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The FBI arrested a North Carolina man who was very visible advocate of abortion clinic violence on social networking site. Justin Moose of Concord NC claimed to be a member of the antiabortion Army of God, and said he  recruited and trained people for terrorist acts.

Moose told the informant that he is a member of the group the Army of God, which he called a "phantom cell organization. I have set up groups. I?train people and this is not my first rodeo."

During the meeting with the FBI informant, the affadavit says, Moose referred to himself and other anti-abortion extremists as "judges," told the informant that the murder of a doctor who provided abortions in the Midwest decreased their number there and said the "ends justify the means."

Moose also called himself "the Christian counterpart of Osama bin Laden" during that conversation, the affadavit says.

American Taliban, anyone? He also boasted about going down in a blaze of glory, Waco style.

McClatchy has a bit more about this guy, an unemployed father of three.
Way to take care of your family, jackass.

The government keeps making these busts that get little or no attention in the national media. Typically, these idiots have a high profile on line and must provide enough evidence to implicate hundreds of people. Is Homeland Security connecting the dots between these cases, or does it get tossed in the "not Muslim, not really terrorist" file?

Tomtech found the complaint and affadavit in pdf format.

Rja spotted this:

The "president" ordered the assassination of Jerry Kane Jr. and his 16 year old son Joseph Kane.  This must not go unpunished.  Calling all Tim McVeigh's and Eric Rudolph's!  We must take the war to the enemies of freedom and retaliate with all due force(05/24/2010)

He's talking about these guys that killed two cops. This video has nice footage of their escape being cut off by a park ranger who t-bones their minivan with a very very large pickup truck. Video starts with police dashcam of the Kanes killing a highway patrolman (off camera).

Jeeze, tax rebels, birthers, clinic bombers,,,,what a sideshow. And what's a violent freakshow without Glenn Beck? Let's rewind a bit....

The "president" ordered the assassination of Jerry Kane Jr. and his 16 year old son Joseph Kane.

And who is promoting the idea that the president is ordering hits on mouthbreathing douchebags?

Originally posted to bernardpliers on Fri Sep 10, 2010 at 10:06 AM PDT.

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