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"The more doctors, the more people we can help!"

Remote Area Medical is holding a free health clinic at the Los Angeles Sports Arena beginning on Tuesday, April 27th and running until Monday, May 3rd.  RAM has put out an urgent appeal for medical professionals includings doctors, opthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, dentists, dental technicians, triage RNs and LPNs.


So starting on Tuesday, we will all bear witness--again--to the catastrophic consequences of our broken healthcare system.  We will see Americans lined up to access basic healthcare on the floor of a sports stadium.

Despite the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, healthcare in the United States continues to remain a privilege not a right. Even when the law is fully implemented, we will have millions (some estimates are as high as 23 million), Americans who will still not have health insurance or basic healthcare.

Waiting four more years for healthcare, and being patient is not an option for people in physical pain, or for people who haven't seen a doctor in many years and fear they may have a serious illness. And this shouldn't be acceptable in the United States of America. But it is.

I have attended three free clinics, in Little Rock, Kansas City and Hartford, I would ask those of you who say we must be patient, that President Obama signed this law only a month ago, to attend a free clinic and tell these Americans, that they must be patient--that they must wait . . and wait . . . and wait some more.

This line of patients was not seen at the Kansas City Clinic. Sadly, the demand was so overwhelming that not everyone who came could be seen by a doctor.

Like I said, we can't brush our American healthcare catastrophe under the rug by saying be patient, give the legislation time to kick in.  No We Can't.

For those of you, reading this and who require urgent care, here are instructions about how to get to the venue. PLEASE BE SURE TO REGISTER NOW, TODAY, WALK-INS MAY NOT GET TREATED.


Over 8.2 million Californians lack health insurance and access to basic healthcare.  Americans whose only crime is to be a citizen of a country which regards the right to healthcare as a commodity to be bought and sold, are already lining up for the RAM event.

More than 3,000 people lined up Sunday morning to sign up for treatment at a massive free health clinic that will begin Tuesday at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that RAM has already taken appointments from 2500 people.

Organizers of the free clinic, which served more than 6,300 people during its first visit to Los Angeles in August, have said those seeking help must pre-register Sunday, a change they hope will reduce waits and leave fewer people turned away. Those at the front of the line had packed duffel bags and folding chairs to wait overnight in brisk temperatures.

Cindy Williams, 48, took several buses from her home in Twentynine Palms to secure her place, arriving well before dawn. William hopes to see a dentist. She lost her job as a sales clerk last year, then saw her state Denti-Cal insurance cut just as she was about to have her two front teeth extracted and replaced. A dentist told her it would cost $2,000.

Slinkerwink and I are very close to launching a web site which we believe will help Americans fight for their rights against the the for-profit health insurance industry. Our goal is to assist insured, uninsured and underinsured Americans.

We welcome and thank you for your support in fighting insurer atrocities.

The funds donated to the Progressive Congress Action Fund, a 501(C)4 not for profit,  will be used  to advocate on behalf of the progressive agenda, to advance progressive legislation, and may include payments to individuals engaged in fund raising.

Originally posted to nyceve on Sun Apr 25, 2010 at 05:00 PM PDT.

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