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Must see:

BOP Forensic Analysis Part 1
BOP Forensic Analysis Part 2
BOP Forensic Analysis Part 3

I received a set of links to the massive video library collected by Josef Gerbils of The Oil Drum.

Deepwater Horizon BlowOut & Oil Spill:
Deepwater Horizon BlowOut II
Deepwater Horizon BlowOut III
Deepwater Horizon BlowOut IV
Deepwater Horizon BlowOut V

Those include many videos from our crew and others.

40 page 12mb report on the Macondo well

Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill Reference Material - from Whitis is the best source for everything.. The quantitative data diary has also been moved there.

Six Steps that Doomed the Rig is an excellent graphic from the New Orleans Times Picayune.

The motherlode of technical data Kairos brought us was removed, but the 19 mb 48 page BP Accident Investigation Overview and the 12 mb 147 page Confidential TransOcean Assurance Analysis of the BOP with detailed control diagrams starting at page 56, are still available.

Kossak Sillia gives a concise explanation of the mothership and liveblog:

This diary, that is, the mothership, forms the hub from which you can reach the other diaries. Or, think of it as a table of contents in the front page of a book. You use this diary to find a link to the latest discussions. You can also find links here to past discussions (previous diaries) if you wanted to read them.

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I hope this is sort of what you were wanting to know...

A video primer on ROV Watching, from GW regular sometv.

Video Feeds
20876/21507 - Development Driller II's ROV 1
32900/49178 - Development Driller II's ROV 2
41434/41436 - Olympic Challenger's ROV 1
40788/40789 - Olympic Challenger's ROV 2
30948/35246 - HOS Achiever's ROV 1
35461/36301 - HOS Achiever's ROV 2
47146/47147 - Development Driller III's ROV 1
43698/43699 - Development Driller III's ROV 2
39168/39169 - Chouest Holiday ROV 1
40492/40493 - Chouest Holiday ROV 2
58406/21750 - Iron Horse ROV 1
58406/21750 - HOS Iron Horse ROV 2 points to IH #1.

Bobo's lightweight ROV Multi-feed: A great low impact multi-view page
BP videos - All the available live feeds from BP
WKRG - Mobile/Pensacola (contains link for an iPhone app at the bottom)

Links, courtesy of several Kossacks

Liveblog diaries
Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #383 - Issues - BP's Gulf Catastrophe - Yasuragi
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Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #373: Still Leaking @ the Mudline? No can see - BP's Gulf Catastrophe - David PA
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Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #364 - Where's the BOP? - BP's Gulf Catastrophe - Yasuragi
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Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #361 - Waiting for Liftoff - BP's Gulf Catastrophe - Yasuragi
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Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #356 - Damaged BOP Recovery - BP's Gulf Catastrophe - peraspera

Previous motherships and ROV's from this extensive live blog effort may be found here.

Information on our community can be found in Phil S 33's diary here. That diary having timed out, bigjacbigjacbigjac next took up the cause and posted a new bio diary here. The latest bio diary was posted by Ursoklevar on 7-25 and includes the bio's from the previous diaries in alphabetical order by user name.

If you'd like, feel free to join in by sharing a little about yourself there.

Originally posted to Gulf Watchers on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 03:00 AM PDT.


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  •  Boatloads of thanks to the Daily Kos community (64+ / 0-)

    for your support of the BP Catastrophe liveblog. The Gulf Watchers greatly appreciate your recs for the Mothership and participation in the ROVs.

    The Development Driller III did a ranging run yesterday and successfully intersected the Macondo's annulus on the first try.

    Coffee cup helped us celebrate with some outstanding celebratory artwork which should not be missed. The rest of the procedure for a successful kill is, by no means, a walk in the park but the successful intercept is worth a big smile and sigh of relief.

    Gulf watchers are seeing continued monitoring of the well head mud line seep and cleaning of the HC connector where the seep accumulates hydrates. They also have been doing something called Chemical Injection Ops.  Development Driller II ROV B did an overall inspection of the BOP and riser in the wee hours last night. The controls for killing the well won't be operated subsea so it is unlikely that we will see anything directly pertinent to the final kill from the ROVs.

    BP operational update from yesterday about the ranging run.

