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I’ve heard this kind of argument all too often since President Obama and the Democratic Party took over in January 2009.  It is self-defeating rhetoric.

NYT today:

“Politically, however, the president is, in effect, daring Republicans to oppose the plan, in that way proving Democrats’ contention that they will block even their own ideas to deny Mr. Obama any victories. And by proposing business tax breaks that, according to nonpartisan analyses, would do more to stimulate the economy than extending the Bush tax rates for the wealthy, Mr. Obama hopes to buttress Democrats’ opposition to extending those rates.”

Over and again the President has cited RepubliCON ideas he has adopted, in the health insurance reform bill, the stimulus package, the small business stimulation package, tax breaks over stimulus spending and on and on.  So how can he and Democrats blame the low information voter for concluding that if the Democrats with a majority cannot deliver RepubliCON policies, then the best thing to do is vote RepubliCONS into the majority.  Then they will send the President what he apparently wants to do anyway, which is adopt a bunch of RepubliCON policies.

Crediting RepubliCONS with anything is nuts, not for the poor voter, but for Democrats.  We cannot blame the voter if THEY think the RepubliCONS have all kinds of good ideas.  The PRESIDENT says over and again that they do, they just won’t vote for them while Democrats are in charge.

This practice has to change, and change now.  Reid needs to come back and put the Senate in session every day and night until ALL the judgeship positions are filled.  If the RepubliCONS believe in law and order, then refuse to put the judges in so that the system will work, then obviously they are a bunch of frauds and liars about wanting to protect the public.

The House needs to say if RepubliCONS are willing to run up a huge unfunded deficit by extending tax cuts to millionaires forever, then extending unemployment insurance and funding educational shortfalls in the states over the next 10 years is just as important, to DEMOCRATS at least.  That would get those teachers rehired in states that are afraid next year’s cuts are going to be worse than this year’s.  And if RepubliCONS think it’s okay to run up deficits when they are in charge, and okay to run up deficits to pay off their friends and funders, then their concern over Democrats spending money to put people back to work is a fraud and lie.

Democrats need to say charging interest rates at 8 percent or more on student loans is just wrong.  It is roughly double the rate of mortgage.  But isn’t a good education just as important, or even more important, than a house?  The Democrats should propose that school loan rates should be fixed at the same level as mortgage rates.  Second, after 10 years of payments the rates should be dropped to zero.  Any service in the military or as a teacher or working for government in a frontline first responder service capacity (healthcare, police, fire)  should see a one year of service, one year of forgiveness of student loans.  That will fire up the young voters to come to the polls.  And it will convince them Democrats care about their future, not the damn stock market index.

Democrats need to demonstrate without any question that THEY HAVE THE IDEAS while all the RepubliCONS have is excuses and rehashed Bushonomics ideas that caused the mess in the first place.  Democrats have to assert, again and again, that the RepubliCONS are CON ARTISTS who want to CON the American people again out of the American dream and hand it over to Wall Street for securitization.  Democrats need to say Bush and Paulson and the RepubliCONS were the ones that handed 800 billion dollars, no questions asked, to the banks and Wall Street.  And the House needs to launch investigations now, issue a bunch of subpoenas for bankers to testify about TARP and other subpoenas to testify about all the fraud in Iraq under Bush and every other case of RepubliCON fraud, and make sure the news cycle is all Democrats investigating RepubliCON fraud all the time.

And call them by their name.  They are not the Loyal opposition with good ideas.  They are CON ARTISTS.  Their name is RepubliCON.  And we should make that label:  RepubliCON just as prominent as their label of the “Democrat Party” instead of the Democratic Party.

If Democrats don’t come out fighting for Democratic ideas, don’t blame the voter.  Because as long as Obama and Democrats have this nutty strategy of crediting RepubliCONS with good ideas, then the voters are going to draw their own conclusions about what needs to be done to get us out of the Second RepubliCON Great Depression.  It is very unclear to them that Democrats are the ones with the ideas, the intentions, and the backbone to get the job done.  And if Democrats don't demonstrate they will fight for what they supposedly believe needs to be done, then Democrats cannot blame the voters for trying to find someone who will.  Quit beating ourselves up, and focus on the RepubliCONS who are lying frauds trying to CON the American voter one more time.

