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More research needed on the shoot-out which occurred last week.  Jerry Kane and his 16-year old son Joseph were traveling the country giving seminars on debt relief which were becoming quite popular.  There are contentions now that the resignation of National Security Director Dennis Blair is related to the administration employing its declared extrajudicial assassination powers to kill the Kanes.  The truth is murky, but we know the following:

-- The Obama administration has openly admitted the existence of "lists" of Americans suspected of terrorism to be killed on sight, and openly claims that it has this authority.  The most recent confirmation of this came through National Security Director Dennis Blair in a congressional hearing in January, making Blair the "face" of the new policy

- West Memphis police cruisers are equipped with video to record events at all traffic stops.  Where is the video?

-- All Walmart parking lots have HD video surveillance.  Where is the tape?

-- National Security Director Blair resigned immediately after the shootings. It is alleged by an off-brand blogger citing a Russian intelligence report that:

a "furious" Admiral Blair called the White House to "demand" an explanation of what was occurring only to be "firmly rebuffed" by Obama officials who had set up this assassination plot causing Blair to "angrily retort" he would have nothing more to do with Obama and his resignation would be on the President’s desk.

-- Media reports are filled with reports that the Kanes, who gave debt relief seminars, were "anti-government" and once referred to a New Mexico checkpoint as a "Nazi" checkpoint, as if these were against the law.  Reference is also made to Kane's alleged membership in the long-defunct "Sovereign Nation Supremacy Group," a group which challenged the current legitimacy of the US government but which has not been active in many years.  These amount to little more than "thought-crimes."  The Southern Poverty Law Center acknowledged that the Kanes were not on its tracking list of militias or white supremacy groups.

The alternative scenario described the alleged Russian source is that "upon nearing the roadblock Kane and his son came under fire from US military snipers targeting them for assassination whereupon fire was returned from Kane’s vehicle allowing them to escape death but resulting in the other police officers deaths."

The official report raises an obvious question: what was a roadblock doing there in the first place?

Furthermore, their system of debt relief was well-received and seemed to be working, with Fox News reporting that they maintained that "The United States is responsible for all debt and is the liable party."

Obama himself has opened up the possibility that this was an assassination, by declaring he had the authority.  Many of the Kanes' friends believe they were kind, peaceable people who defended themselves when they came under attack, and have set up a memorial website.

The absence of any video evidence in itself should be enough to condemn.

Also this letter has been posted at GLP:

Date: May 22, 4:24 pm
Subject: To Jerry Kane and Joe from Latinos in San Francisco Bay Area

My personal testimony about Jerry:

I had the honor to have cooked dinner for Jerry and Joe Kane at my place in several occasions. And I did it as if I were doing it for a King and a Prince. They helped me save my rental housing unit from an Unlawful Detainer and from losing my newspaper business from a crook lawyer on a collection agency's lawsuit. The same occured to other Latinos who had the pleasure of meeting Jerry and Joe who also shared a dinner or lunch with them, and who were in great need of legal remedy. The two were inseparable.

Young attendants who came with their parents to some of Jerry's seminars in SF were delighted to see Joe, a young man of about their same age, talk so eloquenly about the law and history. He inspired this one young man, the son of a SF Police Officer, a couple of years ago. The youth, I was told by his father (who attended Jerry's seminar in several occasions), has been studying the law since then.

When Jerry was in the Bay Area, he lived on several occasions with Latino families. So fond was Joe of our culture, that he was learning Spanish. He spoke with me on several occasions and I corrected his pronunciation and taught him a few new words. I also taught Joe a couple times guitar notes... he seemed interested and was enjoying it. I regret I not giving him a guitar a was thinking of providing him with at the time.

I met Jerry and Joe in 2007. He was a great man, a real human being who loved people and did everything he could to help others without interest for money. "Give me for the gas and food and I will go there," he said when my friend Adilia was about to lose her beautiful house in Lake Tahoe. And the same was at other occasions.

What the corporate news media is doing now, by interviewing the enemies of the Freedom Movement in the United States and publishing conflicting and inacurate information about Jerry Kane - which associate him with the evilness of racism - is with the intention of tainting a whole movement
that is awakining from the tyrany of the elite bankers. What they are saying are pure lies.

The Secod Amendment to the US Constitution clearly gives every American the license to own and carry a gun. And if Jerry owned one was because he feared for his life.

And I have a feeling something extraordinary might have happened in that West Memphis highway on that day, in Arkansas, that caused the tragedy that killed the two police officers and Jerry and Joe and one of their two dogs.

Jerry, a legal seminarist, taught skills in how the people could defend themselves. He never advocated violence. His legal power was much powerful than firepower. But he felt the government wanted to silence him for uncovering the truth about mortagage fraud, information that is now filling up the court houses around the country by the people, and finding out that there is a legal remedy to their debts. And the goal of Jerry was that: teach as many as he could the tools for finding and executing their remedy.

In the name of all Latinos who benefited from the teaching and friendship of Jerry, may Jerry and Joe's souls rest in peace in the Kingdom of God.

Let's all send money donations to Donna Lee Kane to help her afford the expenses of transporting their bodies to Florida and to provide a Christian burial to our two brothers now physically dead.

Funds are now needed. Please send your contributions to:
Donna Lee c/o 501 N Madison Avenue Clearwater, Florida 33755
or Paypal to

A Latino journalist in San Francisco

Originally posted to Sue4theBillofRights on Fri May 28, 2010 at 10:33 AM PDT.

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