    Subsea operational update:
    The MC252 well has been shut-in since July 15; there is currently no oil flowing into the Gulf.
    The DDII has pulled its diagnostic tools out of the well and is standing by for the relief well intercept by the DDIII.
    The DDIII is currently conducting a ranging run. Upon completion of the ranging run, a decision on the next steps will be made.
    Updated Sept 16 at 11:30 a.m. CDT

    Thad Allen announces relief well has intersected the rogue Macondo

    DATE: September 16, 2010 10:10:03 PM CDT
    Statement from National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen on Relief Well Intercept
    "I have received extensive briefings over the last 24 hours regarding the final effort to intercept the Macondo well.  Through a combination of sensors embedded in the drilling equipment and sophisticated instrumentation that is capable of sensing distance to the well casing, BP engineers and the federal science team have concluded that the Development Driller III relief well has intersected the Macondo well.  This determination was made based on a loss of drilling fluids that indicated communication had been established beyond the relief well, the pressure exerted against the drill bit as it came in contact with the well casing and, finally, an increase in pressure in the choke line of the Macondo well blow out preventer.  While each of these indicators taken separately would not necessarily be conclusive, the aggregate data available supports the conclusion that the two wells are joined.  It is also important to note that none of the measurements supported a scenario where the annulus of the well is in communication with the reservoir. Accordingly, we intend to proceed with preparation to cement the annulus and complete the bottom kill of the well. Further information will be provided as cementing procedures are completed."

    Fishgrease and Tomtech had a worthwhile exchange on the subject of Allen's press release about the relief well's successful interception.

    John Wright who is charge of the relief well has generally made himself scarce with the press. However, the Telegraph did a brief story on Wright's background in July. Wright is on the left in this BP photo of some of the Development Driller III (relief well rig) crew. Click on Older for a couple more pictures of work being done on the Development Driller III. Let's all hope that government officials and BP executives will respect Wright's considerable experience and that of his crew.

    Study confirms plumes from June 11-21. The study will be published in the peer-reviewed journal, Science. The scientists will be doing another expedition for NOAA.

    The spill provided a rare opportunity for Valentine, a professor in the Department of Earth Science at UCSB, and Kessler, an assistant professor in the Department of Oceanography at Texas A&M, to study the behavior of methane and other natural gases in the murky depths of the Gulf of Mexico. The results of their research are published in a new paper, "Propane respiration jump-starts microbial response to a deep oil spill," published today as an advance online release in the journal Science.
    The scientists conducted their tests June 11-21, less than two months after the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded, causing the largest marine oil spill in history. Their team conducted its experiments as close as 1,500 feet from the epicenter of the active spill, using underwater sampling devices and sensors to measure hydrocarbons and oxygen depletion at various depths, and to collect water samples to study the biodegradation of natural gas and the associated blooms of bacteria.

    Their research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, and was conducted on the Research Vessel Cape Hatteras.

    The team reported several new findings in their study. At the time of their sampling in June, they identified four large plumes of suspended hydrocarbons that had been moved by deep currents in different directions from the leaking well. Since each plume originated from the well at a different time, the scientists were able to compare the chemicals and isotopes to determine what compounds were preferentially respired by the bacteria. What they found was surprising: Three specific hydrocarbon gases - ethane, propane, and butane - were responsible for most of the respiration and oxygen loss observed in the deep plumes. They further identified the dominant bacteria present in the plumes, and suggested that some of the organisms were targeting the natural gases.
    "Because the Deepwater Horizon rig accident occurred almost a mile deep, the slow migration of petroleum from that depth allowed time for dissolution of volatile hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane, propane, and butane," Valentine said. "Had it occurred in shallower water, these gases would have certainly escaped into the atmosphere. This gas trapping will go down as one of the distinguishing hallmarks of a deep oil spill."

    Continuing hooey from NOAA about remaining oil does not inspire confidence. NOAA and the Coast Guard need to get out of the PR business and get about the business of looking for all the oil, not just where they think they won't find any.

    The search for underwater oil in local waterways is over, and preliminary results show no recoverable oil was found, Coast Guard officials said Wednesday.
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist Dr. Janet Baran said much of the oil still in the Gulf and waterways is in parts per billion. At that point, you're not looking at how to recover the particles but how to restore the Gulf to pre-oil spill condition, she said.
    Teams searched only in depths of water 6 feet and deeper, said Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Mark Boivin, deputy director for near-shore operations at BP's Unified Command Center in Mobile.

    "We were looking just for subsurface oil and not the (kind) of oil at Barrancas," Boivin said, referring to an area in shallow water off Pensacola Naval Air Station where BP cleanup crews continue to recover thousands of pounds of weathered oil sunk into the sand in Pensacola Bay.

    According to an inter-agency government report, the deepwater drilling moratorium hasn't caused the sky to fall (pdf) contrary to critics' claims to the contrary.