Originally posted to monkeybrainpolitics on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 09:23 PM PDT.


Are Republicans full of good ideas like the President says

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  •  Tip Jar (0+ / 0-)

    When you lie down with Blue Dogs, you wake up with Teaparty fleas

    by monkeybrainpolitics on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 09:24:00 PM PDT

  •  Dems aint lost shit yet (20+ / 0-)

    Polls? Please. How did Obama win NC, FL, OH Indiana, etc if polls are the truth. Go Dems, Go Obama!!!!!!

  •  the quote is (4+ / 0-)

    "republicans have some good ideas."

    and the argument is that middle-class tax breaks in this economy are a good idea. in the same breath, obama offers $50b in infrastructure spending, also a good idea. the dare is for republicans to vote against them. they would be voting for a tax hike and against american infrastructure.

    the game is not -- i'm a republican. the game is, i can be less ideological than you, while helping the country. can you?

    •  If you're out of work (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      laker, Tom Taaffe

      out of your house, out of employment insurance, in debt up to your ears with no hope of every seeing daylight, you are NOT looking for "good ideas" and a nice cool non-ideological person to vote for.  Most Americans are angry and those who aren't should be.  This country is heading downhill fast.  This is not ideology.  This is a desperate search for leadership and trying to find out who has the balls to help in a time of desperation for millions.  Two thirds of Americans say the country is one the wrong track.  Obviously you are the one third minority who is doing allright, jack.  Sorry if anger appears like ideology, but I've watched Republicans wreck this country since Nixon, and I'm really getting sick of Democrats standing by, offering to hold their coat while they do it.

      •  i'm rich since i don't agree with you, (6+ / 0-)

        oh, that's hilarious! ad hominems are the last act of a failing proposal. truth is the i'm a poor (moneywise) college student in the deep south, and i should be applying for foodstamps. but i definitely don't think this election is about "having balls" or "anger" -- what are we 100% male population all of a sudden? no, it's about good ideas. it's about moving the country forward. it's about sound economics and job growth and education and healthcare. the same as its always been, just more urgent.

      •  This is really confusing: (5+ / 0-)

        Two thirds of Americans say the country is one the wrong track.  Obviously you are the one third minority who is doing allright, jack.

        Not counting the misspellings and spurious attack on fivefouranonymous, how do you get from the two thirds who think we're on the wrong track to assuming that those two thirds must be the Americans who aren't doing well?  I assume the rich aren't terribly pleased with the possibility of losing their tax cuts; certainly the well-to-do Republicans and libertarians don't think we're heading down the right track; and if the "wrong track" = for many voters, things like expanding health coverage, do you side with them?

        This is a mess of a comment, and a good companion piece to a mess of a diary.

        Saint, n. A dead sinner revised and edited. - Ambrose Bierce

        by pico on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 11:31:05 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

        •  Well said, Pico. n/t (1+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
        •  Fact is, polls show clearly that Republicans (0+ / 0-)

          are winning the health insurance repeal issue.  And it is health INSURANCE companies, not healthcare or health coverage for the average person, that appear to be getting much if not most of the benefit of the bill that passed (see nycityeve's diaries).  The key issue:  "We cannot blame the voter if THEY think the RepubliCONS have all kinds of good ideas.  The PRESIDENT says over and again that they do, they just won’t vote for them while Democrats are in charge" you have not addressed.  And that is the issue that will hit us hard in November if we keep repeating it.  If Republicans have so many good ideas as the President says, then who is to say repealing parts of the health insurance bill are not good ideas?  I of course disagree, and so do most Democrats.  But we are not making a very good job of making that clear as a bell to the voters who are just now starting to pay attention.

          •  This is really tortured logic. (0+ / 0-)

            Because Democrats say that Republicans might have good ideas, too, the "just now starting to pay attention" voter will pull for Republicans to repeal the health bill on the grounds that this might be the good idea the President was talking about, despite his speech being on jumpstarting the economy?  I guess I didn't address that because I thought it was so ridiculous I couldn't possibly take it seriously.

