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1,351 is the number we need to hit to defeat Blanche Lincoln in tomorrow's run-off election. Hang on to that number for just a moment and I'll get back to what it means in a moment.

Here's the thing. I'm in Arkansas right now and I need your help.

The final phase of campaigns is always more than a little crazy: everyone is tired, campaigns run through all their funds, the opposition starts going super negative, and curious election irregularities always seem to suddenly pop up.

Through all of the drama, one fundamental principal of campaigns becomes truer than ever – the campaign that stays focused and gets more of its supporters out to the polls wins.

I know that statement should be obvious, but it's easy for it to get lost in the drama. So I'm going to repeat it one more time.

The campaign that gets more of its supporters to the polls by Election Day wins.  

And we’ve got a huge asset that the opposition doesn’t have.


We need you more than ever right now.

Hey everyone, this is Charles Chamberlain from DFA. Arshad asked me to check in through out the day and post updates. Well, DFA's Deputy Field Director Nick Passanante just informed of this great news:

"Just hit 750 online volunteers!  Way to rock it team!  Training calls have been packed (props to confirm emails and phone calls) and we've been signing up just around half of previous callers for more shifts on recommit calls!  Keep it up!"

This is great news. Can we get 50 more volunteers calling before 6pm? Sign up now!

Here's the thing. Campaigns are as much a science as an art. This is my mantra at the campaign trainings Democracy for America does around the country. And it's just as true here in AR as anywhere else.

We've got an idea of what the turnout is going to be; We have an estimate for how many votes it's going to take to win; We have a target for how many voters we need to contact to get them to turnout and actually cast their vote.

That voter contact part is the key here. People talking to people is the method with the single highest impact in getting a voter -- who otherwise would forget to vote or not find the time on a busy day -- out to the polls to cast their vote (It's been proven... with Science!).

And in this kind of election -- a runoff after a primary in a midyear -- a lot of people will stay home without getting that nudge -- that reminder -- that extra little push.

So, we need to nudge. The better nudger wins, after all.

Now, 1,351 – remember this number?

It's you. I know that with our phone-from-home system, volunteers can reach about 24 voters per hour. So 1,351 is the number of calling hours between Thursday and Monday night to reach our pre-election GOTV goal.

We've eaten away at this number quite a bit with the help of DFA, PCCC, and MoveOn members who have been making calls all weekend (and right now!). But we still have a lot to go. And distractions like, oh, you know, all of Garland county being reduced to two polling stations, have made our lives a little more challenging.

We need a few hours of your time today to win this and hit that 1,351 hours goal. Can I count on you to make it happen?

Yes, I can make calls right now!
Yes, I can make calls tonight!
Yes, I can make calls tomorrow too!

Angry at Garland County's polling place closure? Good. Help us make up for all the calls we can't make because the campaign is busy contacting voters in Garland county!

Disappointed at the Blanche Lincoln's absurd attacks on unions and the progressive movement for supporting Bill Halter? Right on. Help us reach out to Arkansan voters who share your disappointment.

Ready to make corporate Democrats pay for killing the public option and many other real reforms? Perfect! Make calls right now.

I'm on the ground in Arkansas right now running GOTV, because I knew you'd be counting on me. And I know I can count on you.

Early voting has started and Election Day is Tuesday. There is no time to lose.

This is our election to win.

Sign up to call right now.


Arshad Hasan, Executive Director
Democracy for America

P.S. Tomorrow night you can join us live from the campaign's Election Night Party at this link:

Originally posted to Arshad Hasan on Mon Jun 07, 2010 at 08:43 AM PDT.

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