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"In a pre-taped interview to appear on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday, Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner said that, if approving a bill to extend breaks for middle class income Americans were "the only option," he would support it.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans would cost $700 billion over the next decade. "

For once, we have defined the narrative.

I consider it a major victory for the Democrats that the CBO estimate is sinking into the narrative with the media as hostile as it is.  There's no pretense any more that tax cuts for the rich are anything but a costly boondoggle.  And we got the Republicans on the defensive for it.

If it continues to penetrate that tax cuts for the rich are unpopular, we've scored one positive step against the Republican-controlled media.  Even Fox News may have to admit defeat on this issue, though that's probably unlikely.  I'm going to chalk it up towards us.

UPDATE: In thanks for making this my first rec-listed diary, here's a link:  John Boehner speaks of tax compromise.  

How does it feel to have THEM giving in being called a "compromise"?

UPDATE 2:  From oxfdblue in the comments:

The "Obama tax cut."  Would the media have ever used a term like that before?

UPDATE 3:  It's a little exciting for me to have this still on the rec list on Monday morning, so I thought I'd offer one parting thought.  Yes, this is the House, and even though the narrative momentum is on our side, we still have the Senate to contend with.  Yet I think with Voinovich's recent turn, it's not impossible to have one or two GOP senators shamed into passing middle class tax cuts at the expense of their giveaways to the rich.  I still have hope, and I'm mostly just glad to see that after multiple news cycles of "the Democrats are doomed," things are shifting in our direction.  And not a moment too soon.

Originally posted to alkatt on Sun Sep 12, 2010 at 09:35 AM PDT.

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