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Look, I'm sympathetic to your point of view Keith.  And yes, I agree that the comment that was posted about your response being pre-meditated was at best a stupid conspiracy theory.  If you want to portray the entire dkos community as Obama's lapdogs who are attacking you solely because you had the audacity to go after Obama that is your prerogative.  

But for many of us, myself included, our rift with you has been a much longer process that has led to the point where I can't even watch Countdown anymore.

I don't expect this diary to be popular--but it is an honest attempt at flipping the switch on your GBCW diary to a GBCW to your rather sub par cable news show.

I'm frankly tired of your approach to news.  You can talk all you want about bringing on guests to "illuminate", but everyone with half a brain knows that they only "illuminate" your point of view.  I mean how can you honestly claim to have a serious dialogue when none of your guests, ever, directly contradicts what you have to say?  And hey, most of the time I agree with your point of view.  But real illumination comes from hearing someone with a different, yet intelligent take, and having them present their views in a civil discussion.  I realize that nobody does this on cable news and perhaps its unfair to count it against you, but I thought I'd point out that the way you describe your show is disingenuous.  Sure it's a step up from the shouting fests that occur over on Fox News, but "illuminating" is not nearly the right word for your show.  "Parroting" would be more like it.

You fashion yourself in the Edward R. Murrow style, but you aren't fit to stand in his shoes.  He disarmed those like Joesph McCarthy not with names (see "Orly Taitz Limbaugh", "Lonesome Roads Beck", "Bill-O The clown") but with facts.  In my opinion you play right into their hands by calling them names.  There are perhaps millions of viewers in the political middle of this country who would be inclined to agree with you on the facts in your attacks on Limbaugh, O'Reilly and Beck.  But to them, you are just another demagogue because all they hear are the same, tired, name-calling shenanigans coming from you.  It may be funny to me and other liberals on occasion, but you marginalize yourself every day by meeting the over the top rhetoric of the right with your own over the top rhetoric.

As for your criticism of Obama--I have no problem with you criticizing him.  I would only point out that you have consistently been wrong in your criticism of his political (not policy) decisions.  You criticized his approach to health care, yet he got that across the finish line.  During the campaign, you constantly called for Obama to go on the offensive and attack Mccain. When in reality all he had to do was let the McCain campaign implode and stay on his message.  Your network compared the man to Carter.  Jimmy Carter was a fine man, but as a president, Barrack Obama is already MILES ahead of where he is.  MILES.  He has already passed two MAJOR, HISTORICAL pieces of legislation.  To compare him to Carter is a joke--and all on your network who sit back and make that comparison are jokers.

In short--you are a better sportscaster than political analyst.  And you have demonstrated over the years an intolerably thin skin.  Quitting this site over a mere comment, posted by some random user, is embarrassing.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

So I'll take a check---from you.  For all the time that you waste every day on MSNBC.  Here's to the new line up--Rachel at 8, Lawrence at 9.

Originally posted to tiimbitz4786 on Thu Jun 17, 2010 at 10:08 AM PDT.

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