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Let's say you put yourself out there. Kiss the thousands of babies. Listen to everyone's problems. Put forth your agenda. Take all the heat and lose your privacy. Beg for donations. Glad hand the party elders. Smile so much that your mouth hurts. Etc.

Then after all that you win! Woo-Hoo! You are now an elected official prepare to be obliterated by the same people that supported you.

The principle you see espoused here is not only "What have you done for me lately.", but also "Don't come crying to me when things get tough."

No wonder so many are retiring or turning away from the progressives. They aren't taking you for granted as supporters. They have taken you for granted as the disloyal opposition!

From the front page and rec list to the fallen and forgotten diaries tumbling down the page at an accelerated rate, there is a cacophony of shrill shrieking about how the Democrats don't care about jobs, the environment, the troops, health care, and financial regulation. When anyone points out how the Democrats have passed a stimulus bill and jobs bill or how the President is pulling out troops and a bill is working through congress on climate and regulation the overwhelming response is "Not enough, lol!"

What the fuck is that all about anyway?

The President and Congress pass health care. Not enough. For some, the fact that it is not enough is proof they are actually Republicans who don't care about people! Yes, you heard right, Democrats risked their majority and fought for a year to pass health care reform, and the fact that they did so is proof that they should have been thrown under the bus. Isn't that great? The message is, by fighting for us, you prove that we shouldn't fight for you. I'm sure that will help in whipping up votes for controversial reform in the future. After all, you were so kind to them the last time they stuck their neck out.

The President begins drawing down troops in Iraq on a timetable. Not enough. The fact that it takes time to safely redeploy hundreds of thousands of troops and support personnel is no concern of the arm-chair progressive presidents on DKos. No way! If they aren't out by day two, then Obama is Bush all over again despite the fact that he has a timetable for withdrawal which is exactly the opposite of President Bush. The fact that his timetable wasn't "Day One: Everybody out," proves how terrible and war hungry he is. The lesson? Even if you do what you say, we'll find some way to paint you as a monster for doing it just the way we want. Why would anyone listen to people like that?

The President and Congress pass a record setting stimulus package and a jobs bill while we watch some jobs growth in the last few months. Not enough. Here we have some huge solutions for jobs. Jobs have been created and saved. You would think this might provide reason to thank Democrats. But you probably know how many are portraying it. The fact that it hasn't led to 100% employment is proof not only that it wasn't enough, but that supporters of it are corporate cronies who don't care about the unemployed. Action to create jobs is portrayed as indifference about job creation.

And you wonder why Rahm and/or some Democrats just don't listen to the hard left. Why would you need to listen? It is the same song and dance for everything. You never do enough and the fact that you don't is proof of terrible intentions.

What it reminds me of is my days waiting tables. Sometimes you would have those customers that thought you were there to do whatever they wanted no matter how many other customers you had. They need more ice, goddammit! Who cares if you are in the middle of taking someone's order. You are in public service and they are the public!

That is what you are doing. You know who you are. You think you are "holding leaders accountable", but what you are really doing is ignoring realities and hurting your own cause. You are not the public. You are a part of the public. No more important than any other. Your elected leaders are like waiters. They have a shitload of things to do and not a lot of time to do it. When a server has a customer that is polite, patient, and known for good-tipping, the server will move heaven and earth to help them. They are so grateful for understanding and cooperation. The customers that are rude, impatient, and cheap (they almost always go together) are going to get the minimum amount of service and attention.

You guys and gals that are constantly whining and complaining and are never satisfied with the bill and assail those that worked on it because it doesn't fit your standards, are the bad customers. You believe that just because someone is a public servant, that they are your personal servant. The more you act in the ways you do the less relevance you have to anyone.  

Originally posted to Common Cents on Thu May 13, 2010 at 10:29 AM PDT.

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