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   This Rescue Diary covers the period from 6 PM, Wednesday, 9/22 to 6:00 PM EDT, Thursday, 9/23

Today's Menu Includes :
30 Diaries Overall

- 6 On House races

- Covering 4 individual Districts in 3 states

- 12 On Senate races

- Representing 7 different states

- 10 On Various election races and ballot issues

- Encompassing Governor, Secretary of State, Local, and more

- 2 General election-related diaries


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Some gentle guidelines to keep in mind:

Diary Titles - If you are doing a diary on a candidate or race, please be aware of the standard Daily Kos formatting. For House races, please start your title with the two-digit state abbreviation followed by the district number (example: FL-08 - Grayson Kicks More Repub butt!). For Senate races, just use state-Sen (example: NV-Sen - Angle Goes on Tangent, Gets Bent out of Shape). If you're doing a local race, try to use some version of this format. This immensely helps the people sifting through hundreds of diaries to more easily identify appropriate ones and minimizes the chances that we'll miss you (our Miners are almost perfect, but, alas, human after all).

Volunteers (HELP NEEDED!!!)
Several members of the crew that worked together so incredibly last two elections have returned for this season. With that said, we are still in need of more people to help, and this project has always been about giving anyone wishing to contribute the opportunity to do so. If you have the time to spare and are interested, please email us (see this user profile) or let us know in the comments how to contact you and we'll be in touch.


This is an attempt to compile a fairly comprehensive listing of election-related diaries that have recently been posted. Most of them are House, Senate or Governor races but there are also some local ones, as well as the occasional 'general info' diary.

For more information on this series, please see our reintroduction diary.

For all the introductory stuff and previous diaries in the 2006 series, please see:
Election Race Roundup (11/11 - Final 2006 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)
Election Race Roundup (11/7 - Final 2008 Edition) (with links to all diaries in the series)

And for this year's previous diaries:
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/17 – 46 Days 'til Election Day) (with links to previous 10 diaries from 9/7 to 9/16)
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Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/21– Six Weeks 'til Election Day)
Election Diary Rescue 2010 (9/22 – 41 Days 'til Election Day)

Incredible thanks to all volunteers: Alma, welso, randallt, Joieau, TruthOfAngels, eeff, Sylv, Spedwybabs, Turbonerd, ukben, rexymeteorite, and suejazz.

(6:00 PM EDT, Wednesday, 9/22 to 6:00 PM EDT, Thursday, 9/23):  (30 diaries)

(Alphabetical, starting from U)

   House (6)

(Var) House Rankings and Projection (-32 at present) by Superribbie - Diarist has top 100 House race ratings. See if your member is listed and maybe offer a little help.

(Var) Action: 9 House Challengers That Can Win With Our Help by askew - A list of nine Dem challengers that have a chance with a little help from you.

(CA-08) I freaking love Nancy Pelosi by Benintn - Nancy Pelosi is the definition of a tough Democrat. Only hours after the release of the GOP's "Pledge to America", Rep. Pelosi released a well written, well received critique of the plan.

(CA-47) Sanchez Vietnamese Bashing Tests Yellow Dogs by FDRDemocrat - Dem incumbent Loretta Sanchez stoops to race-baiting against her Vietnamese-American opponent Van Tran (R). Unacceptable from either party.

(IA-05) Matt Campbell, challenger to Steve King applauds Patient's Bill of Rights by Campbell for Iowa 5 - Matt Campbell (D) wisely points out how much the new law will help Iowa's working families. His opponent for the 5th district seat is Steve King (R).

(SC-02) Rob Miller Challenges Joe Wilson to Debate in Every County of the District by Jamie Sanderson - Rob Miller (D) challenges his opponent Joe Wilson (R) to debates in every county of the 2nd district. Will the incumbent be able to duck them all?

   Senate (12)

(Var-Sen) Its Time To Help Proven Progressives by TomP - Senator Jeff Merkely (D-Oregon) is stepping up and helping proven progressives raise money. Ways you can help these noble politicians inside the diary!

(WA-Sen) WA-Sen: Rossi vs. 11,000 new Boeing jobs by Joan McCarter - Joan has the Tacoma News Tribune's editorial board asking Dino Rossi (R) about the U.S. Air Force air refueling tanker contract and how it blew up in Rossi's face.  Patty Murray (D) is our gal in the race.

(WI-Sen) WI-Sen: FDR's Grandson answers the "Ponzi scheme" zombie lie by Joan McCarter - Joan relates an interview with FDR's grandson over the Social Security scare Repub Ron Johnson is peddling.

