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I have a man crush on Joe Miller

Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

Friday, September 3rd at 10:37AM EDT

I so totally have a man-crush on this dude. He calls the Democrats ’socialists’, says Barack Obama is ‘bad for America’, and wants to privatize social security.

Wish they’d actually kept it going to the point where I was also praising Jesse Helms.

  Okay, the man crush thing, funny. But Jesse Helms? Wonder what you were praising Jesse Helms for?

And remember, if we don't bust our asses this November to GOTV, idiots like Erick son of Erick will be in charge this fall.

More WTFLOL at Erick's expense, and a chance to show some love to Scott McAdams at his expense below the fold.

Crossposted at The Progressive

Now, before I give Erick and Joe Miller their well deserved verbal thrashings, here is your chance to show some love to Democratic Alaska Senate candidate Scott McAdams . . . .

    As an educator and commercial fisherman, Scott knows Alaska's future economic health depends on wise use of Alaska's resources and the best schools possible so Alaskans have the skills to compete in the increasingly competitive global market. Although Alaska's economy has done better during the international recession than most in the Lower 48, Scott believes much more action is necessary to grow the economy to create jobs for Alaskans. Alaska has an unprecedented opportunity right now to develop its considerable resources and launch a new energy economy for Alaska that will create good-paying, reliable jobs for decades to come.

   The choice this election couldn't be clearer. Democrats want to CREATE things and make them better, Republicans want to DESTROY, repeal and get rid of things and go backwards . . . .

Now, back to Erick son of Erick's little man crush . . .

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  Proudly, Erick the Slow links to MediaMatterswho has the video, where he gets thrashed in the comments. Notice the african americans on the panel. Is that who Erickson was going to crow about Jesse Helms to?

  How would Zombie Jesse Helms feel about your man crush, Erick? Zombie Jesse Helms is not to be trifled with, he is very feared in the Zombie Republican community. (unlike Pat Buchanan, who they usually send out for groceries).

I wish I could give my kids names like Jesse Jesserson out of spite, just so everyone knew whose kid was mine, because I am that awesome. It would help the kid too, sorta, maybe, he'd either get tough and athletic or get beat up a lot with a name like Jesse Jesserson, and if he got beat up a lot, he might study more, and if he was smart he might go into business or law or something important that would help people, if only he was smart.

Image Hosting by But if he was not smart, getting beat up all the time as a kid with a dumbass name like Jesse Jesserson, well, that wouldn't be good. He'd probably get a chip on his shoulder, maybe develop a nasty streak, and if he wasn't smart but just a little clever he would be a real sonofabitch when he got tired of getting beat up. That is why you don't name your kid JESSE JESSERSON or some stupid shit like that. That kind of thing will screw a boy up.

And that is how we end up , somehow, in my theory, with Erick fucking Erickson on CNN, because no one ever went broke on TV selling rightwing corporatist bullshit. And CNN has to have some of that to fit into their place in the marketplace, which is toward the bottom.

And that is where CNN will stay as long as they keep selling FOXlite, slanted fake news to keep Republican mouth breathers unoffended, lest the truth somehow take them unawares about how their sheltered, echo chamber governing philosophy is an EPIC FAIL for everyone who isn't WEALTHY, including themselves.

Because if you are some idiot named Ralph Ralphson who has been beat up a bunch as a kid for having a stupid name with a chip on your shoulder, and you do not have a lot of brains but a nasty, half clever sort of half wit (no offense meant to anybody whose name this might be) and a TV network will pay you to say RightWing bullshit because there MUST be a debate and it is too much for the right or our fawning, idiot controversy driven media to just say "Freedom of religion means freedom of ALL religion, they can build their mosques wherever they want!", but a liberal like Kos gets the boot on the so called 4 1/2 hour a day "liberal" channel for the sin of bringing up MSNBC's No#9 hitter and GOP mouthpiece Joe Scarbourough's dead girl problem. (tweety gets a 1/2 for being barely less than 50% tool)

Because our corporatist media, owned by the WEALTHY interests that are screwing us and laughing their way to the bank, will always be there to deceive us. Orwell had it wrong, in all respect, it is really he who controls the media controls the present, he who controls the present media controls the past, and he who controls the media documenting the past controls the future.

