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It's always the same old same old.

Something is not as it should be. Who do we blame? The Dems, the President, this adminstration.

It is never, NEVER: Let's blame the GOP, let's blame the corporate media, let's blame the greedy corporations, let's blame the racist homophobic Christian fanatics who are brainwashed by the corporate media & the GOP and cheerleading for the corporations.

It is getting so old. Election are around the corner, and all some people supposedly on the LEFT can do is find more issues to blame on this adminstration.

Yet, these people have their following. They do get on the recommend list which I do simply not understand.

Health care premiums are rising? Yes, that f-ing sucks. I lived in Germany and I know how it feels to have universal health care. It feels great. But F! This is NOT Germany. Germany has had a socialist-democrat government for years at a time! Imagine the name "socialist" on the ballot in the USA! Yeah, how far would that party go? Some people here just either do not understand reality or they are just out to destroy this adminstration and get the GOP back into power.

It is so depressing to see this country finally get out of the hands of a dumb, evil and a dangerous administration into the hands of a smart, compassionate, perhaps too careful president, who is actually getting remarkable things accomplished only to see him be attacked by the right and the left and in-between.

But see, if you want to criticize him, fine do that, but could you also...
put some f-ing blame on the opposition?


There are many who are always putting blame on one side only. Others who in the past have done it too seem to have come around and are understanding that, hey, in 2 months we have elections and it is either the Dems, who may not make all your wishes come true or the GOP, who... yes.. who are they exactly to those who on the LEFT who always forget to blame them?

What is the GOP to you, who always finds only blame with the Dems & Obama?

Do they not have something to do with the fact that some things are not getting done?

And you may say NO, that Dems have a majority and therefore GOP should be powerless, and then I have to point out, that no, they are not powerless, they have the filibuster, the have the coporations, the supreme court , the coporate media, the tea baggers, the Christian fanatics on thier side and they also have some conservadems on their side, why don't you beat up on them and not ALL Dems and the administration?

I cannot understand it.

I am not saying don't point out that something needs to be fixed or taken care of, but why only hold Obama & Dems accountable? Why not the opposition?

And then another Kossack says:

... there are some other areas where there is more of a clear distinction. But on the economy, on health care "reform", Social Security, Afghan and Iraq Wars, civil liberties, corporate pandering, bank bailouts, whistle blowers, etc., there is not enough difference of note for the average American to tell the difference between GOP and Dems.

But we have little choice but to hold our noses and get the bastards reelected, because in other critical areas -- like the SCOTUS -- to do otherwise would be catastrophic

Yeah, there is little distinction... did you forget 2000-2008?

When did health care premiums rise more? During Bush or the Obama administration? What is the party that fights FOR the insurance industry? The Dems or the GOP?

When was the war on terror situation worse? During Bush or the Obama administration? What is the party that fights FOR the military industry? The Dems or the GOP?

When were financial regulations more lax causing the economy to crash? During Bush or the Obama administration? What is the party that fights FOR the financial industry? The Dems or the GOP?

And which party fights FOR the workers? For equality? For better wages? For unemployment benefits?

But they are the almost the same?

For every argument I bring, the people on the "blame the Dems" bandwagon have something to counter it. So they'll say: Well the Dems are also cutting deals with the financial, military, insurance industry! They are just as crooked!


There is a difference between negotating with the enemy and cheering for it. And every politican has rto negotiate with the industry, because the all received money from them, because otherwise they would not get elected. You do not get elected without $$$.

I am just so sick of those who blame just one side. What for? To get followers more discouraged and hand a victory to the GOP?

Hey, you do not even need to hold your noses and vote, just don't vote, but please, can you, is it possible, that when you point out the negatives you also remember to put some blame on the other side, on those who are also to blame for things not getting done.

In the case of health care premiums... what about the employers who are choosing to pass the rising costs to their workers, what about the freaking insurance companies? What about the f-ing supreme court that allows insurance companies to buy the votes of politicians so they can continue to raise their premiums. Why can you not point out that too?

Originally posted to healthy on Fri Sep 03, 2010 at 08:11 PM PDT.

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