(WI-Sen) WI Sen: Pffft...Ron "Never Took A Subsidy" Johnson Part-Owner of Gov-Subsidized PBS Program! by Jud Lounsbury - Ron Johnson (R), running against  Russ Feingold (D), says he's never taken a government subsidy: this diary contends he is not telling the truth.

(AK-Sen) AK-SEN "Her record's not perfect, I'm looking for someone better." by angelajean - Scott McAdams (D) is starting to gain ground with important endorsements. Incumbent Lisa Murkowski (R) is running a write-in campaign after a primary loss to Teabagger Joe Miller (R-Palinesque).

(DE-Sen) When Quarterbacks Become Cheerleaders, It Ain't Pretty by JR - The Rove vs. Christine O'Donnell (R-Nutty) dust-up is over. Karl has come around to supporting her, which tells you how much power Bush's Brain has lost.

(DE-Sen) DE-Sen: Vote Christine: Support Shrewish- Americans by KingOneEye - Diarist has some fun with a bumper sticker for O'Donnell (R). Chris Coons is our Dem in the race.

(FL-Sen) Rally for Kendrick Meek, with Al Gore and Three More Endorsements by Kendrick Meek for Florida - Good news for Kendrick Meek (D) running for Florida Senate: He got three endorsements including former Vice President of the United States Al Gore!

(IA-Sen) BLUE STATES: Iowa. C Culver (D) vs T Latham (R) by abgin - A continuing series by abgin that pits various prominent political figures against each other in hypothetical races.

(NV-Sen) Letter from Sharron Angle by TexasDan - A little fun with a fundraising letter from Friends of Sharon Angle (R). Harry Reid (D) seems the much saner choice.

(NV-Sen) NV-Sen: Sharron Angle Goes to the Gutter by atdnext - Sharon Angle (R) - The "serious" Tea Party Senatorial Candidate out of Nevada - goes straight to the gutter with her ridiculous anti-health care reform rhetoric.

(NV-Sen) Weekly Diaspora: DREAM Act Stalls, Voting Rights Violations in Arizona by - Help keep the DREAM Act alive! Harry Reid (D) must keep his seat and our majorities must be held!

   Various Races (7)

(WI-Gov) Worst Person in the World by AsherHeimermann - Republican candidate Scott Walker made Olbermann's list. Support Tom Barrett (D), who has a real jobs plan.

(AL-Gov) Meet One Major Democrat Who Still Has a Pair by RogerShuler - RogerShuler explains how Democrats finally beat Republicans at their own game in Alabama.

(CA-Var) Fiorina Joins the Koch heads. Ka-Ching! by Consumer Watchdog - Carly Fiorina (R) aligns herself with the Brothers Koch by aligning herself with dirty energy and giving a mealy mouthed endorsement of California's Prop 23.

(GA-Gov) Nathan Deal (GA Gov. Race):  The Weaving of a Tangled Web (the abridged version of the OCE report) by fdrrfk1974 - Provides a look at where the ethics investigation against Republican candidate Nathan Deal stood when he resigned from Congress earlier this year, cutting off the investigation.  Roy Barnes is the Democrat in the race.

(GA-Gov) Will Eddie Long Scandal Cost Barnes GLBT Voters? by Andre in Atlanta - Democrat Roy Barnes'  pursuit of an odd endorsement may hurt him among Georgia's LGBT community.  Nathan Deal (R) is his opponent.

(NY-Gov) This hurts: Paladino closes gap. Updated by fat old man - Carl Paladino (R) edges closer to Andrew Cuomo (D), according to one poll.

(NY-Var) Siena Poll Kills Repub Rebound Meme in NY by Davidsfr - Bad news for Republicans looking to make big gains in New York.

   Ballot Initiatives (3)

(AZ-VarProps) You Don't Plan on Voting? What's At Stake on Ballot Proposals? by foucaultspendulum - Diarist lays out what is at stake in the various proposals on Arizona's ballot this year.

(CA-Prop 23)
Will Whitman Join Cal’s Climate Zombie Prop 23 Supporters? by RLMiller - A rundown of the support for and opposition to anti-environmental Proposition 23 by California’s prominent officeholders and officeholder wannabes.

(CA-Prop 24) CEO Pay, Layoffs, and how they Affect the Election in CA by Micah Scheindlin - Proposition 24, that ensures that California's richest CEO's have to pay their fare share, has opposition funded solely by California's most wealthy.

   General (2)

Its Time To Help Proven Progressives by TomP - Senator Jeff Merkely (D-Oregon) is stepping up and helping proven progressives raise money. Ways you can help these noble politicians inside the diary!

WI voter caging targets 95% student ward by One Wisconsin Now - Report on the specific wards targeted for the Republican's voter caging operation revealed earlier this week. Turns out they're going after university students.

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