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She claims she became a republican after reading the book Founding Fathers but since she was in college, it sounds about right that she switched sides politically over some issues of her own.
She was born in 1956, then married, and this is scary, owns a mental health facility with her husband and they both are into their own brand
of evangelistic Christianity ministry.

Angle claims to be southern Baptist.  I haven't quite figured that one out yet, since she pushes L Ron Hubbard's books. (Scientology) She does deny that but how can one of the followers of the founder of Scientology PUSH HIS DOCTRINE and and not be of that religion?  She also is not from the go figure.
It is exactly as someone pushing Rev. Moon's doctrine and saying, But I am no Moonie.

From wikepedia (source)
She got this one right.  Bachman is more republican than the most conservative democrat would ever admit.

The interesting part of this whole comparison of women
who either hold power or want power on the right is rather perplexing.
They, as women on the left have opinions of social justice and strong opinions of Christianity.  I find the right winged women demonstrate little for Christianity or social justice.  

Sharon Angle

Sexual Harassment Investigator, 1996
This tidbit of info scared me to death !!!!!!!!
This as well scared me
Assembly Committee on Health & Human Services, 1999 - 2005

 She believes the founding fathers meant when they said we must "pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" to protect our freedom and liberty.

Really?  How much does this woman want to back up her money or
her life for a so called sacred honor regarding the founding fathers
and their point of view that women belonged in the kitchen or bed rather than working on behalf of creating legislation that is definitely
not favoring women.  

It is also interesting that Bachman and Angle both had absentee fathers.  They both came from middle class homes.  Angle's parents
owned a motel after her father, a military man came home from two wars.  WWII and Korea.  You can bet that man had some benefits, especially being called back into duty for Korea.

Bachman was brought up a democrat and got extremely radical
when Roe v Wade was passed.  That is not mentioned in the wikepedia
but the timeline is right.   She had divorced parents.  She was upper
middle class.  She claims to have been a conservative dem but I find that hard to believe that she was in California during the 60's and
was held hostage to her own right winged beliefs.

She claims she became a republican after reading the book

She would legislate to repeal regulations that prohibit offshore drilling, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and development of American-owned petroleum resources.

A majority of historians argue that Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration, as well as the Congress that adopted it had only white men in their conception of human equality. Indicative of this view is James MacGregor Burns, author of Government by the People, 15th ed. (Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall, 1993), who writes: "The Declaration.refers to 'men' or 'him,' not to women
This is from Brian Tubbs research at the following link
Read more at Suite101: How Were Women Treated in Early America?: The Rights and Value of Women in Colonial America
by Brain Tubbs

Women of any race received no vote until the suffrage movement and black men were counted as 1/2 vote.  This all from the founding fathers.

Dorothy Day on the other hand was a real trooper and actual activist
and proclaimed Great Christianity as well but used for social justice.
These women are no Dorothy Day.  
Alice Stokes Paul (January 11, 1885 - July 9, 1977) was an American suffragist leader. Along with her close friend Lucy Burns and others, she led a successful campaign for women's suffrage that resulted in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920

Later came Gloria Steinem in the 70's.  
Steinem actively campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment, in addition to other laws and social reforms that promoted equality between women and men, helping to strike down many long-standing sex discriminatory laws, such as those that gave men superior rights in marriage and denied women equal economic opportunities. She also founded and co-founded many groups, including the Women's Action Alliance, on which she served as chair of the board throughout the 1970s, the NWPC, the Coalition of Labor Union Women.
(source) wikepedia

We are just going to leave Palin out of this equation.  We know where
old Money bags is shrieking and why.  The other women seem very
devoted in their wrong way direction of the constitution and the founding fathers.
First of all there is enough holes in the constitution to fly a 747 through
and if it was that clear cut and all for women, or anything for that matter, it would not be a historical document that requires constitutional
experts to interpret.  the constitution as the Bible can be interpreted in many way but being for women by the founding fathers requires
no interpretation from a scholar and an 8th grader can figure out
men had it made back in the day of the founding fathers.  The Scarlet
letter  and Salem witch trials comes to mind.

