diaries by wide eyed libSundays @ 4PM
DK GreenRootsSundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 9PM
Climate Change News RoundupSundays @ 10PM
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Green Diary RescueTBD

Rec-listed diaries were:

"E Antarctic Ice Unstable, 200ft Sea Level Rise Possible - DK Greenroots" by FishOutofWater

"A day like any other..." by A Siegel

"He Has a Confession To Make" by eugene

Rescued diaries were:

""Re-Greening" the Sahel Through Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration" by BorderJumpers

"Remembering Stewart Udall ~ Earth Day 2010" by solilokwee

"Earth Day 1970: that was then, this is now. A photo montage & notes of hope and despair." by Earthfire

"Earth Day: Profiling Coal's Eco Heroes" by Bruce Niles

"Earth Day Enlightenment" by rserven

Huge props to:

all of the wonderful diarists,

all of the Kossacks that alerted me to diaries (particularly Regina in a Sears Kit House),

the Greenroots members who encouraged this effort (boatsie, PDNC, A Siegel, Ellinorianne, WarrenS, RLMiller, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some more), and

everyone who read and rec'd the diaries!

I am of the opinion that climate change, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, and other environmental problems are some of the greatest threats to civilization as we know it. The environmental movement has come a long way since the first Earth Day, 40 years ago, but we still have a long way to go. Websites like Daily Kos are going to be crucial to the movement going into the future, as they provide a great way to directly inform other activists about our cause.

I learned a few things while managing this blogathon. I think that there is a lot of support for the eco-movement here on Daily Kos, and that it just needs a little bit of organization to flourish. There have been many good ideas floating around the community to address this. I think, however, sometimes you just have to show that you are dedicated to a project by working hard on it, and if it works, others will latch on and help out.

Also, I have a feeling that if more diarists would simply advertise what they are going to post at least a few hours in advance, we would see more of our diaries on the rec list.

I hope everyone involved enjoyed this little project as much as I did. And now, as promised, gratuitous wildflower pictures:





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