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What I don't get is making crap up just because you don't agree with him, don't trust him, think he is a warmonger, a corporatist or whatever your personal pet peeve may be.

To my point, the diary in the wreck list with this BS headline:

Obama Scraps Iraq Withdrawal


The facts are as follows:

The Iraq withdrawal may slow during the month of June, but it will still meet the deadline of August 31st. Now if you disagree prove it with something other than conjecture or rumor. You think leaving 50K troops behind does not really constitute a withdrawal OK I can understand that argument. What a cannot understand is hyperbolic BS.

From the Pentagon -


The Pentagon said on Tuesday the U.S. drawdown from Iraq was on schedule despite this week's deadly bombings and persistent political uncertainty.


The Pentagon said Tuesday the pace of a drawdown of US troops from Iraq was on schedule and had not been pushed back because of violence or delays in forming a new Iraqi government.

The US military has about 94,000 troops in Iraq now and is on track to reduce the force to 50,000 by September as promised by President Barack Obama, Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell told reporters.

Another 3,000 troops would be withdrawn this month, putting the US force at 91,000, he said.

"The plan was always to be at about 91,000 by the end of May, after which point the more accelerated drawdown would begin," he said.

He was responding to an Associated Press report saying the drawdown schedule had been pushed back due to concerns over political stalemate and recent violence.


Morrell acknowledged that an earlier, more gradual schedule for the US withdrawal had been revised because Iraq's parliamentary elections were pushed back from December to March.

But he said that even if the pace of the planned drawdown had been adjusted, "I don't think it is a dramatic development."

I think it is correct and necessary to push back against Obama's military policies or anything he does if you don't approve. But making stuff up or inflating what is going on to do it? Blows your credibility out of the water.

NOTE: The Original head line of this Diary was: Don't Like Obama? I get it.
It was changed because Tom P made a very valid point of why does it need to be personally about Obama

have to be personalized to liking or dislinking Obama.  One can disagree with polkcieis while loving Obama bunches.

and undermined my argument. He was correct.

Originally posted to jsfox on Thu May 13, 2010 at 08:49 AM PDT.

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