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   This Rescue Diary covers the period from 6 PM, Monday, 9/13 to 6:00 PM EDT, Tuesday, 9/14

Today's Menu Includes :
37 Diaries Overall

- 13 On House races

- Covering 13 individual Districts in 9 states

- 9 On Senate races

- Representing 5 different states

- 9 On Various election races and ballot issues

- Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 6 General election-related diaries


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For more information on this series, please see our reintroduction diary.

Write the diary!
It has always been challenging to raise the profile of a Daily Kos diary with a narrow focus, and as such it's often difficult to get even a good diary noticed. This can be particularly troublesome during election season, when those relating to specific candidates for a House, Senate or local race in particular fall by the wayside, as they may connect with only a limited audience and thus receive few recommends.

That's why, during the 2006 Election cycle, Markos was kind enough to front page a modest effort to raise the profile of those races by "rescuing" them daily. Through the Election Diary Rescue, we were able to help keep so many diaries on those races in view and, perhaps, help just a little in what turned out to be several very close races. We repeated the effort in 2008 and are now proud to present the Election Diary Rescue 2010 (v. 3.0).

While Steve Singiser's outstanding daily roundup highlights many of those races, it is you - the Daily Kos community - who can be on the ground to provide the insight and information to help our candidates at every level. The Election Diary Rescue is back, and now we need you to write those diaries.

Some gentle guidelines to keep in mind:

Diary Titles - If you are doing a diary on a candidate or race, please be aware of the standard Daily Kos formatting. For House races, please start your title with the two-digit state abbreviation followed by the district number (example: FL-08 - Grayson Kicks More Repub butt!). For Senate races, just use state-Sen (example: NV-Sen - Angle Goes on Tangent, Gets Bent out of Shape). If you're doing a local race, try to use some version of this format. This immensely helps the people sifting through hundreds of diaries to more easily identify appropriate ones and minimizes the chances that we'll miss you (our Miners are almost perfect, but, alas, human after all).

Volunteers (HELP NEEDED!!!)
Several members of the crew that worked together so incredibly last two elections have returned for this season. With that said, we are still in need of more people to help, and this project has always been about giving anyone wishing to contribute the opportunity to do so. If you have the time to spare and are interested, please email us (see this user profile) or let us know in the comments how to contact you and we'll be in touch.


This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)
Election Race Roundup (11/7 - Final 2008 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)

And for this year's previous diaries:
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/7 – Eight Weeks 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/8 – 55 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/9 – 54 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/10 – 53 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/11 – 52 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/12 – 51 Days 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/13 – 50 Days 'til Election Day)

Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Alma, welso, randallt, Joieau, TruthOfAngels, eeff, Sylv, Spedwybabs, Turbonerd, ukben, rexymeteorite, and suejazz.

(6:00 PM EDT, Monday, 9/12 to 6:00 PM EDT, Tuesday, 9/13):  (37 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from K)

   House (13)

(KY-05) KY-05: You ain't lion, cheetah! Time to send Hal Rogers Home! by DudeInKY - Hal Rogers was named "Porker of the Month" in August by Citizens Against Government Waste. Surprise, surprise that dear old Hal is a Republican. Help send Hal Rogers home by supporting his Democratic opponent Jim Holbert.

(MA-09)  The Polls Are Open in Boston, Better Democrats: Bye Rep. Lynch by Ralph Lopez - Diarist notes war-funder Steve Lynch may well be vulnerable in today's Democratic primary to Mac D'Allessandro, a labor lawyer and activist.

(MN-03) MN-03: How Did Paulsen Vote? by Jim Meffert for Congress - Candidate Jim Meffert (D) announces the launch of a website to keep track of his opponent Erik Paulsen's (R) votes in Congress. A focus on the record should be good for Meffert.