    We estimate that the six-month moratorium may temporarily result in up to 8,000 to 12,000 fewer jobs in the Gulf Coast. These jobs would not be permanently lost as a result of the moratorium; most would return following the resumption of deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

    ProPublica spoke with Ken Feinberg about problems with claims.

    The latest statistics (PDF) from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility indicate that 15,844 of 55,708 emergency payment claims have been paid, meaning that nearly 40,000 claims — about 70 percent of the claims filed — are still pending. Feinberg’s operation approves between 1,000 and 1,500 claims per day, which has raised concerns that it could take a month or more before each claim can be reviewed.

    But on Tuesday, Feinberg told us that significantly fewer than 40,000 claims include complete documentation. "Do not assume that all claims that are supposedly pending are ready to be processed," he said. Feinberg said that thousands of claims are insufficiently documented, ineligible, duplicative or "suspicious," and that the wait for claims that are fully documented and under review would be closer to two weeks. His office later released new statistics that indicated that 14,365 claims, slightly under a quarter of all claims submitted to date, do not have enough documentation to be processed, while 29,636 claims are currently under review.
    One of the most widespread problems that claimants have described is a lack of transparency in the claims review process. Applicants say that they are unable to speak with adjusters who have direct knowledge or decision power over their claims, and that telephone operators in Feinberg’s organization have no more information than is available on the claims website.

    On Tuesday, Feinberg told us that he was considering changes to address this considerable source of frustration for applicants. "We are reconsidering how we can provide more transparency and more information to the claimant," Feinberg said. "I’m thinking of providing a coordinator in each state who will be an ombudsman to help the claimant."

    Transocean and the government resolve dispute on how the failed blowout preventer is to be preserved.

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A dispute between the owner of the oil rig that exploded and triggered the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the federal government over how a key piece of evidence is being handled has been resolved, a lawyer told a federal judge Thursday.

    Transocean Ltd. lawyer Kerry Miller said the government has agreed to flush the control pods on the blowout preventer to keep the device from corroding before investigators analyze it to determine why it failed to stop the massive oil spill.

    Because of the resolution, Barbier denied a motion by Transocean seeking to compel the government to make sure the device is properly safeguarded during the investigation.

    Governor Bob Riley of Alabama makes deep cuts to school budget because BP denied the state $148 million in claims. Riley blames the lawsuit filed by Alabama's AG, Troy King, for BP's recalcitrance.

    Three Mexican states sue BP over losses incurred because of BP's oil assault on the Gulf.

    The states claim that the financial damages from the spill, set off by the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in April, will grow, said attorney Enrique Serna, who represents Veracruz, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas. Those states include the industrial hub of Veracruz and the tourist-beach centers of Cancun and Cozumel on the Yucatan Peninsula.

    "The three states have accrued a good amount of damages as a result of the spill," Serna said today in a phone interview from San Antonio, where the suits were filed in federal court. As cold fronts move into the area, the underwater plume of oil generated by spill will invade Mexico’s fishing waters in the Gulf and possibly its shores, he said.

    Check out the latest news in the most recent ROV diary and join us for comments and questions.

    In consideration of those with slow internet connections please refrain from posting embedded graphics, photos or videos. Please post links instead.

    We watch, so all will know.

    by Gulf Watchers on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 02:42:55 AM PDT

  •  The liveblog format has pretty much outlived (44+ / 0-)

    its usefulness since there will be little to no ROV activity going forward, therefore, no need to watch things 24/7. However, there will be events that deserve attention concerning the ecological restoration of the Gulf, compensation for victims, pending legislation, prosecution of BP and probably what will turn out to be interminable legal battles surrounding BP's black monster.

    Most everyone seems to like the news summaries I post in the Mothership tip jar but we need practical suggestions on how to include that feature without a mothership. Personally, I would like to see a way of allowing anyone to contribute news items they find worthy. Might a Google doc for the news summary with broad editing access work?

    I'm pretty much useless at figuring out how best to organize this within the confines of dKos' current structure so suggestions would be most welcome as well as any other suggestions anyone has about what they would like to see going forward.

    Respectful discussion here in the Mothership or in the current ROV are greatly encouraged.

  •  Thank you, peraspera (21+ / 0-)

    for another outstanding tip jar summary of the previous day's events and for always giving us some great links to follow.

