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  We've received some questions about the mismatch between the @Klout count of followers versus the current number an elected official has.

  Joe Fernandez, founder of the company, has favored us with a somewhat detailed, yet plain English explanation of why your Klout score is not up to the minute, and we reproduce that in full below the fold.

One of the most common questions we get here at Klout (besides "can you raise my score?") is "why isn’t my score updated every day/hour/minute?" Obviously we love that people care so much about their Klout scores. It’s exciting when you are retweeted by an influencer or gain a dozen new followers and it’s natural to want to see how those actions are reflected in your Klout score.

We approach our measurement of influence from a scientific background and rigorously test our scores to ensure that they are accurate predictions of actions like conversations, retweets and link clicks. This process takes time. We are not just adding your follower count and dividing it by the people you’re following. There is significant analytical processing behind every Klout Score. In fact, Klout measures how much you influence or are influenced by every single person in your social graph. We also semantically analyze all the messages and links you share to understand what you are influential about. As the standard for measuring influence, we believe every interaction and message needs to be analyzed in depth to generate an accurate measurement.

Most people would agree that social media is rife with people trying to "game the system". We value consistency over sudden spikes as a means to verify a person’s influence. The Klout Score isn’t meant to be updated on a hourly or daily basis and we believe that this is a good thing. Just like Google doesn’t change your page rank after a single blog post or you would never expect your credit score to change after paying a single bill, we do not believe a single retweet from an influencer should significantly impact your score. Every time we process your score we look back over the last 30 days to generate a holistic view of your activity and overall influence.

Our goal with the Klout Score is to provide end users, companies and everyone within the social web a robust and extremely reliable means of understanding the influence, authority and reputation of individuals. This means performing rigorous analysis that does take time, but also using time as a method to verify how influential a person really is (sustained action is more valuable than a brief spike). While this can be frustrating in the short-term our hope is that everyone will benefit from this approach through the more accurate Klout Scores that it produces.

   We initiate our Klout collection process anywhere from an hour to a day before we post. The numbers reflect not the day we ran, but the day that Klout's last internal update was triggered. We recommend the everyone being rated obtain a Klout account of their own and that they log in and manually request an update the first of each month. Klout processing takes time; if everyone done this the numbers for the second week of each month should be fairly accurate.

Senate Democrats

Twitter IDNameDistrictKloutFriendsFollowersTrue Reach
SenGillibrandKirsten GillibrandNYSEN59.18932570
alfrankenAl FrankenMNSEN57.438527550166
clairecmcClaire McCaskillMOSEN54.471365820
SenatorReidHarry ReidNVSEN52.831668350
SenArlenSpecterArlen SpecterPASEN48.5116481052270
HarryReidHarry ReidNVSEN43.54012920
russfeingoldRuss FeingoldWISEN43.44445295541266
SenBillNelsonBill NelsonFLSEN43.21993030
SenChrisDoddChris DoddCTSEN43.0179109723595
blanche4senateBlanche LincolnARSEN41.357193765
MarkWarnerMark WarnerVASEN39.5110607134603691
senatorsandersBernie SandersVTSEN34.51393394358
DickDurbinDick DurbinILSEN33.01013040
SenatorCardinBen CardinMDSEN30.7502220
SenatorMenendezBob MenendezNJSEN30.22143100
MarkUdallMark UdallCOSEN28.85940670
SenJeffMerkleyJeff MerkleyORSEN28.3124960
SenBenNelsonBen NelsonNESEN26.18030070
johnkerryJohn KerryMASEN19.59136480
tomudallTom UdallNMSEN15.22127194319
SenEvanBayhEvan BayhINSEN11.686880
stabenowDebbie StabenowMISEN11.3011780
kayhaganKay HaganNCSEN7.751616910
TomHarkinTom HarkinIASEN7.5707170
SenatorBegichMark BegichAKSEN5.3553090
SenCarlLevinCarl LevinMISEN5.32010
jeffbingamanJeff BingamanNMSEN5.220230
aklobucharAmy KlobucharMISEN5.210440
senatorcantwellMaria CantwellWASEN5.2102680