And then there is Erick son of Erick. It's out with the old Lou Dobbs, in with the new Lou Dobbs at CNN, the "we always let the Right Wing get the last word in channel."

So, in light of Erick son of Erick's new found man crush, because I always celebrate displays of love among others no matter whether it is a man and a woman or a man and a man or a woman and a woman or a woman and a woman and a woman and me (in my dreams), I thought this would be a fun opportunity to fundraise for Scott McAdams, who is the total ANTI-PALIN, a big, smart guy, like the opposite of my potentially ill fated son Jesse Jesserson. There is a reason you don't name your kid. Strom Stromsson. I mean, what kind of a jerk has a name like Strom!

Unlike END ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EVIL SATAN Joe Miller, who comes off talking about these things as if they were foods he's never tried but doesn't like.

Image Hosting by        You have to understand, Erick is not that smart of a guy, even by Republican standards. Erick is kind of slow. He wants to let Wall St gamble with our hard earned retirement money really bad, but the GOP doesn't want that said out loud. And he has a big ole public man crush on Joe Miller, a guy who is to the right of Captain Caveman. In his defense, Captain Caveman was an unevolved fictional cartoon character. In a Republican primary Captain caveman might be able to beat Michele Bachmann.

   Erick is VERY slow, even backwards. Jesse Helms? The Jesse Helms who was the face of Republican bigotry and hate along with Strom Thurmond before he became the archbishop of Zombie Republicanland? Yeah, there's a lot to praise about Jesse Helms, if you are a bigoted asshole who is stuck in the 1950's.

Image Hosting by    And the idea of privatizing social security so Wall St can gamble with you retirement while calling your opponents "Socialist" gives Erick the Slow a big ole Man-Crush, but Erick isn't smart enough to keep his yap shut. You see, Erick believes in Republican ideas, which means he'll say anything to get political power so he can serve the interests who keep him well fed and on tv. He learned this, apparently, by watching the pros at work.

   And teabagger GOP Senate candidate Joe Miller is everything that gets a Wall St crony like Erickson into a tizzy seeing starbursts. Joe Miller wants to go back to the good ole days before FDR's New Deal, when working class people were totally at the mercy of the banks with no one to help at all, no social security, no health care, no retirement, just low paying work with no labor unions and a pair of bootstraps to pull yourself up with if you didn't have to make soup out of them for you and your poor parents who can no longer work and have no support but there already suffering children. In Joe Miller's world the invisible hand will save us all if we can just give the rich and the special interests everything they want for just a few more years. It worked great for BushJr, BushSr, Reagan, didn't it?

   If and when Senator McConnell ever becomes Senate Majority leader, idiots like Joe Miller will be in a great position to prop up Wall St with tax cuts for Billionaires and de-regulation while ignoring how they are pluging the middle class and everyone else deeper into the Bush Great Recession.

But of course, all of that will be Obama's fault.

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  Today, you have a chance to really piss Erick the Slow, Joe Miller and Mitch McConnell off. You can start by following these links and helping out a good Democrat like Scott McAdams.

Just watch this video, where McAdams bashes Sarah Palin for supporting an ivy league lawyer like Joe Miller over a proven small town mayor like Scott McAdams!

Cause nothing says real uhmrican like bailing on your public service to your state for a bunch of pretty dresses and a well paying job at Fox!

  This is what the Senate needs, not a rubber stamp for Wall St like Joe Miller!

    You can visit the official campaign website for Senate Candidate Scott McAdams by clicking here

    Check out Scott McAdams on Twitter by clickinghere

   You can follow Scott McAdams on Facebook by clicking here

   And please, show Scott McAdams some love by making a donation to his Senate campaign with ActBlue

Because if you don't, this is what will be in charge this fall.

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And for the record, I don't have a man crush on Scott McAdams, I just think he has better ideas that will benefit the working class than Joe Miller.

Peace and love to all . . .

Follow me on Twitter @JesseLaGreca (and by the way, I HATE that I share my name with that jerk, Zombie Jesse Helms!)

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Sun Sep 05, 2010 at 12:24 PM PDT.


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