            Look, I get what you're saying: if you're going to go on the offensive, you shouldn't pull your punches.  That may be the case, but I hardly think this is the type of example to hinge your argument on.

            Saint, n. A dead sinner revised and edited. - Ambrose Bierce

            by pico on Wed Sep 08, 2010 at 01:48:37 AM PDT

            [ Parent ]

          •  Blame health insurance companies (0+ / 0-)
            They're being provided an excuse to jack up rates, so they use it.  Of course, the reality is that they would've jacked up rates anyway, probably to the same degree, and you get even less for it.  But hey, those are just pesky details...
  •  ? (0+ / 0-)

    Don't blame the voter because they were allowed to draw their own conclusions?

    In the face of an obstacle which is impossible to overcome, stubbornness is stupid.~Simone de Beauvoir

    by hhex65 on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 09:45:57 PM PDT

    •  We were told to hope and vote for change, (0+ / 0-)

      then left to draw our own conclusion that things haven't gone too well and Democrats think, well, we tried.  Vote for effort and good intentions.  That's not good enough for many voters who will be going to pull the lever for RepubliCONS who at least stand up and insist they will stand up for principles.  We know this is a con, a lie.  But most voters only see Republicons taking what seems to be a "principled" stand.  They are voting for action, for strong action and strong statements by what they think are strong people.  If Democrats cannot convey strength as well as rational reasoning, then all the cool rationality in the world will help us naught.

      •  ALan Grayson is a good model (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        of a strong-willed, principled Democrat willing to call a CON a CON.

      •  "But most voters only see Republicons taking" (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        speak for yourself. Most people see the Republican party crossing the line into insanity. The fake grass roots corporate tea party has a few demonstrations rallying the bigots and the idiots, this is not "taking a stand."

        This above all: to thine own self be true...-WS

        by Agathena on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 11:41:16 PM PDT

        [ Parent ]

      •  Wrong (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Most people who will EVER vote Democratic, do so, or not at all.

        Constantly morphing into last year's Republican party, over and over again, kills off 30-40% of the party's potential vote. In an economic depression like this one, that can rise above 50%.

        And it has.

        Stop chasing Republican voters, stop wasting our time with nightmare fears of the Republican party and then serve up nothing but Republican solutions to economic crises (like business tax cuts).

        The poor and working class voted for immediate economic triage where they live. Instead, the Democrats saved everyone from the banks and Wall Street down to the investor class and stopped.

        The rest will stay home on election day unless something is done to save them.

  •  Can we please put to bed the RIDICULOUS (0+ / 0-)

    notion that being referred to as the Democrat party instead of the Democratic party is some sort of horrendous insult?

    Nobody in the real world gives a damn. I promise.

    "The future of man is not one billion of us fighting over limited resources on a soon-to-be dead planet. . .I won't go back into the cave for anyone."

    by Whimsical on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 10:15:25 PM PDT

  •  I think your title stinks (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    ChicDemago, kalmoth, Socratic Method

    And I didn't much like the 3rd choice in your poll. The rest of the diary wasn't much better. Other than that I really enjoyed it.

  •  FYI: Democrats can't lose in 2010. (0+ / 0-)

    It's a win-win for us.  Either we maintain control of the House & Senate OR the Republicans take over.  If they take over.....they'll have accountability for the first time in 2 years.  Best of all, in 2 years they'll be incumbents.

    If Sharron Angle, Rand Paul & Joe Miller win.....the country will get a good taste of Tea Party politics.  It will be a bitter brew w/ a side order of crazy.  Independents will come scurrying they always do.    

  •  Little premature, this doom and gloom (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Socratic Method

    ejaculation ..

    As anyone here who follows me knows, I'm not a fan of some of the crap that's gone down since Nancy Pelosi took the Speaker's gavel in 07 and Obama the Oath in 09.

