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I want to start out with a H/T to Noor B, for bringing this to our attention earlier this week. I missed that post however, and thought by the limited number of comments, maybe you did too. For a look, see Noor B's diary, Cut your hair, save the Gulf

I want to take a fresh look at this, and see what we can do to maybe get more organized. I've been very depressed about this oil disaster for days now, feeling helpless and miserable. I came across this today though, and thought maybe there is a way for me to help, even though I am not anywhere near the Gulf. Kids can help with this, we all can.

Here's what I am thinking. Every one of us likely gets a haircut once in a while, or we have a pet who gets groomed. We may have a kid on a baseball team, or who is a Girl Scout or involved in a drama or other kind of club.

My point is, we have hair and we know people. That's all we need to start helping out in a big way down in the Gulf.

Last night on Rachel Maddow, I saw a report that the "miracle" chemical they are using to disperse the oil is pretty scary stuff. Do you know what it is? I don't. Neither does Rachel. Watch her segment
Chemical Dispersants: is the Cure Worse than the Disease?

Pretty scary stuff down there in the Gulf.

So while looking up some anti-Mother's Day gifts this morning online (long story) I stumbled upon this crazy-haired idea of using hair tucked inside nylon to clean up the oil.

Yea, right, I thought.

But you know what? It makes sense, and you know it does if you've ever gone a few days without a shower.

Hair holds onto oil.


Turns out this cool group called Matter of Trust has a whole program underway to collect the hair and get it down to the Gulf, where it is organizing BoomBQ parties. What do they do at these totally-fun sounding parties? They stuff hair in nylons for the clean-up. Kinda like making sausage, or a hair doormat, and if you look here, you can see photos of what the booms look like. Here's a little DIY boom-making video for you...

How 'bout that? Listen, we can all help now. ALL OF US. Right now, pick up your phone and organize a hair-collection effort in your community. Start by calling your local hair cutters or pet groomer. Do it now. Right now, dial the number...

Here is a little more about these booms and what Matter of Trust is doing:

Boom B Q's (boom making parties) are cropping up all over the Gulf and now in other states as well. The booms will be stored in donated temporary warehouse spaces all up and down the Gulf Coast. IF BP and UNIFIED COMMAND need more boom, the Gulf Coast residents, and the donors from all over, will have provided an unprecidented support, supply of materials and volunteer hours, for their assistance!

Matter of Trust doesn't want you out there soaking up oil though. It wants you out there picking up and sending them hair.

Matter of Trust does not condone untrained residents touching the oil! Leave that to the protected HazMat professionals. What we are all orchestrating is a NATIONAL FIBER RECYLING SYSTEM. Hair and Fur are more effective than deployed fiberglass and petroleum fiber based boom materials. The hope is that the industry engineers will take this up and run with it!

And how 'bout this for some irony...(it whacked me upside my head! - So True!!)

We do not believe that it makes sense to drill oil to make products that clean up oil spills, when we are throwing away hundreds of thousands of pounds of natural, renewable fiber each day that is far more effective and could easily be recycled and used for this purpose.

Sign-up here to donate hair, fur and wool clippings as well as nylons and funding for outer mesh.

Right now they have three classifications of groups working to gather hair, maybe one will inspire you to get involved...

Nonprofit includes Classrooms, Government Entities, 501(c)(3), 501(a), Foundations, International NGOs, Daycares, Recyclers & Scrap... (to receive and / or donate)

Individual includes households, dorm rooms etc. (to donate items and materials)

Business includes large, medium, small, sole proprietorships, also movers, corporate volunteers, green businesses, CPAs, hair salons, pet groomers, restaurants... (to donate items, materials and services)

While you are waiting for the barber to answer the phone, check this out. If you aren't aware of this group, it's a great way to keep updated with the clean-up. A week or two ago they were asking for ideas on how to cap and clean up - maybe pay them a visit and tell them about this hair-brained idea on Facebook and maybe some others will join this effort...

Deepwater Horizon Responseis a Unified Command of administration-wide agencies working together to control the leak, recover the oil, and protect the environment & local community. Agencies include US Coast Guard, Minerals Management Service, Department of Homeland Security, BP, Transocean, EPA, US Fish and Wildlife, NOAA, DOD, US Geological Survey

(I asked DHR if it is a BP-sponsored PR group - and it is on record that it is not)

Hey, did the barber answer yet? Get moving!!!

Originally posted to the girl on Fri May 07, 2010 at 10:21 AM PDT.


Do you have hair to spare?

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