(MN-06) MN-06:  Bachmann ad: So bad, it should be illegal (and it is!) by Seph Tanner - This diary points out that incumbent Michele Bachmann (R) is about to have some serious FEC trouble due to an illegality in her latest ad. Tarryl Clark is our Dem challenger.

(MN-06) Bachmann update: No s**t, Sherlock. by Bill Prendergast - Bill brings us the latest out of the Michele Bachmann (R) crazy camp, and some links on how you can help her opponent Tarryl Clark (D) get Batsh*t Bachmann out of her House

(NY-19) NY-19: Hall (D) Under 50, and Trailing Chief Challenger by DavidNYC - A look at PPP polling for Dem John Hall against either Republican opponent, Nan Hayworth and Neil DiCarlo.

(WA-08) WA-08:  Reichert Waxes Incoherent by Sarge in Seattle - The diarist says, “Democratic challenger and Red-to-Blue candidate Suzan DelBene is about eight points down to three term incumbent (Republican) Dave Reichert. This district is in play. We should pay attention.”  The diary further provides some reasons why.

(WV-01, 02) WV-01: Blue Dog Blues: What to Do? (w/poll) by greywolfe359 - Diarist laments the bad choice of Blue Dog Mike Oliverio (D) in his district, urges us to help progressive Virginia Lynch Graf (D) in the 2nd District next door.

(AZ-17) Steve May Update by Azdave56 - Republican gay poster child Steve May withdraws from the AZ-17 race, in which he ran a write-in campaign.

(CA-03) Red to Blue (CA-03)!! Dr. Ami Bera (D) vs. Dan Lungren (R-inc.) by Gangster Octopus - Report on Sacramento's Congressional District 3, and how Dr. Ami Bera (D) is making great strides against the corrupt Dan Lungren (R).

(CA-11) Congressional Candidates' Views on Clean Energy, Climate Change: CA-11 by NRDCActionFund - Another in a series examining the environmental views of various candidates. In this installment it's about incumbent Dem Jerry McNerney and his opponent David Harmer (R).

(FL-08) The message we need from the 2010 elections by Chris Bowers - Chris reminds us of why Democrats must win in November, and looks for 500 Kossacks to donate to Alan Grayson (D), being challenged by Daniel Webster (R).

(FL-25) FL-25 Rivera Calls Garcia a Henchman of Castro by Southernlib - Coverage of the race between Democrat Joe Garcia and David Rivera (R).

   Senate (9)

(KY-Sen) Red to Blue Quilt, A Symbol of Community and Progressive Spirit! by left over flower child - The Quilt project is supporting Democrat Jack Conway's campaign against Rand Paul. Take a Chance Kossacks.

(KY-Sen) From Red To Blue: One Piece At A Time by Cali Scribe - Another timely reminder that the Red to Blue quilt for Jack Conway (D) in his race against Rand Paul (R) is still available to those who care to buy or write a chance to win.

(KY-Sen) KY-Sen: Paul with a lead, Conway still undefined by kos - PPP polling for last weekend shows Democrat Jack Conway trailing Rand Paul (R-Nutty) by seven, but with 28% of Kentuckians still undecided.

(NY-Sen) NY Democrats, I'm Asking For Your Vote Today by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand thanks everyone invested in her campaign and urges New Yorkers to vote in today's primary.

(NY-Sen) NY-Sen Voting for Gail Goode by bten - Diarist cites a distrust of liberal credentials for the incumbent as reason to support Gail Goode (D) over Kirsten
Gillibrand (D) in today's NY Democratic Primary.

(WI-Sen) Moneybomb for Feingold: Please give and spread the word by cassandraX - Dem incumbent Russ Feingold is in the political fight of his life against Rob Johnson (R), and he needs your help!

(AZ-Sen) AZ-Sen: I'm Ready to Fight, but I need your help by RodneyGlassman - Dem Rodney Glassman, who is opposing John McCain (R), talks about how he will put Arizona's needs first and make good on a commitment to end DADT.

