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You may recall it was Rep. Bart Stupak (Mi-D) who held up the vote on the Health Care bill in the House of Representatives.  He objected to the wording that might have led to federal funding being used to obtain an abortion.  Of course, that was a republican narrative that was completely awash with problems since there were already federal laws that prevented that from happening.  None the less the wording was changed, and Stupak signed on.

The teabaagers ... were beside themselves.

A northern Michigan man charged with threatening U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak is working on a possible plea bargain.


The 73-year-old (Russell Hesch of West Branch ) is charged with threatening Stupak and his family over the Democrat's vote in favor of a health-care law. He's accused of writing a letter that threatened to paint the Mackinac Bridge with Stupak's blood.

It wasn't just this 73 year old sociopathic conservative christian that will do some jail time for their teabaggery.  Hesch's son licked the envelope and sent if off.  He's awaiting his trial in Bay City.

My own father was a religious zealot.  He also wrote filthy, threatening letters to politicians, even the president.  I remember having the FBI standing in our kitchen demanding samples of his handwriting.  It was humiliating.  There is a history in our family as it relates to my father and his distorted religious world view that would confound and disgust the strongest of hearts.

But his writings are at least rivaled by what this nutcase, Hesch wrote to Bart Stupak for what he perceived as rolling over for pro-choice infidels.  The letter as well as the details of the case were released to the public today.

"Without going into great detail and potentially spoiling the surprise of your fate, I wonder if you have ever watched the Showtime series, Dexter.  (...)  I will paint the Mackinac Bridge with the blood of you and your family members.  I will not say when, and with who(m) but I will save your blood for the high towers toward the end of this project.  (...)  I have the knowledge, the means, the resources, and the commitment, that you have propagated, to fully execute this plan.  I am also willing to sacrifice my liberties and freedoms to this end.  Millions of Americans have died in the pursuit of our freedom.  That is a noble and honorable thing.  If this road brings me to that end, I will be in good company and my family will know that my life was not taken in vain."

There was a 2nd mailing which is a racist picture which can be viewed here.

Tomorrow, when Glenn Beck waltzes his fat ass out on to the steps of the National Mall and basks in his self-aggrandizing performance as Teabag Messiah, just know that kooks like this Hesch fellow are his disciples.  This is what Beck represents.  This is the "American" to whom Beck preaches.  And this is the "America" he wants to build.

Originally posted to Detroit Mark on Fri Aug 27, 2010 at 10:21 AM PDT.

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