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Hi friends.

My landlord came by to pick up the rent check (because of your generosity I was able to pay him !) and replace the broken a/c window unit.

And we had a most fascinating conversation.

More below the fold:

I told him that I am trying to get a better job, but it is a tough economy right now. To which he said that it was because of the "socialist" administration now in power. I pointed out that we were losing jobs at a rate of 750,000 / month when the supply sider George W Bush was in power. He complained about the deficit. I pointed out that there was a surplus when President Clinton was in office, that Democratic Presidents had a better record on surplus/deficit than Republican, and that we needed to inject money into the economy so it would grow again. He said that we needed to stop spending money. I said that we tried that approach, it was called Hooverism and the result was the Great Depression. I said that the sum of our economy is from adding Consumer spending and Business Investment and Import/Export and Government spending. I pointed out that if the first three are not spending, then the Government must fill that role. He kept talking about socialism. I asked him if he wanted to get rid of child labor laws, the minimum wage, and Medicare. He said that older people deserved Medicare, but that it would not be a bad thing if we got rid of it. He said that the Democratic Party is racist, against African Americans.

And He said that there was no recession. He said that there was a conspiracy to make people think that there was a recession.

To which I said, "And we didn't land on the moon either!". I said, "At this point, there does not appear to be much of a point to talking with you."

He continued to raise his voice and get increasingly personal even though I kept trying to defuse the situation.

Fascinating. Not very pleasant.

The culprit according to him is that he listens to 5 or 6 hours of talk radio and Fox. Probably the only thing that I think that he said which was true.

The reason why he knows that there was no recession is that he has seen lines at Jason's Deli recently. Therefore, there was no recession.

He also said that it was an even more grave sin for me to vote Democratic since "the bible teaches the free market principles" than because of "the biblical teaching against the pro choice position." Democrats cannot be Christians apparently.  

I forgot to mention that he said that he was not sure that we landed on the moon either. I wish that I was joking, but he really truly said that.

President Obama is racist against African Americans  because he is only half African American while he (my landlord) is married to an African American.

And Barack Obama only beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries because of the liberal media.

And let's not forget Sal Alinksky. And one of President Obama's advisers quoted Mao. I wanted to know who and what the person said, but he couldn't tell me.

How many of us knew that John Cornyn and George W Bush were liberals ?

Oh and Fox News is the only News that doesn't actually cut out the real quotes from people. Every other news media outlet fudges on the actual words that people say.

I have my own theory that Fixed Noise has reduced the amount of knowledge that Republicans have by half by casting into doubt things that are proven to be true (Climate Change for example) and then casting as truth things that are false (We (Democrats) want to eliminate Medicare or have Death Panels). And I must say that Republicans were not the most informed people to begin with.

Originally posted to math4barack on Sat Jul 31, 2010 at 03:04 PM PDT.


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