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Image Hosting by If you have seen or heard of the "I Need A Freaking Job" billboard in Buffalo, NY that small business man Jeff Baker and his brother put up or the "movement" website they have started, you might have taken it for a grassroots movement.

   And if job creation grows at the rate it is at through the end of the year, More Jobs Might Be Created This Year Than During George W. Bush's Entire Presidency

   So, the "I Need A Freaking Job" thing might seem genuine, even, dare I say, grassroots.

Except it isn't, and Jeff Baker's brother, Scott Baker, works for Andrew Breitbart of

   Houston, we have Corporate astroturf FAIL.

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UPDATE: Keith Olbermann chimes in!

Image Hosting by

Heard that Breitbart? You really, really suck! LMFAO!

UPDATE X2: REAL help for the unemployed, no strings attached!

      This is StrandedWind.Thanks to MoT for posting my response.

    Ten days ago we met with communications people from the Union of the Unemployed, a grassroots group of unemployed folk who are using infrastructure and assistance provided by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in order to get organized and demand government action in the realm of job creation. We've had one conference with a House member regarding sponsoring legislation like the WPA and there will be more of that in the coming months. It would help us a lot if those who are interested in job creation would go there, join, and add to the 120,000 members who've already become involved.


Good luck to the unemployed, I know what it is like!

   As points out about the website that supports the "I Need A Freaking Job" movement, . . .

   It's a really nice website, too. Not a homegrown. boring kind of site at all. It's got merchandise, videos, even ""!


    A website like that doesn't come cheap, even if they hire a designer who uses a stock template and stock photos. It's nicely done. Hmm, that sounds a lot like! Coincidence?

   One thing I've learned about these really professional looking, rightwing "Grassroots" websites is that if they looktoo good to be true, they definitely are.

   At Breitbart's website,, you can read the grassroots opinions of Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann, Monica Crowley, Iran-Contra scandal/turncoat Oliver North and fake ACORN pimp and Senatorial illegal wiretapping felon James O'Keefe (he's on house arrest and lives with his mommy and daddy) are contributors and the 9/12 movement, tea parties and ACORN are central issues.

   You see, while cheerleading for George W. Bush while our economy tanked, our jobs disappeared and the richest got even richer while everyone else went broke, the clowns at Brietbart's websites held protests that looked like this.

Image Hosting by

   But now that a Democrat is President there is OUTRAGE, OUTRAGE I tells ya, and Obama must fix Bush's 8 years of disaster ASAP, except it isn't even Bush's disaster, it's Obama,s donchaya know, you bethca!

also . . .

   And even though the Big Banks (who are totally innocent and under attack by Obama's sociamalism, wink, wink, you bethca) refuse to lend to small businesses like Jeff Baker's, they sure as hell have lots of money to lobby Conservatives to do their corporatist bidding, with plenty to spare to astroturf anti tax, anti government protests like the teaparties and the 9/12 movement. It seems to me that the only jobs the Big Banks are trying to create are more astroturfed protests, more astroturfed pro corporate conservative websites, and another Republican congress that can drive our economy back into the ditch Bush left us in, because apparently Goldman Sachs is investing in tow trucks.

   So, whenever you see an anti Obama "grassroots" movement thingy, think twice and do your research, you never know when it may really be supported by Michele Bachmann and Ollie North!

   Because, though, "I Need A Freaking Job" looks innocent enough, it is really an attack on President Obama.

   As stated . . .  

   According to Jeff Baker, Scott Baker paid for the sign, and likely for the rest of their 'movement', too. Or Breitbart did.

A movement? No. A campaign? Yes. Non-partisan? No. Hidden agenda? Yes.

Got it? Good. Now tell everyone else, including the MSM like,, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and anyone else you can think of, because presenting this as the effort of one disgruntled businessman and his brother is just a lie, and Andrew Breitbart knows it.

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    Of course, I like my job busting Corporate Conservative lies, and though it doesn't pay as much as Andrew Brietbart makes lying to the public, it suits me just fine. If you like my articles and want to support Progressive primary and general election candidates, join PeanutButterPAC, the PAC that fights back!

    Vote for me to get a DFA Netroots Nation scholarship!

    You can follow me on Twitter at @JesseLaGreca

Crossposted at The Progressive

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Fri May 14, 2010 at 12:23 PM PDT.


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the biggest Corporatist astroturf clown of them all?

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