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The Media Tries to Pivot

I am so sick of these Cry Baby Ass Media Types whining and bitching on how it was Obama who got it wrong on the Shirley Sherrod Fiasco, as if they barely had anything to do with it.

This became a story because of the MEDIA, and let's be clear, the Media didn't start doing their homework until Shirley Sherrod began to fight back against the attacks on her character....what's the saying, "Where do I go to get my reputation back? ", well Shirley Sherrod, wasn't about to just sit around and wait to find out.

I know you MEDIA People, think you should be immune from criticism but you are out of you freaking minds...

Now the debate has become, does she have the merits to sue Breitbart (How this is a debate is mind boggling, did anyone watch the video, I mean really, did anyone watch the Video.)

Memo to Chris Matthew: The Media got it wrong on Shirley Sherrod and you can twist it and spin but this story was more a reflection of the Media than of any other thing. I get that you do not like being lumped in with the well-deserved criticism of most that ran with this story; yeah I get that, hell I even wrote a diary about it, wanna read it, here it goes.  

I also get that you were one of the rare ones who did not get it wrong. Matthews, if you want a pat on the back because you didn't get it wrong, well then please pat yourself on the freaking back but please stop your god dame bitching.

The FACTS are that there were those on MSNBC who ran the story without research, then the next day tried to solely blame the Obama Administration... the same goes for CNN, ABC etc; and it was not just FOX, although their theme was surrounded with a ruthless, malicious and a hateful intent and they should be accurately and loudly called out but Matthews seem to be pissed because President Obama was right when he called out Cable News but he should have included some regular stations as well because they were all culprits in this in some kind of way. The Media's malpracticing type of behavior has been building for a long time, and it finally exploded and you all have to share in some responsibility...

Memo to Lawrence O'Donnell:
Obama has consistently included his Administration in his criticism for the Shirley Sherrod mess... President Obama has acknowledged that members in his administration jumped the gun without fact checking as well, but to hear Lawrence O’Donnell speak (while standing in for Keith), O’Donnell would have you believing that the President has never taken responsibility for any of this mess and is blaming it all on the Cable Networks...  

If this is the way your show is going to be slanted, you not only prove the President’s point but you might want to count me out as a viewer because you will be nothing more than a replica of Anderson the Media is never at fault Cooper, for you to be focusing on petty and trivial things, shows that you will continue to miss the point. O’Donnell you had better decide very soon, if your new program is going to be Anderson Cooper/Dan Abrams Copycat or Rachel Maddow with a touch of Keith Olbermann style, because if you decide to go with the first group instead of the second, you may have a very short stay.

Memo to the Politico Dumbo:
 One minute you say that Shirley Sherrod doesn't have a case to sue Breitbart; according to you, Mrs. Sherrod would have to prove that Breitbart purposely misrepresented her in the Video. But then Dumbo seemed to get awfully quite when Chris Matthews went back and not only played Breibart Video but he read the beginning lines of Breitbart’s Selective and Misrepresented Video.

From that point on, Ken Vogel seemed more bewildered that Breibart allowed the ending part of Mrs. Sherrod comments to remain in the video, where she talked about it was not about white or black, it was about the poor; Dumbo expression came across as if he wished the ending was not part of the Video and how did Breibart make that type of error. But these are the Boys that run Politico, they have an agenda they want the freedom to push, and they are petrified about the possibility of Shirley Sherrod suing and winning; so they need to manipulate the minds out there into believing that, (1) Mrs. Sherrod doesn’t have case because she can’t prove intent (2) It’s the NAACP’s fault, they called some in the Tea Party Racist.

If we listen to Politico, had the NAACP not called some elements of the Tea Party Racist, well then a fabricated video with the intent of slandering Mrs. Shirley Sherrod’s Character, would have never been created.

Here is what Politico and other Media types will attempt to do; the Media will to try to convince Shirley Sherrod that she doesn’t have a case to sue this Race Baiting Asshole. Not because they don’t believe she doesn’t have a case but because they want that door to remain open for them to continue to falsify, exaggerated and intentionally mislead others in their reporting. If Mrs. Shireley Sherrod were to sue and win, well that will forced them into being more responsible in the things they report and they simply can’t have that...

That's my point of view

So Let Me Finish, NOTHING Obama does will make you happy

Originally posted to ANY THING TOO ADD on Fri Jul 30, 2010 at 05:31 AM PDT.

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