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Okay, ENOUGH with the praise for Velma Hart and her criticism of President Obama. I hate Velma Hart and all the rich people like her who like to think they're middle class. Because Velma Hart and all the rich whiners like her can please switch Republican and go to the GOP where they belong.

Rich? Yeah--rich. What do I mean rich? Oh, please allow me to go into detail below the fold.

I have been subjected to repeated airings of Velma Hart's insipid nonsense the past day or two and frankly, I've had more than enough.  I'm at work and unfortunately can't go into nearly as much detail as I would like. But seeing brooklynbadboy's thread had over 650 replies, I wanted to say this once, be heard very clearly and then get back to my soon-to-expire job:

Velma Hart is not middle class in my book. Far from it. Here are just a few of the reasons why I believe that quite firmly...

  1. When Chris Matthews asked her feelings about how President Obama replied with his comments on credit cards, Ms. Hart replied (in part) "Who doesn't have a credit card?"

I DON'T, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Never have--and I am really tired of spoiled wealthy CFOs with good credit acting like everyone is just like them. Good for you, Ms. Hart, that YOUR credit is good enough that you can get a credit card. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that everyone is not just like you. No, everyone does not have a credit card.

  1. Her comments about having 2 kids in private school and one going to college

Wow, how nice for you and your family that you can actually afford private school. I got news for you, ma'am--most middle class people I know (including myself) cannot afford to send even one, let alone two kids to both private school and college. And I get by with only a high school diploma. No, Ms. Hart, everyone is not like you and you don't speak for all or even most of us. Shocking but true.

  1. Ms. Hart and her husband own a house

How nice for her as a CFO that she can afford to buy a house. Sadly, not all of us can. I've rented all my life and the way things are going, I'll never be able to afford one. And I make the median salary for Los Angeles residents, thanks. The idea that somehow Ms. Hart thinks she can equate her situation with mine is unbelievably galling. I can't even imagine being as well-off as she is...and she claims to be in the same middle class boat with me? Puh-leez! Not even.

  1. She owns a car

And I got the impression her husband does, too. How lovely. Newsflash, lady--I've never owned a car ever in my life. Again, no way this person can even remotely claim to speak for me as a member of the middle class.

Bottom line:  she's got at least 1 or 2 credit cards, a car, a house, 2 kids in private school and she is a Chief Financial Officer. I'm an administrative assistant making a squarely middle class salary--and I know damn well that President Obama is working his butt off for me. Frankly, I am sick and tired of spoiled CFOs like Ms. Hart daring to equate her situation with mine and to even think she can speak for me.

Lady, you never had it so good. Go back to your house, your cars, your credit cards, your private schools and your high paying job, and please sit down and shut up. I don't care what you think. I don't care about you or your spoiled kids or your nice cars or your damn credit card.

4 years ago, I was homeless and living with HIV. I worked like a dog to get where I am and still made time to volunteer for the Obama campaign and am very pleased with the amazing amount of progress we've made since the President took office. Velma Hart does not speak for me and she never will. This individual can go back to her ivory tower where she thinks life is soooo hard and stick it where the sun don't shine.

To hell with CFO Velma Hart. She absolutely does not speak for me. Thank you. (Now back to my soon-to-be-ending job...)

Originally posted to Gay CA Democrat on Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 09:52 AM PDT.

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