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Can Republicans flip 10 seats to get them a majority in the Senate?

Ha ha ha! No, not after last night!

After last night, flip that script:

Thanks to Republicans running extreme, weak, and weird candidates, Democrats can flip 10, putting Democrats in control of 69 Senate seats.

I say, screw the summer polls. After last night, I'm getting pretty damned fired up. And you know what? I'm getting pretty damned ready to go.

Obama and the Democrats know when to peak. You don't peak months before an election, when only political junkies and pundits pay attention. You close strong. You peak after Labor Day. You get fired up. You get to work. This year, we peak on November 2.

Even if you're not fired up, we can win these Senate seats:

#47: We can win Washington.
#48: We can win Wisconsin.
#49: We can win West Virginia.
#50: We can win California.
#51: We can win Delaware.
#52: We can win Connecticut.

Wait, you are fired up?! Good, then we can win these seats too:

#53: We can win Nevada.
#54: We can win Illinois.
#55: We can win Ohio.
#56: We can win Pennsylvania.
#57: We can win Colorado.
#58: We can win New Hampshire.
#59: We can win North Carolina.
#60: We can win Alaska.

Wait, you're really, really, flipping fired up?! Like standing-on-a-chair-leading-the-chant-on-primary-night-in-Obama's-Iowa-headquarters-after-they-calle d-the-state-for-him, fired up!?! That fired up?  Awesome, I was that fired up once!! We could do that again and then we win these seats too:

#61: We can win Missouri.
#62: We can win Kentucky.
#63: We can win Iowa.
#64: We can win Indiana.
#65: We can win Louisiana.
#66: We can win Arkansas.
#67: We can win the Florida three-way.
#68: We can win Arizona. That'd be 68 danged seats right there.

Wait now, you're so fired up, you wanna take down every Tea Party freakazoid this cycle and you just heard we have two common sense Democrats running in places like Utah and Kansas?? Bam, that's 70!:

#69: We can win Utah againt tea-sipping, Alito-clerking Mike Lee.
#70: We can win Kansas against tea-sipping, C-Streeting Jerry Moran.

Just sayin'. I'm flipping fired up and ready to go!!!

Originally posted to horizontalrule on Wed Sep 15, 2010 at 10:03 AM PDT.

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