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What in the fuck...I mean seriously, what in the motherfucking hell is wrong with you people?

Let me start with a premise.  Most of us here at DKos are Democrats, we have a sprinkling of Socialists, Communists, Greenies, and fails to be classified properlies, but on the whole we are Democrats.  We believe in Democratic ideals.  We agree with the planks of the Democratic party and we tend to vote for Democratic politicians.  The vast majority of us are here because we want more and better Democrats.

From that starting point it would seem like this would be a good place to refine our thinking, motivate each other, share news and events and snark at the Republican Fucksticks in a way that the MSM never will.

So, what do I see here day after day?  Some motivation, some news, some snark but a veritable fucking shitstorm of, "I know you are but what am I."

WHAT THE FUCK people?!  I have never ever been accused of being mature, but this is bleeding ridiculous.  I have a son who dies his hair purple and thinks that duct tape is a fashion accessory that displays more maturity than a large contingent of people around here lately.

I am sick to fucking death of Obama = Fail Diaries or Obama = Bush Diaries.

I am equally sick of Progressives/Liberals SYFPH Diaries

Can we agree for one fucking nanosecond that:
A. Obama is not the second coming of Christ Almighty
B. Obama is not Bush, nor is he Lenin or Stalin or Hitler or My Aunt Pearl's lice ridden cat
C. We have made some progress
D. It isn't enough

When did Progressive become a bad word?  When did Liberal become a sneer around here?  We (for the vast majority) represent the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party and are here to elect more and better Democrats. We are not here to play a virtual game of dead arm.  

This place has a lot of diarists that I truly admire and some that amuse the shit out of me.  Unlike me, they are able to form some pretty incredible ideas and lay them out in a credible and persuasive way.  Lately though, some of my favorite diarists have been making me shake my head at their incredible whingeing, poopy drawers, back biting bullshit.

This is helping how?

Both sides have a point.  Both sides have gone too far.  Both sides have used hyperbole, straw men and direct attacks on their adversaries.

All I ask is for the diaries please please please not look like a bunch of overeducmacated underintellificated right wing trolls were writing them...oh and stop attacking the people on your own side...we have enough fucking Republican Holyrollin' Worldendin' Haterific Asshats to keep us busy until Eschaton, so why waste your time gunning down the chior?

That's it....

Originally posted to Sychotic1 on Fri Aug 13, 2010 at 02:26 PM PDT.

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