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Golly! Light turn out last night - I showered - really, I did! :D Well, let's see if we generate a bit more of a crowd since this diary will be the last one until Monday & since I have great news to share!

My absolutely fandamntastic news...

has to do with THIS guy,

THIS guy,

and THIS guy!

{insert drum roll here} I am, after entirely too long, teaching my Beat Generation literature class during the Spring Term at the university where I work & teach! In a nut shell, I get to talk "Beat" for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3 weeks! For a few years, I thought my "regular gig" would interfere with me being able to do it, but it turns out that I'm not too terribly busy then, so I can justify being out of my office during that time. SO, if you want to see a deliriously happy me during the first 3 weeks in May, drop on by! :D I will probably shamelessly take advantage of the faboo F.O.O. who are artists because I want to make flyers to post in my office & around campus about the class because I want a room full! As soon as I figure out the text, I'll let you know. :D

OK, let's move onto diary SOP & "this day in history." On this date in 1835, the HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin reached the Galapagos Islands. And, he DID NOT FIND cave people riding on dinosaurs! ;D

On this date in 1918, CH Chubb gives Stonehenge to the English state. Comedic deities DEMAND I post this clip. ;D

In a more local event (for me), Market Square Arena opened on this date in 1974. The Pacers played there, oodles of concerts were performed there, and Elvis' last concert was there. Now? It's a parking lot.

Fay Wray was born on this date in 1907. She's probably best known for her time with a big 'ol ape! ;D

I've been to the top of the Empire State Building - no big 'ol ape up there when I was there, and I was damn disappointed! ;D

Let's Countdown!

#5 "Tea is Served" AKA "Tempest in a Tea Party" AKA " G O Teed" - Christine O’Donnell got votes from only 16% of GOBP registered voters yesterday. And, I’m going out on a limb to say she’s NOT a clone of $t. $arah from Wasilla. Ms. O’Donnell doesn’t have THAT voice, and, at least so far, I’m not hearing much English language mangling. All kinds of people are now confident that Dems will remain the majority party in the Senate; THAT assumes they’ve been the majority party up to now!


The House may or may not be controlled by the GOBP. The Dem candidate for the DE Senate seat is leading Ms. O’Donnell by double digits; well, a lot can happen in 48 days. So, let’s not get too puffed up about that. AND, Mr. Castle WILL NOT be endorsing Ms. O’Donnell; he must be pro – "having sex with someone you love" – HA!


She’s ready to go on with this race without help from "establishment" GOBPers. Well, it sounds like that’s exactly what she’s gonna get! Senator "Cornhole" Cornyn had the following to say in a statement:

I reached out to Christine this morning, and as I have conveyed to all of our nominees, I offered her my personal congratulations and let her know that she has our support. This support includes a check for $42,000 – the maximum allowable donation that we have provided to all of our nominees... much ad time will $42,000 get? The "establishment" won in NH, but the pro – man on dog candidate won the GOBP primary for NY Governor. Please PLEASE tell me that Rick Santorum will go campaigning for him! Man, Andrew Cuomo must think he’s the damn luckiest man alive! WOW! Rick Lazio REALLY got his hind quarters handed to him! Dave Weigel gets to do a Tuesday post mortem, and he’s a DE native! Mike Castle has apparently been quite the DE political staple for many years, and Dave thinks the GOBP is already writing off that Senate seat. Again, a lot can happen in 48 days. Last night, the GOBP was willing to write off Ms. O’Donnell. Today, after intervention by Boss Limbaugh, among others, they decided to give her the coin. So, what’s the Senate cloak room going to be like if Senator Jim "Waterloo" DeMint & Senator "Cornhole" Cornyn happen to be in there at the same time? According to Dave, the GOBP is going to have to expend a lot of effort making their nominees not looking quite so bat$hit. Yea, good luck with that! And, look at the big smile on Chris Kofinis’ face! ;D And, he’s exactly damn correct; Dem voters cannot take anything for granted. When people are anxious & feel threatened, they can act without thinking, and said act might not necessarily be in their best interest. Again, let’s repeat the mantra. If you have to hold your nose to vote Dem in November, hold your nose to vote Dem in November – because our country cannot survive the alternative. O...M...G... I may have to go at my brain with an ice pick at the thought of Speaker Bat$hit! Chris doesn’t think Small Price to Pay Goldilocks will be Speaker of the House even if the GOBP takes over the House. Well, then who would be Speaker? OK, I can agree with the first of Chris’ 2 suggestions on how Dems might just come out not looking so bad come November. His second one, about convincing people that the tough correct decisions were made in regards to the economy, I’m not so sure about. If you’re still unemployed, and your having problems making ends meet, and, even if you ARE employed, your wages have basically been stagnant, you might not be so secure in your job, and the price of everything seems to be going up, I think it will be a difficult job convincing people that tough correct decisions were made.