    There's no such thing as undead. Either it's dead or it's not. Either it's plugged or it's not. It's not.--Fishgrease

    by gulfgal98 on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 05:59:42 AM PDT

  •  Thank you again, peraspera. (28+ / 0-)

    Everyday I find something new in your synopsis, no matter how carefully I read the diaries over the previous 24-hour period.

    I think that we should maintain the liveblog as long as the ships are present at the site. If the live feed for the leaks at the mudline is available to us, we should watch it.

    We also need a reasonable, well thought out way to go forward. I love the idea of having your synopsis, followed by items that others add to it. I do not know the best way to do that technically.

    Bleeding Heart has been researching the best format for diaries for the ongoing Gulf Watcher's recovery efforts. We also need to consider what types of changes DK4 will bring.

    There is an enormous amount of work to be done in aid of the recovery effort. We have seen time and time again that problems are being covered up and glossed over so that this can be "put behind us". I think one of our new roles should be that of "truth watchers".

    There are many simple political actions that can be taken, especially during the hearings in October and the litigation phase. A major project and important one is the funds that have not been spent for green projects that Onomastic wrote about a few weeks back.

    Only 8.4% of energy efficiency block grants from stimulus money has been spent.
    We need to start focusing on the bottle necks getting in the way of job creation on the state and local levels.
    We could be pouring all the Federal dollars we could need into creating jobs. But if the policies and programs aren't in place on the local level it isn't going to work.

    Another consideration is the information at the top of the Mothership and ROV pages. Will this be placed in an archive? I do agree with those who discussed that the huge wealth of information makes it hard to access the diaries.

    There are so many ways for an intelligent, well-informed, caring group of people to help going forward but it has to be done in a careful way, with a community of people who are on equal footing with one another, with common cause and deep respect for one another.

    The live blog diaries developed organically over time as different needs arose. The new diaries will as well, IMHO. In diary 300, KHowell asked for people to list ideas and projects for the post-live blog effort. We can revisit this question and find out what people are thinking and what they are interested in and go forward from there.

    As always, my love and deep heartfelt respect go out to the Gulf Watchers...a long journey, a sad journey, but made better by you all. May our next journey be one of growth, restoration and we embark on together based on all we learned from the first.    

    "Mysteries Like This And Many Others~~ In The Trees Blow In The Night~~ In The Southern Skies" Allen Toussaint

    by rubyr on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 06:51:59 AM PDT

  •  Whatever you want to play. ooops, i mean (13+ / 0-)

    whatever you guys decide to do should be fine with the rest of us. ;)

    "It is not too soon for honest men to rebel and revolutionize" - Henry David Thoreau

    by blueoregon on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 07:32:00 AM PDT

  •  Thank you for your dedication, whatever you (15+ / 0-)

    decide to do going forward.

    Your work has been an outstanding addition to DailyKos and one of the best things about this site: people working together to keep us informed.

    Much of life is knowing what to Google
    (and blogging at BPI Campus)

    by JanF on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 07:36:02 AM PDT

  •  I repeat what Another Kevin posted a while back: (13+ / 0-)

    I look forward to the day that I report that the Q4000 has sailed home.  That the Development Driller sisters are off working on wells that are intended to produce oil. That the Maine, New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia Responders have returned to the Atlantic, and the California and Pacific Responders to the Pacific. I'll be a little wistful when I hear that A Whale has been towed to the breakers, but every ship eventually ends up either at the breakers or goes to Davy Jones.

    And when the last ship leaves Macondo Prospect, I propose that we celebrate. Wounded as we are. Just as when an enemy surrenders, we hold victory parades. We mourn our dead; we know that rebuilding will be the work of years; we know that life will never again be the same as it was. But we still celebrate our victories, even though they came at a grievous cost.

    That may be the time to sail the last mothership, because there will no longer be daily news to keep her sailing - the next stage of this disaster is a slow grind, not a blitzkrieg. But that time is surely not yet upon us.


    To me, that's what we're waiting for.

    There's a leak outside the well at the mudline.  There are still responder vessels on scene.  That means there are still inherent dangers there.

    When the ships have all left, that's when we should go to a more relaxed format.

    This well has been nothing but trouble; they gave up on the second relief well, a questionable move; we have leaks.  I see no reason to become complacent yet.

    Without social justice our politics would be Republican. -- Onomastic

    by Yasuragi on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 09:05:33 AM PDT

  •  My support for whatever you knowledgeable people (7+ / 0-)

    decide to do. Thanks for providing this service to the community for all these long months.

    "That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on."--Dorothy Parker

    by martyc35 on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 10:18:48 AM PDT

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