House Democrats

Twitter IDNameDistrictKloutFriendsFollowersTrue Reach
RepHankJohnsonHank JohnsonGA0463.1966106826
AlanGraysonAlan GraysonFL0855.33154070
LeaderHoyerSteny HoyerMD0553.62011700
Dennis_KucinichDennis KucinichOH1037.88396260
louiseslaughterLouise SlaughterNY2837.1903550
keithellisonKeith EllisonMN0536.27459001298
Rep_GiffordsGabrielle GiffordsAZ0833.5431673360260
ArturDavisArtur DavisALGOV33.034683130422
neilabercrombieNeil AbercrombieHIGOV31.11570760181125
RepMikeHondaMike HondaCA1530.9289221962
repblumenauerEarl BlumenauerOR0330.421343140
jahimesJim HimesCT0430.23810990
RepMikeQuigleyMike QuigleyIL0529.339390924
MarkeyMemoEd MarkeyMA0728.92015150
JimOberstarJim OberstarMN0827.67192352262
LeonardBoswellLeonard BoswellIA0327.09185135245
jaredpolisJared PolisCO0226.349948201322
connecticutjoeJoe CourtneyCT0226.0801230
FrankPalloneFrank PalloneNJ0625.87261249114
HarryEMitchellHarry MitchellAZ0524.8612590
RepJimMcGovernJim McGovernMA0324.0903090
PaulHodesPaul HodesNHSEN22.7615893010
repsandylevinSander LevinMI1222.658449886
USRepMikeDoyleMike DoylePA1422.35127820
RepSteveIsraelSteve IsraelNY0222.23323330
RepNormDicksNorm DicksWA0622.1904770
chelliepingreeChellie PingreeME0121.78732103314
askgeorgeGeorge MillerCA0721.01626100
RepCarnahanRuss CarnahanMO0320.813012320
tomperrielloTom PerrielloVA0520.791952367577
carolynbmaloneyCarolyn MaloneyNY1420.671672040
RepJohnLarsonJohn LarsonCT0120.3101210
BradShermanBrad ShermanCA2720.0503900
GregoryMeeksGregory MeeksNY0619.6216350
BacaCA43Joe BacaCA4319.2536950
GlennNyeGlenn NyeVA0218.91710860
RepMikeMichaudMike MichaudME0218.77311940
Jim_MoranJim MoranVA0818.378310120
RepGutierrezLuis GutierrezIL0418.0402600
MaxineWatersMaxine WatersCA3517.64011550
john_dingellJohn DingellMI1517.6401350
RepBrianHigginsBrian HigginsNY2717.5305430
dinatitusDina TitusNV0317.390710
Rep_Adam_SmithAdam SmithWA0916.549376188
Rep_Albio_SiresAlbio SiresNJ1316.46117060
repjohnbarrowJohn BarrowGA1216.28010930
repbenraylujanBen LujanNM0316.27621505108
repmikerossMike RossAR0416.2284116660
mlfudgeMarcia FudgeOH1115.86793218357
MaryjoKilroyMary Jo KilroyOH1515.134713660
repschraderKurt SchraderOR0515.03013060
IkeSkeltonIke SkeltonMO0414.6902120
ChetEdwardsChet EdwardsTX1713.940880
JayInsleeJay InsleeWA0113.5701210
RepPerlmutterEd PerlmutterCO0713.23213910
RepTammyBaldwinTammy BaldwinWI0213.1607090
RepJaneHarmanJane HarmanCA3611.5601460
bobfilnerBob FilnerCA5110.140190
russcarnahanRuss CarnahanMO039.7444220
bradellsworthBrad EllsworthIN089.6504340
lynnwoolseyLynn WoolseyCA069.572236795
LorettaSanchezLoretta SanchezCA479.560630
RepArcuriNewsMichael ArcuriNY249.560970
RepZackSpaceZack SpaceOH189.530690
cbrangelCharlie RangelNY159.53017830
RepTimBishopTim BishopNY019.520510
maziehironoMazie HironoHI029.5201270
jimlangevinJim LangevinRI029.48302100
RepGwenMooreGwen MooreWI049.4109190
RepBartGordonBart GordonTN068.6802350
RepWeinerAnthony WeinerNY097.90780
JohnGaramendiJohn GaramendiCA107.76584196769
SilvestreReyesSilvestre ReyesTX167.757140
MikeMcIntyreNCMike McIntyreNC077.722650
BruceBraleyBruce BraleyIA017.631432860
RepJoseSerranoJose SerranoNY167.560350
RepBaronHillBaron HillIN097.52000
BobbyRushNewsBobby RushIL017.5101170
DaveLoebsackDave LoebsackIA027.4701700
ggiffordsGabrielle GiffordsAZ08608530
majoritywhipJim ClyburnSC065.8704190
timryanTim RyanOH175.75943877573
RushHoltRush HoltNJ125.531310
repbarneyfrankBarney FrankMA045.4904590
chuforcongressJudy ChuCA325.39252170
RepLRichardsonLaura RichardsonCA375.340360
WaltMinnickWalt MinnickID015.3303660
TimHoldenPA17Tim HoldenPA175.320190
AllysonSchwartzAllyson SchwartzPA135.260310
RepJohnLewisJohn LewisGA055.2501390
Fattah4CongressChaka FattahPA025.2417570
Adler4CongressJohn AdlerNJ035.220710
RepAdamSchiffAdam SchiffCA295.220790
RepGaryAckermanGary AckermanNY055.220490
BillPascrellBill PascrellNJ085.21070
JerryNadlerJerry NadlerNY085.21000
RepGeneGreenGene GreenTX295.210170
RepHalvorsonDebbie HalvorsonIL115.210210
RepRaulGrijalvaRaul GrijalvaAZ075.210980
WalzMN01Tim WalzMN015.210330
dorismatsuiDoris MatsuiCA055.210270
paultonkoPaul TonkoNY215.210100
repdonnaedwardsDonna EdwardsMD045.210400
AndreCarsonAndre CarsonIN075.06030
FrankKratovilFrank KratovilMD015.06030

Originally posted to Blog Workers Industrial Union on Tue Jun 01, 2010 at 01:29 PM PDT.


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