The true movers and shakers of women's rights and social justice come
from the Iron jawed angels of the Wilson era and Gloria Steinem of the 70's.  I think these women are remarkable.

 Dorothy Day knew hard work and did know as Mother Teresa, wealth but did lay down her money for social justice.

Gloria started a movement but behind every movement or advocate, there usually lies a reason for such activism as was discovered about
Steinem, who watched her Mother have several nervous breakdowns and try to make ends meet and a traveling salesmen as her father.
I think she loved her Father from what I read, but did want equality economically for women because Daddy and Hubby is not always around and left to the mercy of the world and the right winged women
declare should be taken care of by a man and be stay at home Moms.
Angle goes on about incest and rape and no to abortion under any circumstances, yet it makes
one wonder if she had a bad experience during an abortion procedure?
Is she hiding a rape?  These are just questions but ones worth asking,
since she wants to impose her issues on the rest of women.  Just what went on in that family owned motel in her early years?  What was she
exposed to?
I always heard if you were around instability become
unstable.  Well, that seems to be the case with Bachman.  How involved in treatment of the mentally challenged is this woman involved?

I am a baby boomer.  I am an independent dem.  I know what it is
like to be passed over for equal pay and that same job scale of pay being given to a man.  I know what it is like to be a single mother in the early 70's and even Morris Tire Company wanting my ex husband
to sign for a new set of tires to put on a vehicle I paid cash for, because a newer car would require either my Father or x's signature.  This is in spite of me holding a job as a Office supervisor for Corporate
America.  This is in spite of a credit rating that was near perfect.  This
was in spite of me paying my own rent.  I paid off the debts we incurred during that horrific marriage, even though, he was court ordered to do so, along with a court order to pay child support, in which
no court ever made this man do.  I never ever was able during the 70's
to buy the most simple things on credit because it required a man's signature.  I wanted a piano.  I wanted it bad enough, I got my Dad to
sign with me.  The man I had been married to was abusive not only physically but emotionally and a deadbeat and I worked all through that marriage.  He had plenty of money from his middle class job, it just was never shared with me.
I got the bills.  My second marriage was much of the same.  This time
I worked though and he lived off me and partied with the women.  He never was physically abusive but the emotional abuse of unfaithfulness and not being a provider was just about as overwhelming.  This is especially true when I was left in a motel after being raped by a stranger while looking for a place to live, only to have him to get back in his truck and leave me again in a city 300 miles away from home. He
had to party up North with a girlfriend he had acquired and just had no time for a little issue of Rape.
Yes, Angle, I know about rape as well.
Next comes my present husband who served in Vietnam and was extremely kind and still is.  He had and still does have issues.  He is the most talented man I have ever known and to be honest, probably the only true man I have ever known.  He holds this woman in high esteem.  It was when I saw him working so hard to try and labor and have flashbacks and nightmares that I decided he and most veterans needed a helping hand from someone or some organization that truly cared about their battles AFTER they came home.  This husband of more than twenty years welcomed my suggestions and advocacy.  This man did not try and control me and wanted to encourage me to do what I wanted and appreciated me for who I was.  The kind of person I was and still am, would have be hanged in Salem or burned at the stake in the past, for my outspoken ways.
My son of 40 has never emotionally abused his former wife, or his children and never laid a hand on them.  He considers my present husband as his Dad.  This woman must have done something right as
a single Mom because we did not need  all of those rules that were so strictly enforced upon me as a young Mother.  I am a pro life person fro me but I cannot walk in another's shoes nor can I say what I would have done had I gotten pregnant from the Rape, more than likely abort.
I don't care what Angle and Bachman are saying.  They are not for women's rights.  They knew nothing of the founding fathers except what they conjured up in their own little issued minds.  I do not hate men.  My husband says, "If I were you, I would detest most men."
I say, I despise uneducated women.  See, the majority of women are
struggling and do not have the benefit of money and backers to stay at home and just want equal pay for equal work.  They want fair treatment and that was in the Constitution and the Bible.  At least the interpretation I read.  
Yes, I am woman, hear me roar.  I find the right winged women appaling.

Links Below from this research..

Originally posted to Vetwife on Sun Jul 11, 2010 at 07:27 PM PDT.

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