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There have been suggestions that Dr. Rand Paul, the recent Republican victor in the U.S. Senate primary in Kentucky, is enjoying strong support from groups with ties to extreme right wing, and in some cases, neo-Nazi organizations.  

Those are more than suggestions.  In fact, for at least the past year and probably longer, Rand Paul has been getting major support, including financial, from devotees of Stormfront, a white supremacist website whose leadership has long been associated with right wing groups including the Ku Klux Klan.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which has devoted its work to tracking and identifying hate groups in America and worldwide, has this to say about Stormfront:

Below the Stormfront motto, "White Pride World Wide," are links to racially charged news stories like "Mestizo Rapes White Woman in Elevator" and "Negro Man Stabs Elderly Woman, Shoots Detective, Negroes Screaming ‘Police Brutality." Members of Stormfront's various forums can also post comments to discussion threads with titles like "What do you want done with the Jews?", "Aryan Storm Rising" and "To Hate or Not to Hate." But one thing you won't usually find of late on Stormfront are racial slurs, which, though they sometimes get through, are banned in recent guidelines: "No profanity. Avoid racial epithets." New members are explicitly warned not to use such language, and also not to post violent threats or anything describing illegal activity. It's not that Stormfront is about moderation or rational discussion. The talk is all about the evils of African Americans, homosexuals, non-white immigrants, and, above all, Jews, who are blamed for most of what's wrong in the world. But Black clearly has modeled his site on some of the tactics used by David Duke, who famously urged his Klan followers to "get out of the cow pasture and into hotel meeting rooms." As Black once told a reporter, "We don't use the ‘nigger, nigger' type of approaches."

Well, Stormfront posters may not use those nasty words in THEIR messages, but their true beliefs are never very far from the surface as I'll show in a moment.

In the spring of 2008 as the Presidential campaign was heating up and a veritable football team of GOP Presidential hopefuls were scrambling for the party's nomination, I came across a web post on a conservative blog urging people to contribute to something I had not heard of before called a "Money Bomb,"  to support Ron Paul, Rand's father, who was running his own quixotic campaign for the Presidency.

The concept was actually created by Ron Paul supporters and its success was stunning. One such effort in November of 2007, generated almost $5 million alone.

In trying to learn more about the concept I soon found myself following links which led me to the Stormfront website and there I found a large number of postings with Stormfront members urging each other to contribute to a Ron Paul Money Bomb.  And while Paul himself could easily claim that he had no control over who sent him funds, he also was not turning down what appeared to be strong financial support from people with very nasty political concepts.

And Stormfront is still at it -- this time it clearly in support of RAND Paul

This link is to a string of July, 2009 messages, all of them promoting a Money Bomb for Rand set for August 20th of last year.  (A check of post "bomb" messages claimed the effort generated anywhere from $250,000 to close to $1 million.)

But one of those postings in this string caught my was a series of hotlinks to other web locations.  Not all are still viable, but the first two are, and as their name suggests, the contents are not for the faint of heart:

Update:  As suggested I converted these to text strings instead of links to avoid any help to these slimeballs.

I am not going to bring what is behind those links in here because we'd all need to go take a shower.  Suffice it to say that the words used in those posts are truly disgusting and reflect language from the heart of this nation's darkest days of slavery and oppression, and Europe's dark days of Jewish destruction.  And as the links suggest, the racism against blacks is equally as virulent in reference to Muslims.

This is clearly an area where Rand Paul needs to feel intense feedback and pressure throughout the campaign.  

How much money is he getting from Racist organizations?  

Does he denounce their beliefs?  

Will he refuse to accept funds generated through money bombs organized by racist organizations and supporters?

With the right kinds of pressure, the term "money bomb" can become synonymous with Rand Paul and raise questions about the real source of the funds and the beliefs those dollars are trying to promote.  Not all of Rand's supporters are pure racists.  A sizable check are the run of the mill teabag clientele....some are true liberterians (although their stock clearly has taken a hit in the last 48 hours in the wake of Rand's fumbling efforts to justify its key tenents.)

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