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Presidential Rankings can be found here.

An interesting survey was done for the fifth time by 283 presidential scolars.  Below are that results that I found interesting, in no particular order. FDR is number 1.

Beginning with:
President Obama:  was rated 15th, scored 6th in imagination, 7th in communication ability, 8th in intelligence and scored low on background (family, education and experience).  Not too shabby.

President Clinton:  moved up from 18th to 13th.

President George H.W. Bush:  remained at 22nd

President Reagan:  dropped from 16th to 18th.  He remains highly regarded for his luck, party leadership, communications ability, relationship with congress and his leadership ability.  Hmmm, ranked on luck?  Who knew!

President Carter:  dropped from 25th to 32nd.  Rated 7th for integrity.

President Ford:  held at 28th

President Nixon:  26th to 30th

President Johnson:  fell from 15th to 16th, rated number 1 for his relationship with congress.  (how else could a president get Medicare through?)

President Kennedy:  climbed from 14th to 11th, 4th in communication, 7th in imagination (which is 1 behind Obama)...interesting

President Eisenhower:  10th, for the last 2 surveys, and we all know that if he were here today, he'd be a Democrat.

President Truman: dropped from 7th to 9th

And last but not least, (well actually, ya, he came out the least)
President Bush (W):  1n 2002 he was 23rd, in this survey he has dropped to 39th, which places him in the bottom five.

I would humbly suggest that the Democrats have done us proud!

UPDATE:The comments in this diary are truly a history lesson.  Thanks for all of your knowledge

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Originally posted to Julie Gulden, Chairman's Pub Quiz Winner NN11 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 at 12:47 PM PDT.

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