#4 "GOP Eat GOP" - Well, TurdBlossom went ape $hit on Christine O’Donnell last night ON FAUX with the Mannity, and the Mannity did not care for that! OK, is anyone else’s brain about to implode concerning the topic of TurdBlossom talking about HONESTY?! Michelle Malkin went after TurdBlossom. Well, I’d caution to many bat$hit GOBPers to NOT to go after TurdBlossom TOO much. One word from him, and DICK will be extending some hunting trip invitations! ;D Even Boss Limbaugh’s panties got in a bunch! Wow! This infighting is FUN!


It’s great to see Dems NOT DOING IT quite so much – or at least not as publicly. Oh...there’s THAT voice. AUGH! OK...another brain implosion concerning Grandma ExGov TurkeyLover talking about the need to stop infighting & cut back on the egos IS IMMINENT!

** Look at all the parrots & bright birdies! Ugh...that cage has to be loud & STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN. Darth Vader robbed a MI convenience store but got the timing of putting his mask on just a little off. There’s a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Betty Boop, and a giant balloon with a guy with a’s what made Madeline Kahn sing "Oh, sweet mystery of life I’ve found you!" in Young Frankenstein. ;D **

#3 "Will Dems Fight Back?" AKA "Dawn of the Debt" - Dems are still debating on how to handle that whole GOBP wanting to extend tax cuts to the most rich & increasing the deficit by a cool $700 billion. When Mitchie McConnell was asked how he intends to pay for extending tax cuts to EVERYONE, he replied with a $300 billion spending freeze. OK...where? President Obama is clearly ready, willing, and raring to go! Senator Harry Reid might just allow the GOBP to debate & have a vote over extending ALL the tax cuts (?). Huh? OK, hopefully, Ezra Klein will clarify what the spark might be going on in the Senate. Some Dems are STILL petrified about talking ANYTHING about taxes.


The GOBP plan to extend tax cuts for the most rich will add trillions to the deficit in just the first 10 years. Lordy, for the party of fiscal responsibility, they sure like to spend like drunken sailors! Even extending tax cuts for everyone else will increase the deficit by $3 trillion. Ugh... *&^%$#@! Ezra’s  not so confident that this tax cut vote will happen before November.

*** $t. $arah from Wasilla is telling Christine O’Donnell to pimp her candidacy ON FAUX News! ***

WPITW – A guy in CA walked into a bank claiming a bomb unless he got $2000. When the bank said they’d loan him the money, he said, "FABOO!" He signed his actual name & information on the form, an employee called 911, and the guy was hauled off. BRILLIANT! A gas station decided to mimic the Emergency Broadcast system in an ad. New Jersey Transit – a STATE AGENCY - fired a guy for ripping & burning pages from the Koran.

#1 "Facing Extinction" AKA "The White Wing" AKA "GOP, RIP" - Oh Keith, please don’t go pushing THAT memo. People thought the GOBP was finished when President Hoover let this nation slip into a Great Depression. People thought the GOBP was finished after Senator Joe McCarthy was exposed for the publicity – hungry monger he was. People thought the GOBP was finished after Senator Barry Goldwater got his a$$ handed to him in 1964. Well, guess what? The GOBP is still here. Lonesome Rhodes thinks his fans represent the GOBP future. Yep, a bunch of white Christian old people are the future of the GOBP. Hispanics & other minorities will soon not be minorities in this country; white people will be the minority! Yea, but even in the "minority community," there are those who will continue to cling onto someone or something that is totally NOT out for their best interests. Can we say Michael Steele? Can we say Clarence Thomas? BillO’s actually on tape saying Uncle Pat is correct about something?! Arshad Hasan works for Democracy for America. HA! I just saw this. Did y’all see the little "x" over the elephant’s eye in the logo?! TOO FUNNY! Keith’s comment made me remember the woman who "wanted her country back" last summer. Remember her? Mr. Hasan pointed out the flawed (to be charitable about it) history of what this country used to be and, sadly, still is at times.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Wed Sep 15, 2010 at 06:46 PM PDT.

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