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This is a short diary, I know, but I thought it merited being seen.

Friday, the Kentucky Senate adopted a resolution that states any form of discrimination is inconsistent with American values. This was in  direct response to Rand Paul's comments on Rachel Maddow's show about the Civil Rights Act. It was adopted without objection by the Republican majority Senate.

More after the fold.

The resolution was proposed by Gerald Neal, a Democrat from Louisville, and the Senate's only African American member. He said he was personally offended by Rand Paul's remarks that businesses ought to be able to discriminate if they wanted to. He felt that Paul's extreme beliefs made Kentucky look bad and this was his attempt to show the world that Rand Paul does not represent the views of Kentuckians in general.

It's good to see pushback on some of these ridiculous teabagger ideas that have been getting media play as if they were normal, average views of "real Americans".

So congratulations to Kentucky for standing up for what's right and not letting Rand Paul speak for the people of Kentucky. I hope the people of Kentucky continue to speak out against Mr. Paul and the rest of his idiotic philosophy until he sinks in the polls so low that he doesn't even bother having an election night party.

Here is a small portion of the actual resolution.  The whole resolution is 4 pages long and I haven't been able to find a copy of it in its entirety.

“Whereas, suggestions have appeared recently that we retreat from the core values of the protection of equal rights of the citizens of the United States, the Senate of the General Assembly finds that these views are outside the mainstream of American values and are not supported by other than an extreme minority of persons in the United States,” the resolution said.
“The Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky finds discrimination in any form to be inconsistent with American values,” the resolution said.

Thanks to Malenda from the comments for this link to the text of the resolution.
The link to SR31 is here, but you will need to click on SR31 and open a word doc.

Originally posted to LiLaF on Mon May 31, 2010 at 04:34 PM PDT.

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