    But I'll be damned if we're going back to RightWing Nut World without a fight!

    by shpilk on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 11:03:31 PM PDT

  •  Can we stop with the "clap louder" bs (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    kalmoth, Tom Taaffe

    Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about. Mark Twain

    by Deathtongue on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 11:04:05 PM PDT

  •  Don't Be So Down (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    I have lived for 57 years and voted democrat always, and never gave up.  I think that democrats will get better over time.  Let's not give up ever.  Get out there and vote.  The alternative is repugs who plan to turn the US into a third world country.

  •  Dems lose after they win the presidential (0+ / 0-)

    election because voters do not vote after the big one.  It's a known fact most dems simply stay home for the local election and is why things never get done.

    Ask any average dem voter and they will admit they do not vote except for the pres elections.  

  •  obstructionists (0+ / 0-)

    are ruling the day in the Senate, which suxx, so the only way to even remotely conceive of getting anything thru is to offer up some bits that the opposition likes, while still trying to get the bulk of what we want.  That is what Obama is doing here, and I think it is a hell of a lot better strategy than what was done vis a vis the HIR debate, when he tacitly allowed the pre-emptive removal of, first, Single Payer and then the Public Option from the debate.  We got a raw deal on that bargain.
    The Democrats have to show the voters that they are different, and believe me, they are, and this proposal is actually a pretty good idea.  First, small business tax credit takes the punch out of the Rs only salient argument against the top-2% tax hike, that it will hurt small business owners.  Second, it forces Rs to defend or refute the charge that all they care about is a) protecting the rich and b) gaining power back by screwing the other 98%.

  •  In contradiction to pundit 'wisdom' (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    which places the outcome of elections on the phantasmagorical 'centrist' voter, it is the poor and working class who hold this party's fate in every election.

    There are 4 kinds of voters, divided for political purposes on the Democratic side:

    1. Those who will always vote for you because you are a ‘Democrat’ (25-35%)
    1. Those who vote Democratic or stay home (25-40%)
    1. Those who may vote for you or against you depending on your policies (about 5-10%)
    1. Those who will never vote for you (25-35%)

    Acknowledging the ballpark nature of these percentages, on the street they can proved even more dramatic. In the past 3 by-elections in MA, VA and NJ, 52% of those who voted for Obama stayed home.  

    By comparison, Republicans lost only 24% of their 2008 vote totals and won every election. Only in MA did Republicans pick up any votes. Even there, Brown won with only 64,000 more votes than McCain got, a third from right-wing third party voters and 40,000 votes from elsewhere. Coakley lost 850,000 Obama supporters. Need I say more?

    Democrats devastated their own voting base, by emptying the polling booth of voters in every poor and working class neighborhood in those states. That's 30-40% of the electorate that is the Democratic Party's for the asking. These people voted with their feet last year to reject supply-side, Republican-lite political solutions, by staying home in droves.

    They watched as the Democrats saved the banks, wall st., the war machine and their wars, the auto industry, the health care insurance industry and finished their agenda for the first two years, by saving the wall st. investor.

    So Democrats 'saved' everyone from the ordinary investor on up, and left everyone below that economic line to drown. If they are lucky, they are being wasted on UI, they aren't, they've already lost everything. Those with something to lose were faked out with phony mortgage reform and they can see that new, mandated health insurance bill coming at their damaged economies like a frieght train.

    Neoliberal, trickle-down policies, gave us a jobless, economic non-recovery. Business tax cuts and privatized infrastructure development is just more of the same.

    Poor and working class people voted for JOBS and an end to Republican economics, and nothing in return.  

    Now they get to speak, where do you think this is going to go?

  •  There can't be a why to something that doesn't (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Tom Taaffe

       And so, allow me to take this opportunity to plug this brilliant idea that is going to help (you guys ever hear of that concept [and don't pretend for one second that you don't know who I'm talking to]) the Democratic party to win the elections this November.
       Join the Union for the
    March on Washington 10-02-10

    Solidarity Now. (We can continue the fighting later). See you in Washington 10-02-10.

    by reddbierd on Wed Sep 08, 2010 at 08:09:21 AM PDT

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