(DE-Sen) Conservative blog fight proves existence of God by barrettbrown - In a moment of Schadenfreude, diarist points and laughs at the Republican civil war raging for the nomination to that seat. Conservative bloggers and pundits alike are tearing themselves apart over this!

(DE-Sen) DE-Sen: Castle launches last-minute robocall character attack by Jed Lewison - Jed offers us a description and citations from a last minute robocall attack on Christine O'Donnell (R-Teabagger), aimed for Republican voters in today's primary election. The attack is coming from Mike Castle (R).

   Various Races (9)

(KS-Gov) Sam Brownback tries to rewrite history at first gubernatorial debate by The Real Sam Brownback - Diarist reports about Sam Brownback's (R) true history in light of recent campaign statements that belie that history. His Democratic opponent is Tom Holland.

(ME-Gov) UPDATED: ME-Gov Teabagger candidate explodes at press (w/video) by Spud1 - Diarist has a story on GOP candidate Paul LePage gaming the system to send his children to cheaper Florida schools while running for office in ME. Libby Mitchell is the Dem in this race.

(ME-Gov) ME-Gov: "Stop the bullsh*t, bring on the buffaloshit" ad contest by Spud1 - Diarist announces a contest for a YouTube ad against Paul LePage (R) in the Maine governor's race.

(OR-Gov) BLUE STATES: Oregon. J Kitzhaber (D) vs C Dudley (R) by abgin - Diarist gives a little background on the two candidates, then attaches the list of races and candidates that have appeared in previous diaries in the series.

(TX-Var) Stupid Goes Viral: Deep in the Heart of Climate Zombieland by RLMiller - Continued in-depth investigation of climate "zombies" (those who deny the manmade origins of climate change) goes deep into the heart of climate denier-ville: Texas politics.

(CA-Gov) CA-Gov Brown (D) V Whitman ($) by GlowNZ - Candidate ads, issues, and polls gives a nice rounded picture of this race.

(CA-Gov) From (Somewhat) Inside the Jerry Brown Campaign by LatinoDem - Diarist reports from the front that Jerry Brown's (D) lackluster campaign so far has lots of willing volunteers ready to go to work, urges Brown to get busy.

(CO-HD-59) Anti-U.N. paranoia in Colorado:  Maes, Tancredo and Buck aren’t alone by ninothemindboggler - Tale of a weekend debate in which Democratic candidate Brian O’Donnell held Republican/Tea Party candidate J. Paul Brown accountable for conspiracy-theory-laced rhetoric he spouted at a rally earlier in the year. Both men are running for Colorado’s House of Representatives in the 59th District.  

(CO-Var) Analyzing Swing States: Colorado, Part 1 by Inoljt - Some nice charts and a look at Colorado's party leanings over the years to the big Democratic swing in 2008. This trend bodes well for Dem candidates in state elections this year.

   General (6)

"Punishing Democrats” A Bad Move All The Way Around by Something the Dog Said - As the diarist says, “In this election there is no third choice. With a fired up base anything but a vote for Democrats is a de facto vote for a return of the Republicans.”

I voted Delaware/New Hampshire/New York, Etc. by teenvote - The comments are the diary here. It was a place for today’s primary voters to check in and report what they did and what they saw.

Here We Go Again: Problems With Voting Machines in NYC by Giles Goat Boy - Link to a NY Times article showing problems with new electronic voting machines in New York City.

Last primaries of the year, tonight! by kos - Markos makes his considered
projections of winners in today's primaries.

Secretary Napolitano Urges Latinos to Vote in Midterms if Congress is to Reform Immigration by ImmigrationPolicyCenter - Diarist reports on a plea DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano made to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to GOTV among their Latino constituents for Democratic candidates.

The Rhetorical Gloves Are Off by Baron Dave - Diarist understands why the left may be tired, but has substantive lists of issues where we need to kick some rhetorical *ss.

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